Alexander Shorokhoff Watches

Alexander Shorokhoff Watches

Eye-catching luxury watches have two themes in common, bold presentation and exquisite craftsmanship. Alexander Shorokhoff timepieces offer an artistic display you cannot find anywhere else. The Alexander Shorokhoff Tourbillon Picassini, for instance, has an aesthetically appealing central motif. The unique art display combines the faces of men and women, surrounding the image with brightly colored designs. Do not be surprised if this timepiece turns some heads. Following the theme of intriguing aesthetics, the Alexander Shorokhoff Revolution timepiece presents you with an avant-garde look and feel. The Alexander Shorokhoff Chronograph collection combines classic dials with bold features. For a truly striking luxury watch consider Alexander Shorokhoff’s remarkable timepieces. Attempting to find Alexander Shorokhoff watches for sale without help can be stressful. If you are looking for the best place to buy Alexander Shorokhoff watches, Exquisite Timepieces is an Alexander Shorokhoff authorized dealer.


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Brand Review: Alexander Shorokoff Watches

Luxury watches do more than just tell the time. Alexander Shorokoff watches are pieces of art that give an actually exclusive experience to the user. If you want a timepiece that offers a bold, bright and very remarkable luxurious experience, then you have to keep Alexander Shorokhoff watches.

History of Alexander Shorokhoff Watches

Firstly, one thing you should know is that the Shorokhoff watch has been in existence for over two decades (since around the early 1900s), and it was developed and established by the Russian-born watchmaker who named the brand after himself. The watches are a combination of Russian and German craftsmanship, which results in an unusual blend in one design. Although Alexander Shorokhoff watches is not the only brand of timepieces produced by Shorokhoff, it certainly has space for being the most attention-catching and quite eccentric piece. In addition, these Avant-garde pieces are known to be incredibly elite, beyond the usual luxury watches, with a bold presence and detail. There is a good combination of creative and colorfully classic designs, with traditional symbolism and unique methods of crafting.

Alexander Shorokhoff Watch Collections

Popularly referred to as the ‘Art on Your Wrist’, it is especially known to catch the attention of those with a keen eye for art. The meaningfulness of these handmade timepieces reflects not only the art details in the watch but the individual preference of the wearer at that point in time. Of course, the idea that your timepiece says something personal and different about you is a major reason for the preference of this luxury watch brand. The watches from the Alexander Shorokhoff line are all distinct from one another in some notable ways. For instance, Alexander Shorokhoff Equa is known to come with a distinct mother of pearl dial which looks so attractive.

Alexander Shorokhoff Babylonian Watch Collection

Taking a look at the Alexander Shorokhoff Babylonian, it is interesting to see how the intricate handmade features point towards its name. As such, the Babylonian has a meaningful astrological design which points back to the ancient Babylonian tradition. The frontal part of the Babylonian is a merging of astrological symbols and a peculiar kind of dial. The hand is also quite thin, making it an interestingly unisex choice. Every detail on the Babylonian has a representative meaning, and this is why art lovers find it an art masterpiece. The representation of the sun and moon also refer to some zodiac interpretations. The features of the Babylonian show the artful expertise that is used in designing the Alexander Shorokhoff watches.
Furthermore, Alexander Shorokhoff Regulator is another line that is well known for its slimness. Also, the intricate dial calls the attention of many keen observers and it reveals the ‘60’ that speaks of elegance. With the logo of the maker proudly written on it, it provides an impressive appearance. The Regulator is designed in masculine dark colors, such as black, greyish blue or beige. Its case is made from fine stainless steel with polished bezel, manufactured with the best quality and craftsmanship. The design of the watches is aimed at attracting customers who are modern, very self-confident and also interested in art and tasteful fashion.

Alexander Shorokhoff Watch Prices

It is interesting to note that for a luxury watch of this class, Alexander Shorokhoff prices are still extremely affordable. The Alexander Shorkhoff Babylonian also is priced so well considering the design and style. For those outside the US who would be paying in Euros, the Avantgarde Yellowmatic can be purchased for €2,083, or within the range as well. Some of the Alexander Shorokhoff watch lines come for less ranging from €1,500 and above. However, with the best dealers, you are assured of the best prices for your selected watches. Interestingly, Alexander Shorokhoff watches compete favorably with more expensive timepieces put on display at high-profile exhibitions.

Luxury watches in a Limited Edition

With Alexander Shorokhoff’s limited editions, most of these worldwide recognized watches are prepared for limited users, which makes them sell out very quickly. Hence, most of these lines might hardly be seen on display for sale at popular locations. For this reason, the prices placed on the world-class timepieces might skyrocket if classified amongst the limited edition.
In fact, Alexander Shorokhoff watches are mostly limited in supply, that is, they are classified as the limited edition. One of those listed among the limited edition is the Alexander Shorokhoff winter. As the name implies, the winter collection is designed to depict the allure of a winter’s day in its frosty beauty. This much anticipated season is brought to life in Alexander Shorokhoff’s piece, with its dial covered in tree branches with a snow-like appearance and glow. With its sapphire crystal glass and genuine stingray leather strap, the Alexander Shorokhoff winter is obviously elite and therefore limited in supply.
It is thus clear that luxury watches such as the Alexander Shorokhoff collections are much more than wristwatches. They communicate an innovative and artful taste in design, such that it is aimed at drawing attention to the wrist of the user. It also naturally serves to stir interest and compliments from those individuals and experts with a keen eye for detailed and unusual excellence in a luxury timepiece.

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