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The Seiko Presage watch collection is designed in-house and illustrates the elegance of traditional Japanese watchmaking. The Seiko Presage watch line remains a popular high-end watch that blends classical casings, dial markers, and hands with distinct backgrounds. Features range from striking textures and glossy backdrops to creative visual depths, intriguing subdials, and bold casing rings. Searching for Seiko Presage watches for sale can get tough when you do not have help. If you are trying to find the best place to buy Seiko Presage watches, do not get discouraged. Let Exquisite Timepieces assist you. We specialize in connecting people with the top luxury watch brands on the market. Exquisite Timepieces is a Seiko Presage watch authorized dealer.


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Seiko Presage Review

Each watch collector seeks value, quality, and looks, if you are one of them, then Seiko watches are the right choice for you. For over 100 years, Seiko is known for manufacturing mechanical watches. All the timepieces designed by the brand are in-house designed, finished, and manufactured. In 2016, Seiko introduces one of its collection of watches known as ‘Seiko Presage.’ With its unique style and a wide range of models, Seiko Presage continues to win the heart of many watch enthusiasts. In this range, you’ll find urushi-lacquer dialed watch and self-winding watches with power reserve indications, based on 6R movements.


Seiko Presage Watches: The Journey of Seiko Presage

Seiko made its first mechanical watch in 1913 and since then they never turned back. For over a century, the brand has refined and developed its watchmaking skills. All this experience comes together in an all-mechanical collection known as 'Presage.' At Baselworld in 2016, the manufacturer declared that the watches will be soon available for sale throughout the world. All these models from the Presage range are attention-grabbing and have features that set them apart from each other.


Seiko Presage Watches: Japan’s Fine mechanical watchmaking

Whether you adore rose gold finished case, stainless case, or two-tone gold (color) steel case, the Seiko Presage collection has everything for you. The manufacturer relies on a vintage, elegant look for Seiko Presage. Since their first watch in 1913, the main source of inspiration for this collection is -- Laurel. The models of Seiko Presage comes with high-quality enameled dials. One of the limited-edition timepieces come with traditional Japanese Urushi Lacquer that gives a dark sheen appearance to the dial.
On the other side, in the Cocktail Time models of Seiko Presage come with the sunburst dials and shine brightly than other models. The date displays and power reserve give a modern flair to these watches. If you are passionate about a chronograph, you’ll get several options in this series. You can also find watches in more feminine styles as well.


Seiko Presage Watches: What Makes ‘Seiko Presage’ Special?

Inspired by the first Seiko Laurel, these automatic watches come with in-house movements. Some of the common features you will find in the Presage range are:

  • Manual Winding
  • Stainless Steel Cases
  • A power reserve of 41 hours to 50 hours, relying on the movement.
  • A stop-seconds mechanical


Seiko Presage Watches: Reliable Made in-house technology

The mechanical calibers of every Seiko Presage watch are manufactured in-house by the Japanese watchmakers. The brand used the latest technologies like the magic Lever winding system that makes using counter-clockwise and the clockwise movements of the rotor. The allow Spron that is found in the mainspring and balance is quite innovative. This durable and elastic material is resistant to heat and corrosion. It also has shock protection, Diashock which safeguards the balance of jewels from tremors using a special kind of spring.


Seiko Presage Watches: The Deep Black of Urushi Lacquer

The high-quality lacquer dial in a deep black luster is made in the studio of a Japanese craftsman Isshu Tamura in Kanazawa using centuries the old art of Urushi. The deep black color gets stronger and harder with the passage of time. These dials are painted and polished many times with hands. It is a challenging and time-consuming task, but it creates a perfect black color that Presages watches require.


Seiko Presage Watches: The Beauty and Subtle texture of Enamel

The enamel used in Presage watches is made by skilled craftsmen led by Mitsuru Yokozawa who makes sure that enamel color will last for decades. To make sure that the finishing of the enamel can’t get affected by humidity and weather, Mr. Yokozawa designed the enamel dial for Presage.


Seiko Presage Watches: 60th Anniversary Limited Editions

As mentioned above, the inspiration for the new Presage collection has come from the mechanical watchmaking of Seiko, all the way back to 1913. The two very special Limited Edition of Presage collection includes automatic chronographs, finest dials, one in lacquer and one in enamel. Both the limited edition watches - Seiko Presage SRQ019 and Seiko Presage SRQ021 use 8R48 Caliber that has column-wheel systems and vertical clutch. It also has a unique three-pointed hammer that makes sure the perfect synchronization of the hand’s fly back. Both of the limited edition ‘Seiko Presage’ watches are offered along with one thousand in Seisko’s celebration of 60 years of automatic watchmaking. The new Presage Automatic 60th Anniversary watch has a 45-hour power reserve and hand-wounded 6R27 Movement. The gold-colored rotor is a part of the commemorative design package. It has an S (snake) mark on the crown. Available in a 40.5mm case, the sapphire crystals on the front and back look good.


Seiko Presage Watches: A wide Assortment of Designs and Calibers

Presage comprises 60 models. All the models use a wide assortment of Seikos mechanical calibers, ranging from 4R, 6R to 8R. The highlights of these watches include a series of new 4R57 Caliber version and the 6R27 multi-hand power reserve model. This is the first-ever used caliber in Seikos that has the central power reserve indication and available in 5 design series including limited editions. All the Presage watches come with 10 bar water-resistant and a sapphire crystal.


Seiko Presage Watches for Women

Seiko also introduced Presage watches for women. These watches have a diameter of 35mm, which looks great on slim wrists. The SSA011J1 Seiko Presage watches are designed especially for women. It has a shimmery dial, which is a set of 7 diamond indices and provides a clear view of the 4R38 movement through a dial opening at 9 O’clock. It has a stainless steel bracelet. You can also buy the bi-color variant - SSA810J1 that comes with a pink gold plating. On the other hand, the SRP860JI looks more dignified with a stainless steel case plated with gold, indices, and hands. It has a dark brown leather that makes it look elegant. The manufacturers also offer SRP858J1 with pink gold plating. You can buy any of these watches at a starting price of 320 Euros.
Seiko brought the SARBO65 Cocktail time in 2010. The inspiration for this watch was the cocktails of mixologist Shinobu Ishigaki and Tokyo bar owner. Available in three “flavors” - Sweet, Cool, and Dry, they are reflected in the sunburst dials. This makes these watches popular among Seiko enthusiasts. The watches have caliber 6R15 that not just drives these watches, but also boasts a power reserve of 50 hours. These timepieces come in mint condition versions that cost nearly around 460 Euros.


Brand Review: Seiko Presage

Seiko Presage combines the Japanese traditional craftsmanship with aesthetic sense. The watchmaking skills of Seiko offer Japanese quality, beauty along long-lasting performance. The perfect blend of design looks, and mechanism, Seiko Presage watches are a complete package.

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