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Hublot Luxury Watches include Swiss Automatic Watches. Hublot Big Bang Black Dial Remains Iconic. Hublot Men’s Watches Offer Swiss Watch Luxury and Design. Hublot Ferrari, Classic Fusion and Unico Watches are leading the Industry. Hublot Women’s Watches Blend Style with Mechanical Superiority. In-house Unico Movements have Launched Hublot Watches into the Next Dimension of Swiss Watchmaking. Hublot Big Bang Reviews and Hublot Classic Fusions Reviews. Exquisite Timepieces Offers Same Day Shipping for Most Hublot Big Bang Watches.

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Hublot is a famous brand in the world of luxury watches. From sponsorships with elite athletes to endorsements with the most prestigious events in the world, Hublot is THE force to reckon with in the industry.
Among the watch cognoscenti, Hublot is a rather young brand, but the success of its watches over the years has placed it right at the top with older brands.



The path to the founding of Hublot was paved by a brazen Italian man, Carlo Crocco, in 1980. But the full vibe of this journey can’t be unlocked without a recap of Carlo’s past before bravely embarking on the Hublot journey. Like the allegory of the prodigal son, Carlo was part of the Binda Group dynasty, a Watch and Jewelry maker that was already famous for making Breil Watches. Well, until 1976, when he took the brave step to move to Switzerland and start his own watch company.


Shortly after, he set up his company, MDM Geneve, and started brainstorming a watch design. With the limitless ambition of the prodigal son, he wanted his watch brand to be unlike the world had ever seen. Put in his own words, his aim was to “to create one brand around one image, one watch. And it was very strong because at the time, most of the other Swiss watch companies had more than 200 models, so they did not have a strong identity.”

But to some watch aficionados, this turned out to be the start of controversies for the brand after the release of their first watch. The first watch Carlo designed was named “Hublot” after the French word for “porthole.”

The Hublot Classic featured a groundbreaking design that sported the first natural rubber strap in watchmaking when it was unveiled at the Basel Fair in 1980.
It took Carlo three years of research and investigation to come up with the perfect rubber material for the strap. This discovery involved a startling partnership with tire producers. Although the porthole design wasn’t totally new, its dozen screws, yellow gold case, and, of course, unique rubber strap was an eye-catcher. Ergo, the watch and Carlo’s new company had a chance of survival.
And survive it did.
After the Basel Watch Fair, the watch proved to be a huge commercial success. In its first year, sales hit an excess of $2 million. The history of Hublot Watches turned out to be a happy ending story of the prodigal son.


Carlo Crocco already set the ball in motion for the rise of Hublot watches. Carlo also began to spend more time with his designs and helping deprived children all over the world. With this, he set out on a quest to find the man who would take the reins of his fast-growing watch empire.
On this quest, he met with Jean-Claude Biver in late 2003, a man dubbed as a “certified marketing genius” by the Watch Lounge. In May 2004, he was named the new CEO of Hublot Watches, becoming a minority shareholder and board member in the process.
This single change in management blew a strong wave of success across the brand. The first move Jean-Claude made was to create a new flagship collection for the brand. His masterpiece, The Hublot “Big Bang” Chronograph, was unveiled in Basel in April 2005.
The wave of success didn’t take long to hit the brand. Sales began a threefold rise in the first year of Biver’s appointment, hitting around 30 million Swiss francs ($30 million). After the release of the “Big Bang” collection, sales hit about 100 million Swiss francs (100 million).
The Hublot “Big Bang” really made a big bang entry into the watch world, swooping several design awards. It received the “2005 Design Prize” in the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix. Plus, it received two other awards in Japan and Bahrain for Watch of the Year and Best Oversized Watch, respectively.
Although the brand took an upturn growth from the start of Biver’s management, it was acquired by LVMH (Louis Vuitton SE) in April 2008 for an undisclosed fee. Under its new ownership, and to date, Hublot sponsors many sports teams and competitions to create massive brand awareness. Unsurprisingly, it was criticized by avid watch collectors but was still a commercial success anyways.
As you’d expect of a marketing “genius, Biver had a reasonable motive behind this. He said: “Wherever our customer goes, he must meet Hublot. It is our goal to make the customer feel that we belong to his world, to his lifestyle, to his emotions, and to his dreams.”



