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The Seiko Prospex watch collection is a high-end luxury sports watch that has caught the eye of deep-sea explorers and avid divers alike. Seiko Prospex watches are well-known for their robust designs and trusted performance. These chronometers are famous for their distinct in-house craftsmanship and diverse, stylistic standards. Notable highlights include bold casings, superb readability, and eye-catching dial colors. It can be hard to find Seiko Prospex watches for sale. If you are trying to find the best place to buy Seiko Prospex watches, you can trust Exquisite Timepieces to help. Exquisite Timepieces specializes in connecting people with the top diver’s watch brands in the world. Exquisite Timepieces is a Seiko Prospex watch authorized dealer.


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Brand Review: Seiko Prospex Watches

Seiko's name is outstanding! It's one of the only true producers: they create everything in-house for their high-end pieces. The Prospex line of robust sports watch has flourished over the last several years to the global hit it deserves.

A brief history of Seiko Watches

Kintaro Hattori opened in 1881 a clock-shop in Tokyo which laid the groundwork for contemporary watchmaking in Japan. Seikosha was the name of this new brand. The shop was the direct ancestor from Tokyo, the present Seiko Company, which is the Seiko Corporation of America's parent company. Eleven years later, with ten workers, Hattori began a clock factory. The first twelve clocks were manufactured two months after it began.Compact watches started manufacturing in 1895. The company started manufacturing alarm clocks adopting the pattern in 1899 accompanied by a table and music clocks introduction in 1902. Hattori started considering ideas for the Japanese wristwatch production in 1912. The next year, the first Seikosha wristwatch ever made in Japan was started work by his company Seiko was formally established in 1924. The first Seiko wristwatch was built after 43 years of the company's existence. Since then, the world of watches has made many modern advances. However, Seiko has managed to remain a dominant force in the watch industry throughout the changing times. The first self-winding wristwatch was manufactured in Japan in 1956. Seiko liberated the world in 1964. The first quartz chronometers became certified timer of the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Did they bring the world to life in 1968? The first wall clock of quartz. Seiko published the first quartz watch the following year in 1969. Also that year the Seiko Astron 35SQ, enclosed with 18kt solid yellow gold, began to be sold by Tiffany & Co. In the following years, Seiko introduced numerous premiums to the world of the watch, including the first multi-function digital watch and the first 6-digit LCD quartz watch. Since that time, Seiko has been the official timekeeper in various athletic events and competitions.

Amazing Seiko Quality

Seiko is more genuine, everything in Seiko is produced in-house. Whether you are looking at Seiko dive watches, Presage, LX Line, you can be sure that they are all up to the same stringent standards and that when you push it out, they're almost certain to outperform their competitors.

What is the Seiko Prospex Watch Line?

Prospex is made for adventure! Sea, land and air watches are available. We have zeroed in on the Prospex line as they provide a broad range of services and also provide a few of Seiko's greatest value. All these watches can be used to meet the essential standards most divers require. Prospex is also a line with many limited editions. We will cover a range of diverse stylistic tastes by concentrating exclusively on Prospex line

What is the distinction between automatic movements and quartz?

The big question you want to ask yourself if you want automatic or quartz movements when shopping for a new watch. Fortunately, Seiko provides both options with pretty high quality. While many of their quartz movements (with an amazing accuracy between 5 and 10 seconds a year) are known as the finest they do in the business, their automatic watches are pretty much up to par with any Swiss standard.
So what's the distinction? Quartz watches are operated by a traditional battery and must usually be substituted. This isn't always the case, though. Many of Seiko's designs are solar-powered, as long as you get them in the sun they will work for a great deal. By comparison, the rotation of your wrist powers automatic watches. That means, they will keep time well as long as you wear them. The drawback is that they will slow down when you put them off for a longer time. Most of them offer reserve time when they tick fast without movement.

A few examples of Seiko prospex diver watches:

