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Kerbedanz combines excellence with uniqueness to create exceptional timepieces.

Kerbedanz, a 100% independent Swiss watchmaker based in Neuchâtel, has been producing unique timepieces since 2011. From signature creations to bespoke products, each model employs exceptional savoir-faire to express the avant-garde creativity and vision of the Maison.
The Maximus model launched in 2017 is a perfect example. This micromechanical jewel, which incorporates the world’s biggest tourbillon on a wristwatch, disrupts the established frames of reference, and dares to be bigger. The now iconic Maximus watch has become the aesthetic and technical signature of a watchmaker that is rewriting the codes of Haute Horlogerie.
In 2021, the brand’s 10th anniversary, the Neuchâtel manufacture reinvented itself, and now offers a more open creative portfolio with a richer aesthetic vocabulary. Kerbedanz continues to cultivate its unique aesthetic while offering more accessible timepieces, thanks to the highly creative Cadanz by Kerbedanz collection. At the same time, the brand is exploring new territories, devoting its pioneering spirit to the creation of a new line of accessories including leather goods, cufflinks and writing implements.


Combining the excellence of age-old savoir-faire with unbridled creativity, the brand promotes a spirit of unconventionality. Its mission, exemplified by the new motto Crafting Your Singularity, is to lean into the unique, creating bold, inventive pieces designed to stand out from the crowd. As a 100% independent watchmaker, Kerbedanz cultivates its originality by embodying a unique and subtle signature style.


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More on Kerbedanz Watches

About Kerbedanz Watches

Kerbedanz represents more than just luxury. It's a brand dedicated to infusing personality into watchmaking style and engineering. The very first 50 watches were personalized for and sold to the Most Important Personalities (MIPs) around the globe. That's how big a splash the Swiss watchmaker made on their first entry into watchmaking.

Kerbedanz History

Kerbedanz was born in 2011 to Tigran Kerbedanz and Aram Petroyan in Neuchatel. This is an esteemed Swiss watchmaking city with neighbors like Bulgari, Panerai, and HYT. Surprisingly, Kerbedanz has the best view of the city, with a balcony overlooking Lake Neuchatel.
In typical Kerbedanz fashion, the brand mantra, location, and designers were carefully thought out. For one, the Neuchatel location, overlooking the watchmaking town, gives the Chief Designer a place to brainstorm poems and symbolic timepiece ideas.
Second, the abundance of expert watchmakers around means the brand can easily reach out for help since it's the cradle of watchmaking.
Moreover, Kerbedanz's origination theme was a tribute to Tigran Kerbedanz's ancestor. He was a respected Armenian blacksmith who was an excellent metal and also a famous clock repairer. So, they established the brand to pay homage to him.
Kerbedanz creates watches that craft your singularity, in other words, what makes you unique. In 2021, they introduced a new line of leather accessories like wallets and tote bags to ascend your style.
Through showcasing complexities like the world's largest tourbillon, they don't merely create watches; they craft statements of ambition and technical prowess. This audacious approach propels them into iconic status, making them resonate with both seasoned aficionados and the modern discerning consumer.

Kerbedanz Collections

Every Kerbedanz collection gives a sense of beauty through the use of poems and allegories expressed through their designs and decorations.
Now, Kerbedanz watches may be reserved for the MIPs, but they also offer seemingly everyday models like the Cadanz collection.
All these watches are crafted with expertise and a passion to help wearers reach self-fulfillment.

Kerbedanz Maximus Collection

Beyond its evident luxury, the Maximus Collection is real-life evidence of Kerbedanz's success and ambition. It's a line of overly-engineered mechanical watches that indicate the brand's level of expertise and intention to compete with only the best.
Showcasing the world's largest tourbillon, the Maximus model is more than just a watch; it is a declaration of the brand's horological mastery. Unsurprisingly, for its size, it features a 49mm case in either 18k rose gold, titanium, or diamond bedazzled.
Furthermore, in classic Kerbedanz fashion, the name Maximus is an allegory for the largest Roman monument and sports arena in the world-the Circus Maximus. To complete the premium luxury feel, they use polished alligator leather straps.

Cadanz by Kerbedanz Collection

This is Kerbedanz's idea of an everyday watch for those interested. The Cadanz collection features three different models - Signature, Cruise Date, and Anniversary. They all have a portable 41mm case, but they have different complications. More specifically, a date, roulette data, and calendar, respectively.

How Much Do Kerbedanz Watches Cost?

While the tourbillon models represent the pinnacle of Kerbedanz's craftsmanship, their pricing strategy caters to a broader audience. Every timepiece, regardless of its price, assures the consumer of the brand's commitment to excellence.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Kerbedanz Maximus Tourbillon Titanium $190,000 DLC titanium case, the world's largest tourbillon
Kerbedanz Maximus Tourbillon $200,000 Huge 49mm case made of 18k rose gold
Cadanz by Kerbedanz Signature Date 41 (ref. CS41200D.RA) $8,400 Special dial with geometric patterns, powered by the caliber KRB-05 with a 50-hour power reserve
Cadanz by Kerbedanz Cruise Date 41 CC41200A.RG $8,400 Orange hook-and-loop rubber strap, mesmerizing silver dial
Cadanz by Kerbedanz Anniversary 41 (ref. CA41210D.RG) $10,200 Special date complication in the center of the watch dial

Best Selling Kerbedanz Watches

The brand's strategic showcase of its tourbillon expertise influences the popularity of its entire range. From their most intricate to their simplest designs, each watch benefits from the brand's reputation for technical excellence.

