Zannetti Watches

Zannetti Watches

Zannetti has inherited an important commitment, which is based on a constructive, conceptual and uncompromising philosophy. The technological excellence of its timepieces, along with the precise hands of skilful watchmakers and craftsmen, contributes in creating unique and highly distinguishing Zannetti examples.

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Brand Review: Zanetti Watches

In his laboratory, in the heart of Rome, Riccardo Zanetti designs watch with unmistakable style, with pencils and pastels. Then, it is up to the skillful technique of watchmakers and the passion of the masters of engraving art to bring to light unique pieces of Italian craftsmanship, to be worn on the wrist. It is in the culture of modern design, in the passion for quality mechanics, and in the value of handmade materials that great-impact watches are born. So, if what you are looking for is a prestigious timepiece, come and discover with us the exclusive collections of Zanetti watches.

Zanetti Watches: Discovering The Brand

Riccardo Zanetti founded Zanetti Handmade Watches in 1982 in Rome, Italy. Initially designing and manufacturing for some of the most prestigious contemporary watch brands, Zanetti presented his first collection of the Zanetti brand in 1986, "the Stradivarius", which was in stock until 2003. We are so hyperconnected, and accustomed to the impalpable digital world, that it seems unlikely we can create a watch full of details, starting from a hand-made design. And yet, it is possible to create a personalized and excellent quality watch, to fulfill the requests that the mind can only imagine.

Zanetti watches are the symbol of how design can meet precision, to merge into a bewitching and precious creation, capable of giving shape to time. The different models inspired by Ancient Rome, Asian and African culture, but also nature, make your dream and leave you breathless.

The feelings that emerge, in enjoying these creations, are the result of the journey into a constructive philosophy without compromises, and in the superfine techniques of working by hand.

This is how fine watches are created with Champleve enamel dials. Imagine the superb effect of the enamel inlaid in cavities, especially incised, to leave the metal base exposed.
Or, the designs that seem to emerge from the dial, thanks to the use of a translucent enamel, which makes them bright and bewitching. The same artisan technique, known as "Basse-taille," which made Fabergé's works famous at the end of the 1800s.
High definition hand engraving, the interplay of shapes, glazes, and micromosaics have given rise to spectacular models. Some are unique pieces, created on request; others are models designed to meet the demands of specific markets. Or, limited editions that have left their mark on the hearts of high-quality watchmakers.

Zanetti watches from the Italian market

Let's discover the collections of Zanetti watches dedicated to the Italian market, and let's go to meet the model that best fits your personality and lifestyle.

Zanetti Gladiator Watch

A collection of watches with unusual dimensions, with a gold or steel case, and dials with details and precious materials, which make it an unusual timepiece. The gladiator was born to fight and express a strong personality that does not accept compromises. They are available both in the chronograph version and in the exclusive Champleve selection, with polychrome enamels and multicolored precious stones on the case. His heart beats with an automatic ETA movement made in Switzerland.

Zanetti Discobolus Watch

It is a simple and sophisticated model at the same time, with a classic and Roman-style: a true journey through history. As for the athlete, the moment before launching the disc represents the moment of maximum concentration and effort; even in achieving this collection, the perfect balance of more knowledge is needed. The expert hands of engravers, enamellers, miniaturists, art masters, and watchmakers work in unison to create a unique piece.
Discobolo is characterized by engravings on the inside and on the back, while the dial is made entirely by hand, with translucent enamels that make each piece different from the other. This is the reason why it is possible to create this masterpiece of design and watchmaking only in limited edition: 20 pieces per year.

Zanetti Scuba Art Piranha Watch

A captivating and aggressive watch, created to meet the needs of professional divers. In fact, its peculiarity lies in the automatic "Helium" valve, to let the helium escape in the eventuality enter the watch case, due to prolonged immersion.
The dial is made of Mother of Pearl, engraved and painted completely by hand, with different techniques, based on the specifications you wish to choose. There are also versions with dials made of Corozo, or Tagua walnut, a natural material derived from the seeds of a palm tree that grows in the forests of South America. Accuracy is guaranteed by an automatic ETA movement manufactured in Switzerland.

