Longines Watches

Longines Watches

The embodiment of Swiss watchmaking excellence. Since 1832, Longines has been crafting timepieces that are both stylish and functional. With a wide range of watches to choose from, there is a Longines for everyone. Whether you are looking for a dress watch, a sports watch, or a luxury watch, Longines has the perfect timepiece for you.


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Longines Watches

In the wide watchmaking world, few brands strike a more harmonious balance between tradition, modernity, and affordability as well as Longines does. With a history that traces back to 1832, this Swiss horological legend has consistently delivered exquisite timepieces known for their visual allure and technical precision.

If you're in the market for a watch that embodies the essence of Swiss craftsmanship without the extravagant price tag, Longines might just be your perfect match.

Tradition Meets Modern Features - About Longines Watches

Founded in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, Longines is a paragon of horological heritage, boasting a legacy spanning nearly two centuries, a claim that only a small handful of watchmakers can make. The brand has been the official timekeeper for numerous world championships, including equestrian sports, aviation, and the Olympics, solidifying its reputation for precision and solidifying Longines as a household name amongst the horologically inclined.

Ultimately, there are very few reasons not to invest in a Longines, whether you’re starting a collection, replacing your only watch, or adding to a well-established collection. Their watches are varied enough to meet everyone’s aesthetic tastes and accessible enough to appeal to every spending bracket. From modern divers and vintage-inspired pilot designs to minimal dress watches and cuboid ladies’ pieces, Longines has cast a wide stylistic net, which has done wonders for the brand as well as for buyers who appreciate such variety.

Why You Should Buy a Longines Watch

Heritage: Longines' rich history and heritage speak to those who appreciate timepieces with a story. Few things can make up for experience and time in the game, both of which Longines has in abundance!

Quality: Enjoy Swiss precision without the premium price tag, thanks to Longines’ dedication to building high-quality yet accessible watches. It’s truly a modern marvel that they can manufacture such impressive timepieces while still maintaining low costs.

Elegance: Longines watches exude sophistication and style, making them a timeless addition to any collection. Most decent Longines punch well above their weight in terms of build material and design, making them great watches to buy if you need something that looks and feels like the real deal.

The History of Longines Watches

The story of Longines watches is truly as interesting as any other great origin tale. It all began in 1832 when Auguste Agassiz founded this iconic Swiss watchmaker, setting the stage for over a century of horological excellence. Nestled in the picturesque town of Saint-Imier, Switzerland, the brand took its name from the very lengthy meadows that surrounded its first factory, a name that has now become synonymous with precision and style.

Fast forward to 1931, and Longines achieved a milestone in aviation history by creating the Lindbergh Hour Angle watch, a testament to their innovative spirit. But Longines' journey wasn't solely about inventing new timepieces but also about learning from the best. During the 1870s, the brand looked to the United States, soaking up industrialized watchmaking techniques that would shape its future.

In 1983, Longines joined the prestigious Swatch Group, further cementing its position in the world of commercial watchmaking. Remarkably, Longines holds the oldest registered trademark for a watch brand logo still in use today, a testament to its enduring legacy. From the Kentucky Derby to events around the globe, Longines has played the vital role of Official Timekeeper, ensuring precision in the world of sports.

Today, Longines' reach spans over 150 countries, with a history that meticulously records every watch ever produced. Its presence in high-profile events and partnerships with remarkable individuals continues to reflect its unwavering commitment to excellence. Longines' history is not just a timeline; it's a journey through time that underscores the brand's legacy and enduring dedication to horological perfection.

Longines Collections

Like many other watch manufacturers, Longines offers an impressive array of watch collections catering to diverse horological tastes. Each collection reflects a different aspect of the brand’s identity. Let's take a closer look at some of them.

Longines Hydroconquest Collection

Longines' Hydroconquest collection is a testament to the brand's mastery of both dive watches and timeless design. This series marries the functionality demanded by divers with the sophistication expected from Longines. With a history rooted in aquatic timekeeping, Longines understands the importance of precision beneath the waves, and this shines through in each of their Hydroconquest watches.

What sets the Hydroconquest range apart is its fusion of sporty aesthetics and impressive functionality. These watches are built to withstand the rigors of the deep, boasting great water resistance ratings made possible by the marriage of skilled assembly and solid materials.

Longines Master Collection

The Master collection exemplifies the brand's commitment to classic refinement and technical precision. This collection pays homage to the brand's rich heritage while embracing modern advancements in watchmaking.