Cadanz by Kerbedanz Signature Date 41 (ref. CS41200D.RA)

This is one of the more sporty luxury watches you'll come across. It's created for active use but has the face of a classy dress watch.
The dial is the most alluring part of this watch, similar to most other Cadanz watches. It has a brushed black plate surrounding a mesmerizing hand-machined guilloche center. In addition, shiny, plain silver hour markers and a circular date window give it a classic look.
It has a sapphire glass front and case back, showcasing its 50-hour power reserve KRB-05 movement. Lastly, the strap is rubber with a hook and loop fastener for extra comfort.

Cadanz by Kerbedanz Cruise Date 41 (ref. CC41210D.RG)

The Cruise Date line is very similar to the Signature Date model, both of them having the same case, strap, and movement. However, slight but noticeable differences in the dial can affect your decision to buy one.
The first is the "roulette date" window of the Cruise Date that looks like it's cruising into the next day from the last day. Also, unlike the Signature Date with a half dial, it has a complete Arabic hour marker dial. There's just an allure to the way its large font runs along this dial that will leave you steering.

Kerbedanz Maximus Tourbillon Rose Gold

The Maximus Tourbillon needs no introduction, as It's the flagship watch of Kerbedanz. This model is known as the world's largest tourbillon since it is encased in a 49mm 18-carat rose gold and also features gold hands and hour markers. The watch also comes with a skeletonized design, which allows you to peek through the inner workings of the tourbillon movement.

Kerbedanz Movements

Kerbedanz's excellence translates into some fantastic movements. The brand mainly utilizes high-end automatic movements, such as the Caliber KRB-03 and Caliber KRB-05, the latter being a 4 Hz movement with a respectable 50 hours of power reserve. Kerbedanz also utilizes a few quartz movements in some of its watches. The brand shines when it comes to its manual-wind tourbillon movements, such as the Caliber KRB-08 with its massive 27mm cage.

Kerbedanz Colors

Kerbedanz is intentional about every part or design that goes into its watches. So, the choice of colors in a Kerbedanz watch isn't just about aesthetics; it often carries symbolic meaning or plays a part in the narrative the decorations on a timepiece are telling.
You'll find some excellent Kerbedanz watches in neutral colors like black, blue, and silver, while its Maximus watches come with gorgeous dials featuring different shades of gray and rose gold.

Kerbedanz Watch Materials

This is the area where Kerbedanz shines. As a niche watchmaker specializing in bespoke and ultra-limited edition pieces, the brand's list of materials is endless.

They use only premium materials like titanium, platinum, gold, DLC-coated stainless steel, and diamonds to ensure their watches are both durable and elegant. You'll also find sapphire crystals both on the front, and case back of Kerbedanz watches.

Kerbedanz Watch Types

Kerbedanz is an extraordinary brand specializing in making watches of technical or engineering marvels. Even the brand's everyday watches are of the highest engineering standard and a joy to look at.

Typically, Kerbedanz specializes in tourbillons, dress watches, as well as a few everyday pieces from the Cadanz by Kerbedanz collection.

All in all, Kerbedanz, with its artistic approach and emphasis on symbolism, primarily resonates with categories like dress watches and bespoke luxury timepieces.

Kerbedanz Watch Complications

Kerbedanz has made technically advanced complications like the world's largest tourbillon, perpetual calendar, jumping hour, roulette date, minute repeater, and moon phase.

Some models also feature a power reserve indicator and the Equation of Time complication, a rare complication that indicates the difference between "true" solar time and "mean" time.

Kerbedanz infuses symbolic, cultural, or personal narratives into their timepieces. Their complications might not just be technical marvels but also storytelling elements, adding layers of depth and meaning to each watch.

Buying Kerbedanz Watches

Kerbedanz watches aren't just products; they're investments in technical artistry. Whether you're drawn to their tourbillon masterpieces or their simpler designs, the brand promises unmatched craftsmanship across all price points.

There are limited authorized dealers of Kerbedanz watches, even more so for their limited edition watches. That's why we at Exquisite Timepieces are honored to have all Kerbedanz timepiece from the Maximus and Cadanz collections available for purchase.

Caring for Your Kerbedanz Watch

An investment in Kerbedanz is an investment in horological excellence. And with high-end luxury watchmaking comes high maintenance. To keep up with this demand, your Kerbedanz needs to be tested or serviced exclusively at an authorized Kerbedanz service center every 2 years.

For a niche watchmaker, you'd imagine there aren't so many authorized centers around. Fortunately, Exquisite Timepieces is an official dealer and service center. You also don't have to worry if you didn't buy from our store or don't live nearby. ETP offers expedited shipping to care for your Kerbedanz watch when it's time for its service.

Kerbedanz FAQ

Who is the CEO of Kerbedanz?

The current CEO of Kerbedanz is Guillain Maspétiol. Maspétiol was announced as the new CEO by the founders of Kerbedanz, Tigran Kerbedanz, and Kalust Zorik in 2020.

Who is the founder of Kerbedanz?

Kerbedanz was founded in 2011 Tigran Kerbedanz and Kalust Zorik in the city of Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

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