Like with every notable watch brand, a blueprint of the watch is first made on paper with detailed measurements.
The Hublot design team draws creativity from almost any activity, making such ideas a reality with the synergy that exists among experts in various departments. Only they can make a Hublot masterpiece ever be built for public release.
According to the Hublot Team,
“It all starts by putting an idea down on paper, followed by a virtual model, and finally, a prototype is built before a watch is ever manufactured.” The brainstorming phase requires a lot of patience, and of course, a lot of trials and errors. The innovation of the Hublot design team is why they seem to never run out of classy and ingenious limited edition watches. From watches made as a tribute to classic automobiles like the LaFerrari to renowned sporting events like the FIFA World Cup.
Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of the Board, explains: “Hublot's main strength is our ability to innovate. A flair for thinking outside the box.”


The Hublot case is a true work art, constantly evolving, yet staying true to its radical roots of material fusion. Biver calls it “The Art of Fusion.”
He says:
“The Art of Fusion” is far more than just a slogan. It is an attitude and ideology that encompasses the very core of Hublot’s design ethos, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the case”
The porthole design of the first Hublot watch is prevalent in most, if not all Hublot watches to date. Not to mention it keeps its magic mix of precious stones and metals, like Gold, with industrial raw materials such as rubber or leather, but takes it to the next level. But a rather distinguishable constituent of a Hublot watch case is its visible H screws and a chiseled bezel.
In fact, the new CEO of the luxury watch brand, Ricardo Guadalupe, thinks: “The case represents an evolution of the brand and defines our design philosophy and history.”


In the early years of the company, Hublot watches were fitted with ETA and Frederique Piguet movements.
At the time, Carlo Crocco had this to say about the external movements in Hublot watches: “We do not produce mechanical watches ourselves because there are so many who are very good at it.”
Even though the watches are an aesthetic masterpiece, watch critics and collectors feel a timepiece is judged by what its powerhouse (movement).
Well, that’s in the past now. After acquiring the assets of BNB Concept, a movement maker, in 2010, the whole story changed. Hublot started crafting in-house movements.
And the brand like always, kicked off to a good start, creating a never-before-seen movement – UNICO, which came equipped with carbon fiber main plates. Hublot made that well known, saying this about their original in-house movement:
“Requiring over 2 years of research and development, the in-house Unico movement is in a league of its own.”
In general, it takes a team of 10 experts several years to come up with a design plan for a bespoke Hublot movement. More specifically, it took two (2) years to manufacture Hublot UnicoFlyback Chronograph Movement.


The “Art of Fusion” philosophy is arguably what Hublot is best known for – fusing precious metals with industrial materials, sometimes revamping them to create a masterpiece. The possible combination of materials for a new Hublot watch is pretty much unpredictable. Hublot, for one, is a brand that takes pride in its endless mix and match of materials. “From traditional gold alloys to Magic Gold, from stainless steel to light and durable carbon fiber, the number of materials and possible combinations Hublot offers are truly endless.”
Hublot’s Magic Gold is a testament to the brand’s knack for innovation – a brainchild of the Hublot Metallurgy Department. It took three years to develop and house this indestructible 18-karat-gold material for Hublot.
Here is a clear depiction of all the materials:
Ceramic, King Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Tantalum, Carbon Fibre, Aluminium, Osmium, Zirconium, Tungsten. Not to mention, Rubber, which plays a significant role in the identity of Hublot. Clearly, Hublot watches are built with the best possible materials.


We have included this section to save you from spending a ton of money on a replica Hublot watch. Not that it will be necessary if you shop at Exquisite Timepieces, recommended in this article.
So, here are simple ways to spot a fake Hublot Geneve watch

  • Confirm that markings are not printed but engraved; take the “Hublot Geneve” engraving on the clasp, for instance.
  • Watch dial should have “Swiss Made” written at the bottom
  • Visible flaws in print markings, like 301, instead of 301.M
  • Hublot never uses blue screws inside its watches
  • An examination of the movement by an enthusiast if the outside seems okay

It’s no surprise that any watch collector will physically examine a new watch with much enthusiasm to see if it's real. But that’s just a habit.




If you can recollect, the Big Bang collection was the game-changer for Hublot when it was first released in 2005 by Jean-Claude Biver.
But the thing is, Big Bang is an umbrella for models and limited editions released over the years. From models with eccentric designs like the Sang bleu to simplistic limited editions like the Big Bang Chelsea FC watch.
It is safe to say that it has been Hublot’s signature watch collection for over a decade. And that’s why Hublot’s “Art of Fusion” is usually put on full display in the Big Bang Collection. An eccentric but appealing combination of materials like platinum, red or yellow gold, titanium, steel, rubber, ceramic, and many more.
As a matter of fact, the very first Big Bang Collection watch is the Big Bang Gold Ceramic. Its name alone portrays the bizarre fusion of materials, which was a huge success anyway.
It’s no debate
Even so, the Big Bang is very popular among enthusiasts but also celebrities around the world. Some A-list celebs hooked on the Big Bang are Usain Bolt, Diego Maradona, Pele, Lionel Ritchie, and even Alicia Keys. The list of stars is almost endless. That’s right. Big Bang Collection watches can be worn by men and women – A secret recipe to its success. But there are more feminine designs with loud and expressive colors like the Big Bang Tutti Frutti Collection
It’s no debate. The Big Bang “Art of Fusion” design philosophy is amazing. Its exploration of materials creates an unlimited choice for a client with any taste in design and also budget.