With various design elements that hearken back to classic aesthetic cues, including polished cases, patterned dials, and intricately detailed hands and markers, these watches will appeal to those with a taste for subtle yet intricate designs. Longines often incorporate complications like moonphases, day-date displays, and chronographs into these watches, adding a touch of functionality to their aesthetic appeal.

Longines Legend Diver Collection

The Legend Diver collection pays homage to Longines' historic dive watches and can be best described as a vintage parallel to the more contemporary Hydroconquest collection. These timepieces exude vintage charm with their iconic super-compressor-style cases and domed crystals. Featuring water resistance up to 300 meters, they are both functional and stylish, capturing the essence of exploration beneath the waves.

Longines Heritage Collection

Longines’ Heritage collection is heavily influenced by the brand's vast historical archives, recreating vintage masterpieces for contemporary audiences. These watches transport wearers to a bygone era of aesthetics and feel while delivering modern reliability in terms of mechanics and accuracy.

As it certainly captures the essence of Longines' past with retro-inspired designs, the Heritage Collection often features domed crystals, vintage-style hands, and charming dial layouts and finishes. These watches offer a nostalgic journey back in time while embodying the brand's storied history both visually and technically.

Longines Ultra-Chron Collection

The Ultra-Chron collection showcases Longines' commitment to precision timekeeping, a fact that is evident in the 38,000 beats-per-hour that the timepieces in the collection run at. These watches are equipped with exceptional movements which ensure remarkable accuracy. The collection reflects Longines' technical expertise, making them sought-after by those who value impeccable timekeeping and a retro design aesthetic.

Longines Spirit Collection

Aptly named, the Spirit collection is all about aviation and adventure, so expect to see classic pilot and tool watch characteristics combined with modern horological advancements. These watches are a testament to Longines' heritage in the world of aviation, above all else.
The Spirit Collection draws inspiration from the brand's historic ties to the skies, delivering understated watches with bold, legible dials and robust construction. These timepieces often feature distinctive pilot-style hands, oversized crowns, and innovative materials like titanium and ceramic.

Longines Record Collection

Much like the Ultra-Chron range, the Record collection stands as a testament to Longines' dedication to accuracy, with a slightly more traditional approach to design. Watches in this collection are COSC-certified chronometers and tachymeters, guaranteeing exceptional precision across the board. With elegant aesthetics and a focus on performance, they are perfect for those who appreciate both style and substance.

Longines Conquest Collection

The Longines Conquest collection is the brand’s entry-level sports range. These watches are designed for individuals searching for conventional sports stylings with reliable Swiss technicality. With a history rooted in sport and adventure, the Conquest collection showcases Longines' ability to combine functionality with refined aesthetics.

Conquest watches are as robust as they are dapper, often featuring the tenets of respectable timepieces- stainless steel cases, scratch-resistant sapphire crystals, and bold, legible dials. The collection's unique selling point is its ability to seamlessly transition from the boardroom to the playing field, given the altogether inoffensive design ethos behind the range.

Longines Heritage Avigation Collection

As its name suggests, the Heritage Avigation collection draws inspiration from Longines' historic aviation ties. These watches echo the instruments used by early aviators with bold, legible dials and a vintage aviation aesthetic. They are a tribute to the brand's enduring legacy in the world of aviation and, as such, will undoubtedly appeal to fans of pilot watches.

Longines DolceVita Collection

Longines’ DolceVita collection is a tribute to the glamorous Art Deco era of the early 1900s. These watches prioritize form over function but not to the detriment of accuracy, making them an ideal choice for those who appreciate timeless design.

DolceVita watches are mainly marketed towards women and are defined by their smaller sizing and rectangular cases, which are geometric hallmarks of the Art Deco aesthetic. The dials are adorned with delicate details and patterning, at times complemented by diamonds, and they exude an air of vintage refinement and grace.

Longines Evidenza Collection

What’s evident about the Evidenza collection is its distinctive tonneau-shaped cases. This design evokes a clear sense of yesteryear, all the while emanating a vision of class and style. Evidenza watches feature gracefully curved cases, enhancing their visual appeal and providing an exceptionally comfortable fit on the wrist. These watches often incorporate a range of complications, which add functionality to their elegant form.

Longines Conquest Classic Collection

The Conquest Classic collection combines sports elegance with technical precision. Known for its chronograph models and high-performance movements, it's the choice of those who appreciate a blend of style and functionality. The collection acts as a tribute to chronographs produced by Longines from the late 1800s onwards and is designed to capture the excitement and verve of sporting competitions.

