Bell & Ross Watches

Bell & Ross Watches

The design of Bell & Ross watches pay respect to the aviation industry. Bell & Ross is focused on creating aviation luxury watches that are highly rated. Bell & Ross watches are considered exceptional Swiss timepieces. Bell & Ross watches are constructed to be durable timepieces capable of withstanding unpredictable conditions. Its rugged design and reliable construction were inspired by the tough environments often faced by special military forces, pilots, and divers. Bell & Ross watches are admired by the global collector’s community for its technical precision and distinguished designs. The search for Bell & Ross watches for sale does not have to be difficult. Exquisite Timepieces is the best place to buy Bell & Ross watches. Exquisite Timepieces is a Bell & Ross authorized dealer.


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Brand Review: Bell & Ross Watches

The History of Bell and Ross Watches

Bell & Ross was started in 1992 by the two Frenchmen, and long life friends, Carlos Rosillo (Ross) and Bruno Belamich (Bell). With a shared vision for designing and producing watches meant for professional use, the awesome duo joined the watch industry through collaboration with Helmut Sinn the owner of Sinn watches. Since then, their ideas have changed the horology space.

In 1994, the company re-issued the first-ever Bell and Ross automatic watch meant for the space mission, the renowned Space 1. The entire undertaking was a success. Two years later, with their mission in mind, they collaborated with French Security Services to produce Bell & Ross Bomb Disposal Type. A timepiece with anti-magnetic, reliability and high precision features.

In 1997, the Bell & Ross Hydro Challenger raised the company recognition. Their high-end diving watch, which won the World water-resistance record in the Guinness Book of Records is highly water-resistant and functions at 11,000 meters below the sea level, making it an incredible watch.

Space 3 chronograph changed the company face, and Chanel Horlogerie acquired a minority share. In 2002, Sinn and Bell n Ross collaboration ended but retained the Chanel Horlogerieagreement. Chanel gave them access to autonomous production in Chaux-de-Fonds.

The Launch of the Bell and Ross BR 01 Watch Instrument

In 2005, Bell & Ross introduced a timepiece that became an icon in their watchmaking journey, the BR 01. With recognition worldwide due to exposure, the brand proved its independence. Its excellent design allowed them to produce multiple varying Bell and Ross limited editions. The BR 01 is unique, simple, strong, has the military roots, and easy to recognize.

The inspiration on the Bell Ross watch source is the airplane dashboard timekeeping instruments. They wanted to create the same thing for experts to wear it on the wrist. With black color, the square case, sleek dial, and intense contrast, the timepiece is basic but a strong Bell n Ross brand identity.

Today, the French luxury watch company continues to show its diversification through the production of several collections that sell in various outlets around the world. Its production happens at G&F Châtelain that is owned by Chanel in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Bell & Ross Mission, Philosophy and Values

For Bell n Ross, every detail translates to a particular meaning and function. Functionality and minimalism are key where the focus is on detailing the timepiece in favor of an aspect at hand. The company's inspiration comes from the high performance and innovative nature of watches in the aeronautics industry. This is evident if you look at the proactive and innovative Bell & Ross watches collection.

The brand focuses on the four principles of design which include:

  • Legibility
  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Precision

Bell & Ross wants its timepieces to look worthy while assisting individuals in various professions, especially when you have to withstand extreme situations like violent accelerations and dangerous pressure.

Bell and Ross Watches Manufacturing

The company invests in experts like pilots, deep-sea divers, bomb clearance experts, and space lovers when trying to develop timepieces with prime functionality. These individuals understand the various aspects that when incorporated, will solve a major problem easily. The external professionals work closely with the in house designers, master watchmakers, and the engineers.

Watchmakers prepare, assemble and then polish each Bell and Ross timepiece to guarantee maximum quality. Being in the Swiss ground, the company is strict with the Swiss Made standards through the implementation of the quality controls, regardless of the complexity of a mechanism. The entire focus is on developing the ideal Bell and Ross men’s watches and Bell and Ross women watch that satisfy the final user.

