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Zodiac watches include Zodiac Sea Wolf and Zodiac Super Sea Wolf are sold online.

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Brand Review: Zodiac Watches

Watches play a significant role in our lives, they make us look good and make us feel good and by the way, they keep us on schedule. A watch says a lot about a person and their personality and it could be used to signify so many aspects such as class and taste. In fact, it is said that a watch is among the first things that a person will notice about you. This is why you should take more time when deciding the watch to wear.

The history of Zodiac Watches

It has long been known that Switzerland has a rich history in the watchmaking industry. The company dates back to the late 19th century when an artist by the name Calame, who came watch-making family and decided to craft his own brand. Having grown up watching his father make watches, Calame did not hesitate to carve out his own masterpiece and it was through this that the Zodiac Watches Company was born. When he first registered the company back in 1908, he called it Ariste Calame that was later changed to Zodiac Watches. The founder believed that every watch they make should be of the highest quality and this is why he choose the materials used to make the watches as well as managing the production process from start to finish. He believed that it was through this that his objective of making quality and dynamic watches would be achieved.
The owner’s son would later take over the company, having attended a watchmaking school, and joined in the rich list of watchmakers in his family. Using an authentic Zodiac caliber 1617 technology, the company made the 1stpocket size watches that were made available to the public in the late 1920s. From there the company started a long list of top-quality watches which include the automatic sports watch (which was a first in the industry) and the famous Zodiac Autographic. The latter was popular because it was made with unbreakable crystal, a radium dial, a power reserve gauge and it was resistant to both water and shock.
Later on, the company made other types of watches that took the world by storm. One of the most notable mentions was the Sea Wolf watches that was specifically made deep-sea diving. The Sea Wolf Brand and its successor, the Super Sea wolf, are still considered the most classic dive watches ever made.

The Zodiac Collection

Throughout its century of existence, the company has proven time and time again that it can be looked upon to make good quality watches. They have a wide range of watch collections and here are some of them:

The Zodiac Sea Wolf

Having made its debut in 1953, this collection from Zodiac Watches was among the first-ever diver watches to be sold to the general public. The watch was popular with divers and the company made minimal changes to its first twenty years of existence. The Sea Wolf Collection has made the Zodiac Company stand out, and has been made with superior quality materials making it withstand the harsh deep-sea conditions.

Grandrally Collection

This collection is not too classy nor is it too expensive making it ideal for people who want to buy good quality watches at relatively affordable prices. This wearable watch comes with a leather strap, and has Quartz chronograph and is quite comfy especially to people with big wrists.

Zodiac Astrographic Collection

This collection was first introduced in the year 1969 and it can be said to be one of the most unique watches produced by the Zodiac Watch Company. This is mainly because the collection has both its hour and minute hand-floating as well as the moon (which is just but a small dot) that moves around while counting the seconds. The company has maintained both the vintage and new model in this collection of watches with some of the most notable difference being the STP 1-11 automatic caliber and most of the newer models come with leather straps.

Zodiac Sea Dragon collection

During its peak period between 1960 and 1970, the company made a lot of innovative watches and one such is the Sea Dragon. During this time, the company was making headways in the commercial diver watches and this is why the made this sporty yet elegant watches. Some of its key features include; a case back made of sapphire glass, STP 1-11 caliber, stainless steel case among others. The Sea Dragon is made to withstand dives of up to 100m.

The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Collection

This collection has often been called the super classy and confident timepiece. Having been designed shortly after its predecessor, the Sea Wolf, the super sea wolf collection was tailored to be used both in underwater as well as official wear. At some point, the company stopped releasing this collection and it was not until 2014 that the watches made a comeback. This collection of timepieces can withstand diving of around 200m and measures about 40mm by 13mm. It is made with power reserve technologies with the newer models having the Zodiac watch automatic STP 3-11 movement.

What more to expect from Zodiac Watches

All the Zodiac watches come with a 2-year warranty that covers areas such as manufacturing and material defects. For a warranty to be considered, one has to produce a copy of purchase receipt and a warranty card which is usually given at the time of purchase.

Where to buy Zodiac Watches

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