Zanetti Regent Full Sky Watch

This Zanetti watch is a fascinating vision, which encapsulates the charm and mystery of the celestial vault, painted with multicolored enamels. The small base in vegetable ivory drawn, engraved and colored by hand, and the stainless steel case, make it possible to feel a piece of the sky on your wrist.
Time flows pleasantly against the backdrop of a charming dial, thanks to an automatic ETA precision movement made in Switzerland.
If you are looking for a timepiece capable of expressing your uniqueness and distinguishing yourself from the crowd, the art of craftsmanship and the peculiarities of these watches are the answer. See our selection of Zanetti watches. Zanetti watches collections from the world: born to design the personality of the wearer The four wonderful collections available on the Italian market would be enough to fill the eyes of lovers of fine watchmaking. However, if you are curious about the collections made over the years, on request, or destined for other world markets, here is a small and precious selection, just for you.

Zanetti Repeater Watch

The feature that distinguishes these fine watches is the repetition function, set to 5 minutes, which can be activated by pressing the button on the left side of the case. Repeater marks the hours and its division's thanks to the complex ring mechanism. A technological revolution dated 200 years. When the electric light didn't exist yet, the watchmakers created a sound mechanism to know what time it was even in the dark. Today, this function is an extra that makes Zanetti watch inimitable.
The timepieces in this collection are unique pieces since they can be customized according to the client's requests and needs. Loved by collectors and watch lovers, they are true masterpieces of precision mechanical engineering.

Zanetti Regent Watch

A collection that catches everyone's eye. They are refined watches, with strikingly designed dials, which free the imagination and leave room for adventure. Carefully engraved on a silver base, the dials are characterized by bright colors, such as translucent red, blue or black, and play with their nuances. A suggestive intrigue that makes the viewer dream.

Zanetti Magnificum Watch

The right mix of technique and experience allows specialized artisans to make this masterpiece. The watches in the Magnificum collection are characterized by an extra-large custom case and engraved dials, with touches of translucent enamels. Unparalleled watches, the result of the best craftsmanship. Made by hand, they are born from the desire to dare to show their style and personality.

Zanetti Time of Drivers Watch

A collection of sports watches that satisfies all motor lovers, maintaining the very high standards of technique and design that characterize the Zanetti brand. The refinement of the dial on several levels and the choice of materials are the testimony in the attention to detail. A prestigious watch that enhances the sporting spirit of the wearer.

Zanetti Palatine Hill Watch

It was the first square wristwatch created by Zanetti. Every detail is handmade, case, and movement included. Suitable for a contemporary lifestyle, it is a personality watch, available in different variants, to distinguish you in all your choices.

Zanetti Ovum Watch

As the name implies, the shape of this model is unique and inimitable. The case is enriched with an oval that releases creativity and magic. The "piano" version depicts a treble clef, reminiscent of a sweet melody. They are masterpieces for those who know how to spoil themselves and love the art of watchmaking.

Zanetti Jewel Watches

Zanetti watches reinterpret the Animalier fashion, with colors and creations in the sophisticated style of 20s jewelry. Extraordinary and incomparable, this watch model takes on a three-dimensional effect, thanks to the creation of truly realistic snakes, elephants, crocodiles, and other animals. The border between watch and jewel vanishes and leaves room for fascinating and precious creations.

Zanetti Montre for chef Watch

A watch collection dedicated to the 12 best Italian chefs in the world, where each quadrant depicts their dish symbol. Engraver and enameller combine their art to create inimitable wristwatches. The precision mechanism dances on the chef's plate and transforms these Zanetti watches into a masterpiece that awakens the senses and marks time in its most beautiful expression.

Brand Review Wrap-Up: Zanetti Watches

Zanetti offers very creative and prestigious models of watches, born from the tip of a pencil to meet the most sophisticated needs. Loved and appreciated all over the world; they are true works of art that can be considered an investment that will have value forever.
In Zanetti watches, there is the expression of technique, design, and passion that moves the creative heart of manufacturing experts. The care in every detail gives you the pleasure of owning and wearing an object built for you.
We are official resellers of Zanetti watches. So, you can buy them in complete safety in our e-commerce, or take the opportunity to see them and try them in the shop in Exquisite Timepieces. Let time envelop you in its most creative shades and imagine the impact of a designer watch in your sophisticated style.

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