Bell & Ross Watch Movements

The company utilizes the Swiss mechanical movements in all the watches. Although these movements are not as fancy as those made in house by various watch companies like Rolex or Tag Heuer, it enjoys the quality, reliability, and accuracy that comes along with the ETA and Sellita.

The movements have varying jewels, VPH, and power reserve movements. During production, they are modified to suit the particular collection. Note that Swatch Group manufactures ETA, and Sellita is not part of Swatch Group. Examples of movements used include:

  • Sellita SW 200 (Automatic)
  • Automatic movement 362354
  • Automatic movement 363085 (used for a Bell and Ross Chronograph)

Bell & Ross Watches Ranking and Reputation

Bell & Ross is a successful brand with a positive worldwide reputation and an increasing fame day by day. Reputation is due to the capability to execute their duties with clients as the priority. Many retailers in every corner of the world evidence their success and budding moves.

Well, ranking is debatable since factors like history, independence, innovations, movement productions, value, partnerships, and quality of materials influence watch ranking. Based on my opinion, Bell n Ross will automatically rank within the top 25 brands worldwide. What’s your opinion about that?

Defense forces, Military pilots, car racing experts, bomb disposal units, underwater enthusiasts, submariners, and space enthusiasts use the Bell & Ross watches daily to execute their professional duties. Excellent functionality, legibility, high precision and being water-resistant has boosted its reputation among the professionals to the extent of being the official supplier of the French Air Force, Space Lab Mission, among others.

Bell and Ross Watches Comparison with Other Brands

The Bell and Ross price will vary based on the type and version of Bell Ross watch you want to purchase, with the majority having the price range of $2000 - $9000. The same range is where most of the other brands fall. However, some brands will raise their prices above that of Bell and Ross watches because of their in house movements and celebrity endorsements.

Luxury Level Comparison

The collection has unique watches that can match your casual attire. If you have to compare the looks, then this brand will carry the medal for the day.

Ease of Use and Features Comparison. Different watches have varying features and complications. Bell n Ross watches tend to have features you’ll hardly find in other timepieces. It is because they can withstand extreme environments. The features are made to suit that purpose.

Bell & Ross Watch Collections

Bell & Ross Aviation Collection

The Bell & Ross Aviation watches entirely echoes the aircraft instruments, and to be precise, it replicates and improves to the next level what the control panel of a plane has to offer. Inspired by the airspeed, heading, and the speed indicators, the timepieces showcases various ways of indicating time. You can either look at the 60-minute dial, disc system, or the standard dial.

The watches here are masculine and good looking, and the additions help to eliminate travel inconveniences. As the BR model advances, these Square face watches on the model BR 01 have been improved to black sleek and rustless stainless steel complemented with heavy rubber and fabric strap. The aviation collection continues to introduce new models. Let’s look at the collections further.

Bell & Ross BR 01 Watches

These watches have a well-designed square case of 46mm. Although the majority are black, you will also find silver, carbon, and grey watches. The 316L steel, 18k gold, carbon coat carbon and resistance to water below 100metres, offers the best experience to the wearer. It is an ideal Bell and Ross diver. Bell and Ross heritage (BR01-92), Bell & Ross BR01-93, Bell and Ross GMT, Bell & Ross BR01-94, Bell n Ross BR01-96, and Bell & Ross BR01-97 falls in this category.

Bell & Ross BR 03 Watches

The Bell Ross br03 watches have the same features as the BR 01 but with a case size of 42mm. Bell and Ross BR03-92, Bell & Ross BR03-93, Bell & Ross BR03-94, Bell & Ross BR03-96, and Bell n Ross BR03-97 fall in the BR03 category.

Bell & Ross BR 05 Watches

This category showcases the company attributes and mission to serve its clients. The difference between the BR05 and other BR series is straightforward. However, many features present in Bell and Ross BR01/03, other than the case shape, and the 40mm size are also showcased in the BR05.

