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The Grand Seiko Elegance collection is Grand Seiko’s formal and dress watch. The collection is split between two different Grand Seiko movements. The first is the iconic Grand Seiko Spring Drive movement, which is a hybrid between a Grand Seiko mechanical movement and a Grand Seiko Quartz movement, powers some of the most desired Grand Seiko watches, such as the Grand Seiko Elegance SBGA407, the iconic Grand Seiko Elegance blue dial. The second movement used in the Grand Seiko Elegance collection are the Grand Seiko mechanical movements. The word ‘mechanical’ in terms of Grand Seiko is an umbrella for Grand Seiko Manual Wind Elegance watches, Grand Seiko Elegance Hi-Beat watches, and lastly the automatic movement. The most popular feature in the collection is the Grand Seiko Elegance GMT. This allows the wearer to keep time on two time zones. In addition to the Grand Seiko Elegance GMT, the most popular case in the collection is the Grand Seiko Elegance slim cases. These cases measure in at just 11.6mm thick!


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Grand Seiko Elegance Review

Grand Seiko watches are undeniably a brand to reckon with. Grand Seiko Elegance Collection comes in a unique design and delivers overall quality that is unquestionable. For decades now, the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection embraces the path of refinement and thinness. Grand Seiko uses Urushi lacquer for the dials of its four new collections of timepieces.


Grand Seiko Elegance Collection

Grand Seiko has introduced an array of new features on all its timepieces with the introduction of its new Elegance Collection. Everything, including the case of the new Elegance Collection, is new. Grand Seiko watches are angular and sharp, designed for sportier, casual attire. As the name suggests, the new collection is more focused on discretion. However, it shares similar features with other watches produced by the Japanese watchmakers. For example, the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection has shared elements, including softer cases and facets on the inner side. The Elegance Collection has no demarcation line between the lugs and case bands, which contributes to its elegant look.


Grand Seiko Elegance: Size Proportions

The Elegance Collection features a diameter of 39mm, which is suitable for most wrist sizes. This diameter can also be adapted to business attire. Grand Seiko advertises the Elegance Collection as slim. With an 11.6mm profile, the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection is, indeed, one of the thinnest watches of the brand. However, it isn’t in the ultra-thin category yet. The watchmaker topped the case of the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection with a highly domed sapphire crystal that has a small crown on top. The watchmaker finishes the cases in the usual, beautiful style. They are all fitted with brushed and polished surfaces. Grand Seiko obtains its mirror-finished parts through the special Zaratsu method, which often accentuates the feel and look of the curved surfaces.


Grand Seiko Elegance: Models

The Elegance Collection comprises four models, where one is in steel, one non-limited model, and 2 in rose gold. However, all four models are limited in production. All Grand Seiko Elegance Collection watches are worn on crocodile straps and with a deployment clasp or pin buckles.


Grand Seiko Elegance: Urushi Dials

Grand Seiko is using Urushi dials on its timepieces. There are a few Seiko Presage watches with Urushi dials, but the Elegance Collection will be the first high-end collection to feature such as dial. The Urushi dials are domed on all Elegance models, adding to their vintage feel and elegance. However, this superb technique of using Urushi dials will only be available on the Elegance rose gold models. Reference SBGK002, which is the first rose gold model, has a textured amber-colored dial. The timepiece is made from a long-lasting and transparent Urushi made from trees grown around Joboji town.

The reference SBGK004 is the other rose gold model. It is also a limited edition that features a classical, but still superb Urushi dial. The watchmaker used the same lacquer mixed with iron to give the reference SBGK004 a distinctive deep black color. Its surface has a glossy sheen, whereas its color is rich. On both rose gold models, the GS letters and hour markers are decorated using the traditional Maki-e technique. Grand Seiko gives its markers a three-dimension profile through the application of several lacquer layers. The automaker then applies either platinum or 24k gold on the dial and then polishes the watches using tools that give them a shimmering appearance. The steel version of the reference SBGK005 has a more traditional painted dial, but it depicts the same features as the high-end models. It is presented in blue, and it features applied indexes. However, the regular reference SBGK006 model features a white opaline dial with hands in gold and applied indexes.