Longines Elegant Collection

Built around the brand’s famous slogan, ‘Elegance is an attitude’, the Elegant collection lives up to its name, offering timepieces that exude grace and sophistication. With slender profiles, clean dials, and precious materials, these watches are perfect for formal occasions, drawing on Bauhaus influences and traditionalist design markers. The elegant range is an attractive collection for those seeking high-end Swiss timepieces that cater to minimalist tastes.

Longines PrimaLuna Collection

The PrimaLuna collection is a tribute to the unshakably delicate yet unmistakably bold tenets of femininity. These watches feature soft, rounded lines and delicate details, perfectly complemented by mother-of-pearl dials and sparkling diamonds. Internally, they are as reliable as anyone would require them to be. PrimaLuna watches are designed to grace the wrists of women with elegance, sophistication, and a preference for subtle luxury.

Longines Flagship Collection

Longines’ often-under-appreciated maritime heritage is given its dues through the brand’s Flagship collection. These watches exude a sense of adventure and nostalgia, with designs inspired by the world’s open waters. With their robust construction and enduring style, Flagship watches are perfect companions for those who appreciate both heritage and craftsmanship.

Longines La Grande Classiques De Longines Collection

The La Grande Classiques De Longines Collection epitomizes understated elegance. Characterized by ultra-thin cases, minimalist dials, and fine craftsmanship, these watches capture the essence of classic watchmaking. They are timeless timepieces that blend seamlessly with any attire, making them an essential addition to any collection.

How Much Do Longines Watches Cost

Whether you're seeking a luxurious timepiece with a price tag to boot or an affordably sophisticated watch, Longines has something for you. Most Longines watches aren’t as expensive as most of their Swiss counterpart’s pieces, ranging from low hundreds up to around $20,000.
Here are a few examples across the brand's most popular ranges that will give you an idea of what to expect when purchasing a contemporary Longines:

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Longines Spirit Zulu Time (ref. L3.802.4.63.6) $3,150 Green ceramic bezel insert, GMT function
Longines Hydroconquest (ref. L3.790.4.56.9) $2,775 Durable rubber strap, 300m water resistance
Longines Master Collection Chronograph (ref. L2.673.4.78.3) $3,550 Moonphase, chronograph
Longines Heritage Classic - 'Tuxedo' Dial (ref. L2.330.4.93.0) $2,300 Vintage dial finish, sub-seconds
Longines Conquest V.H.P GMT PVD (ref. L3.728.2.56.6) $1,825 Black stainless steel VDP case, quartz movement
Longines Dolcevita (ref. L5. $2,000 Two-tone case and strap finish, square case
Longines Evidenza Silver "flinqué" Dial (ref. L2.642.4.73.4) $2,300 Flinqué’ dial finish, self-winding automatic movement
Longines Record Tachymeter Chronograph (ref. L2.921.4.56.6) $3,125 Tachymeter, pusher buttons
Longines Ultra-Chron Box Edition (ref. L2.836.4.52.9) $3,850 36,000 BPH, dual straps
Longines Mini Dolce Vita Silver Dial (ref. L5. $3,700 Cream alligator strap, sub seconds dial

The Best-Selling Longines Watches

Longines has consistently captivated watch enthusiasts with its timeless designs and exceptional craftsmanship. In this article, we explore five of the brand's most popular watches that have garnered acclaim for their exquisite design, precision, and enduring appeal.

Longines Hydroconquest GMT Sunray Blue Dial on Bracelet (ref. L3.790.4.96.6)

The Hydroconquest GMT is a favorite among divers and travelers alike. With its striking sunray blue dial and rotating bezel, it exudes a sporty elegance that's both functional and stylish. This watch features a GMT complication, allowing you to track a second timezone effortlessly. Its robust stainless steel construction and water resistance of up to 300 meters make it a reliable companion for underwater adventures.

Longines Spirit Flyback Black Dial on Bracelet (ref. L3.821.4.53.6)

The Longines Spirit Flyback pays homage to the brand's aviation heritage. Its black dial is adorned with luminous Arabic numerals, offering exceptional readability. The flyback chronograph function allows for precise timekeeping during aviation or other timing tasks. The watch's robust build, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and self-winding movement make it a popular choice among those who appreciate both form and function.