SNE435P1 Solar Seiko Padi Prospex

SNE435 Seiko prospex solar Diver is one of those manufactured by Seiko in partnership with Seiko PADI, the international diving company. Seiko has consistently offered a few affordable Seiko PADI blue and red dive watches, as well as the organization logo on the dial since it first became involved a few years ago. This Seiko prospex solar watch can be found both in "PADI" and other colors.
As' special editions' Seiko markets most of its Seiko PADI models meaning they are tightly limited, however (possibly) manufactured in lower quantities and output can end at any moment. I'm not necessarily thinking of Seiko PADI dive watches as "collector's items," but they certainly have some emotional appeal more than your standard dive watch. ? At less than $400 this is the best "quality" dive watch on the market. Seiko offers a wide range of watchmaking. Once you become involved in the watch world it is easy to understand what separates a watch of 400 dollars from the one which retails for 800 dollars, and even 4,000 dollars. Seiko sells a range of Grand Seiko diving watches at a price north of $10,000. The light-powered quartz movement is the key element of theSeiko prospex Solar Diver. The Seiko V157 movement competes with the popular Eco-Drive family Citizens within the Seiko Prospex Solar Diver.
The motion consists of a photovoltaic cell below the dial which gets light and converts it into electricity which recharges the motor battery. A system in the dial like a prism moves the light in a way the eye does not see. The movement provides time on the date and has 10 months of power when fully charged. There's no energy reserve in this unique light-powered watch, but there are other fancier versions with similar movements.
Why is the motion that light-energized perfect for a dive watch? Supposing that you don't wear this watch always, you don't have to hit yourself if you pick it up and it doesn't work. An hour in direct sunlight is probably more than sufficient to charge the watch. Sure, mechanical watches can also be wound to working however quartz clock is more reliable. Therefore, a solar quartz movement is extremely practical-especially for utilitarian applications-unless you want a high-end watch.
SNE435 is a well priced and the stainless steel case and bracelet that are robust and comfortable. Without going overboard, the case is 43.5 mm wide and considerably thick the case is water-resistant to 200 m and is fitted with a narrow lens (à la Rolex) with a Seiko Hardlex mineral crystal over the knob. While many other dive watches (including the ones manufactured by Seiko) are 300 m or higher water-resistant 200 m, the majority of SCUBA activities are more than resistant. The case back as well as the crown screw down to increase durability. The rotary bezel can easily track time changes for 60 minutes at 12 o'clock on the bezel, and the blue-colored aluminum bezel insert is protected by an aluminum insert. One of the highlights of SNE435 Seiko Prospex Solar Diver is its deep and easy-to-read dial design. This is exactly what people say when seeing a diving watch from Seiko, in esthetic words. Seiko was correct in many details, like the black-colored date disk and the total dial proportions. Seiko uses large quantities of its light material LumiBrite on its hands and hour markers, offering excellent visibility in the dark, as long as the light is properly laid down. The quality of the dial is as nice as a watch at this price range could expect. The same applies to the case's completion. Although you'd notice some features missing in the most effective fit and finish of the overall watch if you're familiarized with more expensive sport watches.
Nevertheless, Seiko promises solid value and elegance for theSeiko Prospex Solar Diver watch collection, without overshadowing its more high-end sporting watches. There are choices for those who seek a larger sports watch and a practical light-powered quartz movement, but the Seiko Prospex Solar Diver should be strongly considered. A retail price of $395 is given in the Seiko Prospex Solar Diver SNE 453.

Seiko Prospex SSC701 Special Edition

The SSC701 special edition is a series for Prospex, which adds to the traditional sensitivities of this stainless steel diving watch product brand a little complexity and visual flair. The Seiko Prospex solar dive watch can keep a power reserve for six months and is equipped with a dedicated timer that can be measured for a time of up to one hour in 1/5 second increments. It's a great tool if you're searching for a precise time for your swim. The day and the date window are also visible.
The Seiko dive watch for men in this pricing range is one of the best brands. The blue gradients are common, and the blue silicone band and the black bezel are complementary to this. It also weighs heavily but it feels too light on the wrist.

Important Features

  • Value and Design
  • Seiko prospex Chronograph function is detailed and accurate
  • The solar battery has a remarkably long charge capacity
  • Three buttons can be easily navigated on the side

Seiko Prospex Automatic SRPC44 -self-Wind Watch

In the esthetic and cost spectrum of prospex series, the budget-priced SRPC44 fits comfortably with a certain elegance, which is absent in some practical versions. Gold and Seiko prospex black designs are a sharp counterpoint to a classic diving watch, but this Seiko diver can be a wonderful underwater service. This watch uses Seiko's automated movements to provide more accurate timekeeping and can endure pressures equal to all Seiko prospex automatic dive watches of its category. A 41-hour power reserve will not worry you either in the middle of a dive.
Important Features

  • Luxury high Seiko prospex street design for a fraction of the price
  • Sports are a respectable reserve of long power
  • Based on the solid automatic movements of Seiko
  • Unidirectional bezel highlighted by a glistening pip

Seiko Prospex SRPC07 Analog Display Watch

The SRPC07 is also known as the "orange samurai" model and has a distinct appearance as its name. The pumpkin-orange face will certainly survive in a group, and the unrivaled angularity of both the arms and ticks will differentiate it from other Seiko classic divers' watches in Prospex. Nothing new is the samurai. Between 2005 to 2009, it was relatively short and since then has been brought back because of a keen desire. It is a watch that can serve as a talk-piece in the office, but the light and durability mean that it can also be used as a diving watch.

SEIKO Prospex street Diver SNE537P1 Watch

Do you want a watch that looks as good at or under the waves on the club? Taking all the fundamentals of the standard Prospex, the Seiko Prospex Street series Sports model is adaptable in a sleek black and silver style, perfect for casual wear or semi-formal situations. A power supply of 10 months ensures that the Seiko Solar divers Watch keeps ticking for long without recharging it, and the three-dimensional aluminum bezel has a strong touch, giving you the precise timekeeping you need during the dive session.

Seiko Prospex Diver SRPB51 Watch

The SRPB51 is one of the finest Seiko prospex automatic movement Seiko dive watches. The simplistic aesthetics evoke the look of the Seiko retro dive watches, and it does not seek to become elaborately and creatively crafted, as compared to the many limited-edition versions. You may rely on this to suit your needs if you are just searching for a classic dive watch that fits underwater or in the workplace. This is the tried-and-true standard for all other watches in this list.

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