Grand Seiko Elegance: Hand-Wound Calibre 9S63 Movement

With the introduction of the Elegance Collection 9S63, Grand Seiko has not only come up with a new design but also introduced new movement features. Based on a known architecture, the Elegance Collection 9S63 model, which has celebrated its 20th-anniversary last year, has introduced new complications. Besides being the cornerstone of the Elegance Collection, the hand-wound caliber 9S63 features minutes and hours in the center instead of displaying it in a sub-dial. It has, however, get rid of the central seconds, and instead, added a power reserve indicator. The automaker used the typical GS style to decorate the movement of this timepiece. It also features polished chamfers and striping. With tempered screws and a blue lion mark, the steel model offers users slightly different movement features. Its battery boasts 72 hours of power reserve and 4Hz movement beats.

The dials of the Elegance Collection are generally more classic and cleaner. GMT function and date are the only complications that the Elegance Collection has. Most of the Elegance Collection models share the same case design, but they look less severe compared to other Grand Seiko’s cases. Ref. SBGM221 is one of the favorite watches in the Elegance Collection. Grand Seiko has recently launched a new caliber that comprises four new watches. These new watches introduce new features to the Elegance Collection. Most Grand Seiko users are only familiar with the brand but know little about its watches. Try any of the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection models today, and you won’t be disappointed. The dial, hands, and case of the Elegance Collection are of the highest standard.


Grand Seiko Elegance SBGK002 Watch

Let’s start with the movement that powers this timepiece. Ref SBGK002 is Grand Seiko’s newest watch that uses a manual winding caliber. However, this isn’t Grand Seiko’s latest generation of movement. Reference SBGK002 depicts the well-established architecture of the Elegance Collection 9S64, which is a Grand Seiko caliber. Reference SBGK002 features a power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock and a second complication at 9 o’clock. When the horizontal of these two functions combines, they create a pleasing balance on the dial. Reference SBGK002 boasts 72 hours of power reserve, and its accuracy is rated to -3/+5 seconds a day. It comes with a beat rate of 28,800 mph, and it has 33 jewels. What excites about reference SBGK002 is the way its new cases maximize the movement thinness. However, the mid-case of this watch is quite thin. The watch wears thinner on the wrist than the suggested dimensions. Grand Seiko is on another level as far as finishing is concerned. Its brushing is intricate, while its polishing is perfect. The point where the brushing and polishing meet is without fault, and that is true across all Elegance Collection models.

All four models use Urushi, an old technique of designing dials. Reference SBGK002 features a red Urushi lacquer dial finished with a Mt. Iwate pattern. Reference SBGK004, on the other hand, features a unique black Urushi lacquer dial. Their dials are finished with the Maki-e lacquer technique, a decoration technique that uses silver and gold powder. Maki-e lacquer is used for markers and numbers. However, the precision in reference SBGK004 is pure mastery, and the watchmaker only assigns the best craftsmen to get this done.


Grand Seiko Elegance SBGK006 Watch

It is a unique timepiece that features applied markers and a white dial with golden hands. Reference SBGK006 isn’t lacquered, but its finish mimics the same dynamic pattern used on Mt Iwate texture. The way the dial of this timepiece catches the light just elevates it to another level. However, reference SBGK005 and SBGK006 are limited editions. While there have been a few concerns about the Elegance Collection, the brand has, over time, demonstrated its authority in the watchmaking industry. The three editions of the Elegance Collection that are in yellow and rose gold are a little expensive. However, the stainless steel edition costs around $7,400. While this is still a little expensive, the stainless version does not feel appropriately priced relative to other models of the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection.

Like what other Seiko ranges do, Grand Seiko pieces run the gamut price-wise. However, more show-stopper pieces are expected down the road, and they will probably be cheaper. As long as Grand Seiko will continue to design outstanding steel models, its brand is unlikely to become unobtanium. The new Grand Seiko collection is a clear winner. With its new references, the Grand Seiko continues to set itself apart from the rest. There is a lot that Grand Seiko can do with its stainless steel models, given that precious metals can be limited in styling and pricing.

Japanese are known for their emphasis on perfectionism. That is what has helped Grand Seiko to build a reputation in the high-end watch market. The brand strives to provide its customers with incredible value for their money.

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