Longines Flagship Heritage (ref. L4.815.4.78.2)

The Flagship Heritage pays tribute to Longines' classic designs of the mid-20th century. With a slim stainless steel case, this watch exudes timeless elegance. The white dial features slender gold-tone hands and hour markers, encapsulating a sense of vintage charm. Powered by an automatic movement, it combines modern reliability with vintage aesthetics, making it a timeless and sought-after piece.

Longines Conquest Silver Dial (ref. L3.830.4.72.6)

The Conquest collection embodies the spirit of sport and performance. The silver dial with luminous hands and markers offers superb legibility, while the stainless steel case and bracelet ensure durability. This timepiece is known for its exceptional accuracy, thanks to its quartz movement. It's a versatile watch suitable for both formal occasions and active lifestyles.

Longines Master Collection Chronograph (ref. L2.673.4.78.3)

The Master Collection Chronograph is a testament to Longines' watchmaking expertise. With a silver dial, blue steel hands, and a date display, this watch exudes timeless sophistication. Its chronograph function allows precise time measurement, while the automatic movement ensures reliable performance. The combination of classic design and high-quality craftsmanship makes it a top choice among watch enthusiasts.

Longines Movements

Longines prides itself on offering a diverse range of movements, catering to the preferences of watch enthusiasts worldwide. In the realm of automatic movements, Longines stands as a paragon of Swiss watchmaking excellence. Their automatic timepieces harness the power of kinetic energy to keep precise time, appealing to those who appreciate the intricate mechanics of horology.

For those who admire the timeless art of manual winding, Longines presents a selection of manually wound movements. These movements require the wearer's engagement to keep the watch ticking, offering a tactile connection to the timekeeping process.

Longines also accommodate the modern pace of life with quartz movements. These battery-powered movements ensure unrivaled precision and low maintenance reliability. They are perfect for those seeking hassle-free accuracy in their daily timekeeping.

Longines Watch Colors

The brand has a diverse color palette across its watch collections, catering to a wide range of tastes and styles. In their more traditional models, you'll often find classic hues like silver, black, and white, exuding timeless sophistication. These versatile colors make for ideal choices in dress watches and everyday timepieces.
For those seeking a bit more flair, Longines occasionally introduces funkier and more unique colors in select models. You might encounter elegant shades of blue or deep green dials, lending a touch of modernity to their designs. These hues offer a refreshing departure from the conventional, appealing to individuals who appreciate a dash of personality in their wristwear.
Longines' ability to balance classic, timeless colors with trendier and more distinctive options showcases their versatility as a brand, ensuring that whether you prefer understated elegance or bold individuality, there's a Longines watch color for you.

Longines Watch Materials

The watch cases and components that Longines makes exhibit a diverse array of materials, each carefully selected to meet the brand's exacting standards.
Stainless steel, prized for its durability and resistance to corrosion, is a common choice for Longines watch cases, providing both robustness and a timeless aesthetic. For those seeking lightweight sophistication, Longines offers titanium, which combines strength with feather-light wearability.
Gold, in its various forms, including yellow, rose, and white gold adds an unmistakable touch of luxury to select Longines models. Ceramic, known for its scratch resistance and enduring luster, enhances the aesthetic and longevity of bezels and watch components.
Sapphire crystal, often used for watch glass, offers exceptional clarity and scratch resistance, safeguarding the watch face. With an unwavering commitment to quality, Longines meticulously integrates these materials into their watches with the finest craftsmanship.

Longines Watch Types

Longines offers a diverse range of watch types, each tailored to cater to distinct lifestyles and preferences. Among these, dress watches exude timeless elegance, featuring sleek designs, often adorned with complications like moon phase indicators or retrograde displays, making them perfect companions for formal occasions.
For adventurous souls and water enthusiasts, Longines dive watches boast impressive water-resistant capabilities, designed to withstand the rigors of underwater exploration while maintaining the brand's hallmark style and precision.
Chronographs from Longines combine functionality with sporty aesthetics, ideal for those who seek precise time measurement alongside a dynamic look. Everyday watches from the brand often feature practical complications such as date displays or GMT functions, making them reliable companions for daily life.
Whether you're drawn to the classic charm of dress watches, the rugged functionality of dive watches, or the precision of chronographs, Longines offers a comprehensive selection that caters to a broad spectrum of horological tastes and requirements.