As it isn’t just a single collection, the range of watch prices in the Big Bang Collection is not specific.
For one, the Meca-10 “Nicky Jam” High Jewelry is one of the most expensive, costs over $350,000. In that same Nicky Jam collection, there’s a cheaper model, the Meca-10 “Nicky Jam” Ceramic, and it costs only $23,000.
The Big Bang Unico Titanium costs $11,480; Big Bang One Steel Diamonds is priced at $14,000, and the Steel White Diamonds cost $10,000, at the time of this article.


The Classic Fusion collection is has a classic and elegant look with its bold bezel and h-screws in plain sight on top of it. Without surprise, its classic look is an inspiration from the very first Hublot timepieces created by Carlo Crocco in the 1980s.
Unlike the Big Bang, there are only a few watch models in the Hublot Classic Fusion collection, with many having a not too complicated design.
The few exceptions are the Classic Fusion Ferrari GT collection, Aerofusion Collection, and the Chronograph Orlinsky, and Tourbillion Power Reserve 5 days Orlinsky. It’s mostly not because they have an eccentric design than their visible inner workings on the watch dial.
One other thing that’s different compared to the Big Bang is the size variation of the watches. They aren’t only large 45mm watches but also 42mm, 38mm, and 32mm.
But the Classic Fusion and Big Bang line aren’t miles apart in every aspect. One common ground is certain with every Hublot watch, and that’s the “Art of Fusion.”
The Fusion collection embodies modern materials, like titanium, and the traditional ones, like gold and bronze. The result is a masterpiece that’s “both avant-garde and inherently classical.”


Unlike the Big Bang line, the Hublot Classic Fusion line has a collection of watches priced below the $18,000, The Tourbillion Orlinski starts at $86,000 for the Black Magic and much as $130,000 to cop the sapphire model.
The most affordable watch in the collection is the Classic Fusion Titanium, which costs $7,400 for any model – Titanium, Opalin, Blue Titanium, Racing Grey Titanium. As an entry-level watch, it uses Hublot automatic movement (HUB1112).


Spirit of Big Bang is one of Hublot’s newer collections, which strike a barrel shape. Undoubtedly, Art of Fusion comes to play, with a combination of exotic jewels like black diamond, sapphire and industrial ones like stainless steel, ceramic, and more. The collection maintains the variety of sizes seen in the Classic Fusion collection with a 39mm to 45mm range.


The Hublot Tourbillion Carbon Blue and Carbon Black cost $90,000 each while the Sapphire watches is closer to $100,000
> The rest of the watches in the collection are priced within the range of $22,000 to around $42,000.


Last but not least, is a real masterpiece by Hublot, the MP collection. The collection was unveiled in January 2011 at the Geneva Trade Show with “The MP-01.” These timepieces are truly a masterpiece with such extraordinary complications and seemingly impossible movements all-built in-house. Also, a true reflection of the views of Hublot president Jean-Claude Biver “More watchmaking, more mastery, more innovation.” Since the first release, subsequent versions continue to prove to be a masterpiece. The MP-05 LaFerrari and MP-08 Antikytheraare a particular eye-pleaser and conversation starter for watch collectors.

A great feat by Hublot engineering team, the LaFerrari’s inner workings accurately outlines the engine of a Ferrari sports car. The Antikythera is a depiction of the mysterious mechanism found in Greek waters in 1901.
Unfortunately, these models are now only available on pre-owned deals and surely sell for a premium. A pre-owned LaFerrari, for example, sells for well above the suggested price. That said, there are equally only 5 Hublot MP models available on sale at the time of this writing.


As a collection of masterpiece timepieces, all the watches are given an equally matching price tag. The most affordable watch in the collection, MP-11 Power Reserve 14 Days 3D Carbon, costs $78,000.
The MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis 3D Carbon is at the top of the collection for over $180,000. Buy Hublot Watches at Exquisite Timepieces
Whether new or pre-owned Hublot watches, contact Exquisite Timepieces. At Exquisite Timepieces, there are Hublot watch for sale as well as Hublot used watches and Hublot pre-owned watches. You can walk into our store or shop online for the best service on all luxury watch brands at Exquisite timepieces.


