MeisterSinger Watches

MeisterSinger Watches

The MeisterSinger watch selection is admired by watch collectors around the world for its eye-catching bold style. The MeisterSinger watch line manages to perfectly blend a vintage look with bold dials. The timepiece series offers an astonishing color palette for the dials, hands, and numerals. Some of the brilliant tones include sunburst blue, ivory, sunburst Anthracite, black, and yellow. The precise mechanical features include a calendar, automatic movements, and an Astroscope. For exceptional chronometers that honor the age of hourglass and sundial timekeeping, consider the MeisterSinger watch collection. Trying to find MeisterSinger watches for sale can get difficult when you do not know where to begin. If you are looking for the best place to buy MeisterSinger watches, Exquisite Timepieces can help. Exquisite Timepieces is a MeisterSinger authorized dealer.


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Brand Review: MeisterSinger

Munsterland, known as a cyclist’s paradise in Germany, is one of the producers to design luxury watches Meistersinger. These watches are reminiscent of a barometer that received several prices like the Red Dot Design Award. Famous for single-hand watches, the complete bold and unique design was inspired by timekeeping like hourglass and sundial. These watches are made in a factory that enjoys a view of the Dortmund-Ems Canal where high-quality and luxury pieces are brought together. You can buy these luxury watches as per your interest. Every piece from MeisterSinger is worth flaunting. In this post, we will read about all the aspects related to MeisterSinger Watches.

MeisterSinger History

MeisterSinger is a luxury watch company in Germany, founded by Manfred Brassler in 2001. Brassler, a self-taught jeweler founded “Watch People” Company in 1989 with Klaus Botta. The watches made were of quartz. In 1999, he sold the company so that he can work on the creation of high-end timepieces. So, in 2001, MeisterSinger came into existence. The name was derived from a German singer in the Middle Ages who was known to the discovered new melodic component.

MeisterSinger Design

The brand has consistently debuted watches that are a perfect blend of tradition and styling along with exquisite technology. The exceptional designs of these watches make them one of their kind. From inside and out, these watches are simply a work of art. The single hour hand along with fine needlepoint tells the wearer the accurate time to the closest five minutes. The seamless combination of the cultural and technical tradition of early watchmaking, MeisterSinger watches sets the highest standards when it comes to watching making. Watch models like MeisterSinger Metris, Circularis, the Pangaea Day-Date, the Singulator, and the Adhaesio are some of the finest collections of MeisterSinger. Westminster Abbey was also popular as it was inspired by some old clocks and sundials. In 2013, a new watch was released which was based on Westminster Abbey. It was made to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. In 2015, MeisterSinger Circularis won an IF product design award and in 2016, the Adhaesio won both a Red Dot Award and an IF award.

Material used in MeisterSinger Watchmaking

Keeping the quality standards high, all the luxury watches of MeisterSinger uses materials like stainless steel cases and sapphire glass. Apart from this, they use their high-precision movements along with the world leaders Sellita and ETA movements. Top 5 Award-Winning Designs All the MeisterSinger watches are an example of Swiss and German craftsmanship. Below are the most award-winning designs.

Top 5 Award-Winning Designs

All the MeisterSinger watches are an example of Swiss and German craftsmanship. Below are the most award-winning designs.

MeisterSinger Adhaesio

Adhaesio is one of the popular MeisterSinger watches. It is a perfect example of Swiss and German craftsmanship. It is the first single-hand watch in the world that includes a second-time zone. The watch comes with open rings to accommodate the current date along with a second-time zone. It has an automatic movement of 21 jewels, and it reserves the power of 42 hours. It has anti-glare, scratch-resistant sapphire glass that covers the display and the stainless steel of 43mm has a four-screw exhibition back. This model is also available in different shades like Ivory, Anthracite Blue, Black, and White. Each of the versions has different colored hands, straps, and faces but the same engineering and movement. Price: You can buy this watch at the price of $3,575

MeisterSinger Circularis

Another model by MeisterSinger watches that catches the limelight is MeisterSinger Circularis. This model has everything ranging from beautiful aesthetics, outstanding engineering to amazing design. This is also a single hand timepiece available in different colors like Sunburst Blue, Sunburst Anthracite, Sunburst Green, Sunburst Blue with gold bezel and Ivory. The look of this watch is simply amazing and worth its price tag. Circularis, as mentioned above also won major awards. The house-crafted hand-wound movement is made of 27 jewels, has a power reserve of 120 hours and produces 28,800 beats per minute. It is also water-resistant of up to 50 meters, which is also a plus point. Price: You can buy this watch at a price of $5,995.

MeisterSinger No.01

This elegant watch is a classically styled timepiece that features hand-wound movement, traditional indexes, and a single hand display. The perfect combination of time -tested details, quality, and craftsmanship, this watch has won several awards. Some of them are the 2004 Red Dot Design Award, 2004 iF Design Award and 2004 Netherlands Watch of the Year. This luxury watch comes with 19 jewels movement and a power reserve of 42 hours. It is available in different shades like Sunburst Anthracite, Ivory, Sunburst Blue, and Silver-white. Price: You can buy this watch at the price of $1,595

MeisterSinger Phanero

This watch is designed for those who want a smaller case watch. This is the smallest MeisterSinger watch that measures 35mm in diameter. The stylish strap of this watch gives an edge to this watch. It comes with 19 jewels movements, creates 28,800 beats per minute and has a 4-hour power reserve. It is available in different colors like Sunburst Green, gold accents, Sunburst Blue, Sunburst Anthracite with Red and Gold Accents. Price: You can buy this watch at the price of $1,595

MeisterSinger Metris

This is the latest collection by MeisterSinger. The new case design of MeisterSinger Metris gives a sportier look. It measures 38mm and has a new stainless-steel case inspired by the 70s. It is available in several colors to like black, blue, ivory and opaline silver. Powering ETA 2824 automatic caliber, it comes with a seatbelt-style mil-strap that gives it a killer look. Price: You can buy this watch for $1,500.

MeisterSinger Singulator

This award-winning chronograph watch displays minutes, hours and seconds. It has a hand-wound Unitas movement along with 17 jewels. It also features Incablock anti-shock system and a screwed glicydur balance. Along with these features, it is also water-resistant up to 50 meters and has a 46-hour power reserve. You can choose from different colors available. These are Ivory, Sunburst Anthracite, and Sunburst Blue. The case is made of stainless steel and it is a limited-edition watch as only 50 pieces were made. Price: You can buy this watch at a price of $4,135.

Apart from these, there are several other MeisterSinger timepieces in its collection. There is no doubt that MeisterSinger watches are the masterpieces that everyone would like to own.

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