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Fiona Krüger watches take emotive timepieces to a whole new level. Fiona Krüger wristwatches are a fascinating integration of art and Swiss craftsmanship. Fiona Krüger’s creative timepieces have led to some astounding wristwatch masterpieces. Focused on a rich sense of aesthetics and a particular style, Fiona Krüger timepieces exude personality. Fiona Krüger timepieces offer elaborately designed dials that are delicately decorated by hand. You can expect trusted quality and incredible presentation from a Fiona Krüger luxury watch exclusive. Trying to find Fiona Krüger watches for sale can be challenging if you do not have the right help. Exquisite Timepieces is one of the best places to buy Fiona Krüger watches. Exquisite Timepieces is a Fiona Krüger authorized dealer.


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Fiona Krüger Watch Review

The watchmaking business is male-dominated and unfortunately, female watches in the market have become repetitive. Although one will continuously see variety when it comes to male watches, female watches, particularly Swiss, lack that quality. There is a continuity that can be seen in these watch designs. Fiona Krüger, however, aims to change this through her efforts, aesthetic sense, and style.
We are selling the best Fiona Krüger watches and delivering them to you. What makes these watches so unique, you may ask? We have all the answers in this review about the famous Fiona Krüger watches.


History of the brand

Fiona Krüger is currently the only woman who owns a namesake watchmaking company. Although the world of fashion has evolved dramatically over time, watchmakers still strongly prefer to adhere to the classic methods. Kruger, however, was not interested in the status quo.
Kruger fell in love with watches when she viewed watch displays and exhibitions of Audemars Piguet at the Patek Philippe Museum. She felt connected to the art and was extremely impressed looking at the various extravagant and brilliant watch designs. She felt her creative acumen begging to take up watch design. For her degree project at the University of Edinburgh, Kruger decided to design a prototype of a skull-shaped watch. The idea behind the skull watch was to combine the concept of mortality and certain death with the idea of time. She spent the next couple of years trying to find supply partners.
The first Fiona Krüger skull watch appeared in the market in 2013 and was lauded by watch collectors all around the world. These watches appealed to the broadest customer pool, being bought by old and young – and notably, by both men and women.

Kruger has stated on many occasions that the primary motivation for her creating unisex Swiss watches was to neutralize the gender ground when it comes to watchmaking. She wanted to create not just a customer-friendly watch, but a radical piece of art which could change how classic designers perceived watchmaking.

Currently, Fiona Krüger watches are a favourite amongst collectors. There are limited editions of Fiona Krüger watches in many collections as well. The bold styles, along with the radical thought that went behind the concept of these watches, appeals significantly to the younger and more liberal generation. This inspired Kruger to continue to express herself in a way that made her happy, which has garnered a lot of attention from both the young and the old.


What kind of watches does Fiona Krüger sell?

Fiona Krüger is not your regular run of the mill watch brand. The watches from this company are designed to stand out and be an integral part of your style and personality. The owner of the brand, Fiona Krüger, believes that it is possible to change your weakness into your strength if you are honest with yourself.
Fiona does not possess standard watchmaking understanding, nor is she Swiss. She was always the underdog in the male-dominated watchmaking industry. However, this status gives her the freedom to think of diverse and bold designs because she does not have the classical limitations that many other watchmakers do. Because of this, she creates some of the most radical designs. Even though Fiona Krüger watches aren't made to be elegant, they are not flashy at all. The watches look like you spent money to buy them and you are going to make an impression. The brand has currently come up with two collections which include the rebellious and pioneering skull collection and the more recent collection. When developing the skull collection, Kruger focused on utilizing her knowledge of fine arts and design to create radical and rebellious watches which would allow women and men to express their liberal side. The chaos collection was an evolution from the skull collection, both in terms of style as well as creative growth.
Even though the creative concept between both collections is different, you can see the Fiona Krüger touch in both of them. The chaos collection features impressive pieces that have been creatively designed using graphics and manipulation of shape to portray the flow of time.


The winning features of Fiona Krüger watch:

A Fiona Krüger watch on your wrist is not going to be seen as a random watch. It is going to make heads turn, and people will ask you where you got it. Some of the best things about buying a Fiona Krüger piece include:

  • Fiona Krüger watches have earned novelty over time and are included in some of the most pioneering watch designs in the industry. Enthusiasts collect it all over the world.
  • These watches have tried to push the walls of gender norms and bias down with their superb, bold, and colourful unisex watch designs. If you hate gender roles just as much as we do you will adore these watches.
  • The designs of these watches tell a story. It is not a couple of designs hastily put together to make a collection. Every watch from Fiona Krüger has a concept behind it and tells a story with its manufacturing.
  • The watches, although bold, are designed to perfection. The watches make a statement when one enters a room.


Fiona Krüger and the future:

Fiona Krüger is a pioneer in the watchmaking business. She does not have any actual design knowledge regarding creating watches. For this reason, Kruger works with a team of six people who bring her creative vision to reality. Kruger is a firm believer in the ending of gender-based discrimination. She prides herself on the unisex watches that she has designed and released. She is continually considering the opinions of her fans. Even though the brand only came into inception a few years ago, it has been included in several magazines and articles because of the fantastic concept behind the design.



Get a Fiona Krüger watch and make sure that your originality becomes prominent through the sparkle and power that comes with buying an empowering watch. Place your order with Exquisite Time Pieces today and receive the best quality, Fiona Krüger, at your doorstep.

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