Bell & Ross BR-S Watches

The 39mm thin and square Bell Ross watch receives great love from the ladies. Due to several good looking ceramic watches in this collection and the utilization of the quartz movements, women find it convenient to use the watch. Unlike BR01, its case is not miniaturized, and the owner can remove the case when the need arises. The various straps, water resistance ability at 50 meters, and the sapphire crystal make the watches more elegant and at the same time, a good Bell Ross diver watch.

Bell and Ross Marine Watch Collection

The marine collection consists of watches using marine chronometers. The same chronometers are applied on the ships to facilitate efficient ship navigation. The three watches best suited for this purpose include the Bell & Ross br02, BR-X1 Skeleton Chronograph, BR 01 Instruments, and BR-X1Tourbillion Chronograph.

Bell & Ross Vintage Watch Collection

The Vintage collection constitutes of the updated versions of the aviation watches that were used in the 1960s. The steel and bronze watches have varying colors that include black, grey, carbon, blue among others. If you need a sports Bell Ross watch with an aeronautical gauge and a military touch, then this is the option you need. They include the Bell And Ross Br123, Bell Ross Br126, Bell N Ross Br123 GT, Bell Ross Br126 GT, among others. Another collection is the Bell and Ross Vintage WW1 and Bell & Ross Vintage WW2. The vintage watches here are much unique, especially on how they look. The first thing you notice is the fob type diameter and the strong wire lugs. The timepieces come with strong leather straps. The steel, titanium, gold, or Argentum cases measure 41, 42, 45, and 49mm. Bell And Ross WW1-92, Bell N Ross WW1-90, Bell Ross WW1-97, Bell & Ross BrWW1 fall in the category.

Bell & Ross 2019 Novelty Watch Collection

Following its successful show at Baselworld, 2019, Bell n Ross has added 23 novelty watches to its new line with a philosophy ‘urban ergonomics’. The models feature high functionality, perfection, and precision. Unlike the previous watches, this collection has a new movement and a case but still maintains the signature and numeral features of the brand. Among the watches include the BR-X1 Bell and Ross Phantom, BR-X1 Tourbillon R.S.19, BR 03-92 MA-1, BR 03-92 Diver Black Matte, BR V2-94 Bellytanker Chronograph Bronze, among others.

Why Own a Bell & Ross Watch?

Swiss Made. With a team of experts and high-quality innovative devices, Bell and Ross watches are subject to intense scrutiny before being released to the market. Since manufacturing occurs at the Swiss land, they are obliged to comply with set standards of manufacturing, which the company exceeds.

Refined Aesthetics. Once again, if there is something you’ll love about these watches, it is the Bell and Ross art of watchmaking. Whether you are acquiring it for professional use or satisfying your quest for B&R watches, it gives a pleasurable feeling. Have a look at the Bell and Ross watch collection to evidence this fact.

Good for extreme Surroundings. Very few watches can hold extreme conditions like the Bell and Ross collection. Well, there are some out there but don’t forget that the primary goal of this company in watchmaking is to produce timepieces for professionals working under extreme conditions, and this a big advantage.

Tested and Proven. Through collaboration with various organizations, Bell n Ross has produced excellent watches. Some of these organizations include units of the Armed Forces, French Security Services, the Space Lab Mission, among others. All these projects have been handled successfully with the Bell & Ross Hydro Challenger finding its way in the Guinness book of records.

Professional Benefits. The watches come to solve and simplify the issues of professional divers, pilots, and military personnel face often. If you are an expert in an area that needs a special watch, especially on extremities, Bell & Ross watches are the best you can get for professional purposes.

Bell & Ross Watches Review Wrap-Up

By combining the various features and professional approaches, Bell & Ross watches have become the yardstick by which other watchmaking companies equate themselves with. Are you looking forward to acquiring a Bell and Ross watch from an authorized dealer? Look no further. We have an inclusive line up of Bell and Ross watches for sale to choose from. Explore our site extensively, and let us know your preferences, thoughts and concerns.

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