Longines Complications

Longines has consistently demonstrated its prowess in watchmaking by incorporating a range of captivating complications into its timepieces. From the intricate tourbillon mechanisms that enhance precision to the practical GMT and chronograph functions, Longines has embraced horological excellence.
The tourbillon, a marvel of engineering, counters the effects of gravity on a watch's movement, thereby improving accuracy. Longines masterfully integrates this complication into select models, reflecting its commitment to precision timekeeping.
For globetrotters and aviation enthusiasts, Longines offers GMT complications, allowing wearers to track multiple timezones with ease. Chronographs, another hallmark complication, showcase Longines' dedication to measuring time intervals with precision and style.
Longines also excels in crafting unique date complications that add a touch of elegance to its watches. Whether through retrograde displays, oversized date apertures, or moon phase indicators, Longines consistently innovates in this realm.

Longines Partnerships and Brand Ambassadors

As a brand steeped in history and prestige, Longines has forged remarkable partnerships and enlisted notable ambassadors throughout its illustrious journey.
In the realm of horological collaborations, Longines has established enduring relationships with esteemed entities such as the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), reinforcing its legacy as the official timekeeper of equestrian sports. This alliance exemplifies Longines' dedication to precision and elegance, aligning seamlessly with the grace and precision demanded in the world of equestrianism.
Longines boasts an impressive lineup of brand ambassadors, including the likes of Kate Winslet, Simon Baker, and Andre Agassi. Kate Winslet, the Academy Award-winning actress, epitomizes the brand's elegance and sophistication.
Meanwhile, Simon Baker, known for his role in "The Mentalist", personifies Longines' commitment to classic refinement. The legendary tennis champion Andre Agassi has been a symbol of excellence, resonating with Longines' pursuit of precision.
Countless other luminaries have also chosen Longines for its timeless appeal, further solidifying its status as a watch of choice among the elite. From Humphrey Bogart to Audrey Hepburn, these iconic figures have adorned their wrists with Longines timepieces, underlining the brand's enduring legacy as a symbol of prestige and style.

Buying Longines Watches

When it comes to acquiring Longines watches, discerning enthusiasts have several options. While Longines' official website and authorized dealers are reliable sources, Exquisite Timepieces offers a unique advantage. Our website showcases an extensive array of Longines collections, each featuring a myriad of models.
Whether you seek a Longines sports watch, a classic timepiece, or a heritage-inspired design, our platform provides a comprehensive selection. You'll find a curated assortment, expertly organized, making it effortless to explore the full spectrum of Longines offerings.
From the iconic Heritage series to the elegant Master Collection, our platform is your gateway to an exceptional world of Longines watches. Discover the perfect timepiece that resonates with your style and needs, whatever they may be.

Caring For Your Longines Watch

Caring for your Longines watch is paramount to preserving its timeless elegance and ensuring it remains a cherished investment for years to come. Your Longines timepiece is not just an accessory; it's a testament to precision craftsmanship and horological artistry. To keep it in pristine condition, consider our comprehensive watch services at Exquisite Timepieces.
Our watch service is designed to provide regular maintenance, including cleaning, lubrication, and calibration, all executed with meticulous attention to detail. Additionally, should you encounter any unexpected issues, our watch repair service is at your disposal to swiftly address and resolve any concerns. Your Longines watch deserves the finest care, and we're here to deliver just that.

Longines FAQ

Is Longines considered a luxury watch?

Do not be put off by their pricing - Longines is considered by many to be a luxury watch brand due to the quality of their materials, the attention to detail in their manufacturing, and the detailed finishes on their timepieces.

Is Longines owned by Rolex?

No - Longines has been owned by the Swatch group since 1983. Swatch also owns Omega, Hamilton, Blancpain, and Breguet, among others.

How does Longines compare to Rolex?

Although Longines and Rolex are both Swiss watch brands, they operate within different price brackets. With this being said, both brands are dedicated to creating the best watches they can for their customers, no matter the cost of the final product.

Is Longines a respectable brand?

As one of the oldest watchmaking firms in the world, Longines has earned the respect of horologists and casual watch wearers alike. Their timepieces are reliable, well-made, and culturally significant, without a doubt.

Find Your New Longines Watch With Exquisite Timepieces

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Scroll through our extensive online catalog or explore the vast selection available at our boutique store. As an authorized Longines dealer, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the highest levels of service and quality, with full warranty and free insured shipping on all orders.
Exquisite Timepieces stands as a renowned and revered retailer of luxury watches and has long-standing relationships with its brand partners, including Longines. To obtain comprehensive insights into our extensive range of luxury watches and services, we invite you to view our FAQ section. Should you have any queries or require assistance concerning your recently acquired Longines timepiece, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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