Hublot brand differentiates itself by creating fusions of materials and design, this is also true of the straps! This obviously makes Hublot unique from its other competitors in the market. Hublot watch belt comes with different color variations as well. You are able to choose your favorite color when there is any need for Hublot band replacement, or you simply wish to have a change. Overall these straps add a different look to your Hublot watches. The ability to produce styles that have never before even been considered has made Hublot stand out among the old fashion, never changing brands that rely on their past history rather than create their future.

Each Hublot watch comes with a perfectly matched strap. The designers have a clear knowledge of the importance of a match between the strap and overall watch design. So, the makers have given much emphasis on the way the Hublot watch strap is made of each collection. When you wish to change the Hublot watch straps you will be delighted by the choices you have. That’s why Hublot watch strap replacement is not that difficult unlike some of the other brands.

Since inception, Hublot unveiled the curtain of unconventional Hublot rubber strap and Hublot band for its collection of watches. This resonates with Hublot’s idea of “Art of Fusion”, and it seems relevant even now with all kinds of varieties it offers with all the prominent collections of watches. Being the originator of the rubber watch straps, Hublot manufactures different types of textures of its signature rubber straps in all collections.

Hublot is a firm believer in fusion by bringing durability of rubber and opulence of leather it created a “gummy” Hublot alligator strap. This leather is seamlessly blended with the rubber, giving it a rubberlike surface and unique texture. Several of Hublot’s watch straps combine rubber and leather or crocodile to create a strap that is elegant yet very comfortable and durable. This unique blending of different materials sets Hublot above most. Hublot classic fusion strap collection also offers a unique alligator strap. The price of such a Hublot replacement strap from the classic fusion collection will be around $650-$900.

For the users who want a more elegant look for their timepiece, Hublot bracelet is for them. Hublot has a wide range of collections for metal, ceramic, steel, and even diamond bracelets. So many celebrities and famous sports personalities have promoted these bracelets. It is also very common to see among the rich and elegant class to choose to gift Hublot diamond-cut aesthetic bracelet to their dear ones.

Hublot classic fusion collection offers different sorts of Hublot wrist band and strap. This collection mostly features classic sports watches. The design of the watches is inspired by early models of 1980 and it portrays the manufacturer’s fusion concept in a proper way. An example of this is it mixes class leather strap with ceramic or carbon cases. It is suitable for almost any attire and looks. Hublot classic fusion leather strap and Hublot classic fusion rubber strap both types of straps or bracelets can be found in this collection. The price range of these straps will be around $600-$800. This Hublot classic fusion has got acceptance for the elegant users for many years as it is the most simple and affordable timepiece collection from the manufacturer even now.

Hublot has presented dynamic watches in its Big Bang collection. You can discover all sorts of Hublot watches from this widely famous iconic collection. This amazing collection also offers suitable Hublot big bang strap or Hublot big bang band that perfectly matches with the watch. Hublot knows strap is one of the most visible parts of a watch and plays a big role in the overall look.

A Hublot Big Bang watch band is made keeping all the nitty-gritty stuff in mind by the manufacturers. So Hublot big bang watch strap includes Hublot big bang rubber strap, Hublot big bang leather strap and all. Hublot big bang band replacement also pretty easier since it is can be found easily. The price of the strap has different ranges. So Hublot big bang replacement strap is quite possible after using it for a few years. The strap price range will be $200-$1000 but there are also high-end diamond cut bracelets of this collection available.

The Big Bang Unico is Hublot’s flagship collection. It carries the essence of the Hublot brand more than any other collection earlier or even later. The Big Bang Unico doesn’t care about the general norms of following other conservative watches. It also features different sorts of Hublot big bang Unico straps. These Hublot Unico straps are different from the rest. In this, The Big Bang Unico collection Hublot leather band and Hublot rubber band both can be found. For this unique collection, Hublot watch band replacement is also quite possible because of availability. The strap prices range from $400- $800 or even more.

Hublot watch accessories like Hublot clasp or Hublot deployment clasp and other related stuff are easily replaceable as these can be easily found just like the straps.

The strap of a watch is a very important part of complementing your overall look. This Swiss brand of watches Hublot knows it really well and gives enough precision in the design of it accordingly. It applies the thinking of fusion to each of the watch design and especially during the design of the straps. They tend to consider the overall look, usability, and easiness of the straps very crucially. So, each of the strap design is unique from the rest. That is why Hublot is one of the most recognizable watch brands in this world and chosen by elegant classes.

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