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Unimatic: The Future of Microbrand Watches

If you are a watch connoisseur, you know how frustrating it could be to find an outstanding timepiece from a watch microbrand. Watch microbrands are less popular options than popular watch brands. These microbrands are less popular options because most of them tend to produce wristwatches that do not meet the demands of their customers or potential clients.

Although most people prefer popular watch brands over these microbrands, some of the latter have proven themselves as outstanding options to consider. One such microbrand is Unimatic. Unimatic has continually impressed its clients since its inception. It is good to see that, unlike other microbrands, this brand produces wristwatches that can compete in standard with popular watch brands.

It is quite interesting that Unimatic produces cheaper yet quality alternatives to luxury brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Omega. This small, independent brand offers legitimate and compelling designs that will give you value for your money.

One unique thing with Unimatic is that the boutique Italian microbrand only modifies the basic tool watch concept to provide a classic yet simple design. If you love traditionally refined timepieces, you will love every timepiece on display from Unimatic's catalog.

Another advantage of using a watch from this brand is its size. Unimatic offers specialized watches that meet the demands of watch connoisseurs and everyone who loves outstanding timepieces. Keep reading our article if you want to uncover some of the best Unimatic watches for men.

How Much Do Unimatic Watches Cost?

Unimatic has timepieces that cover several budgets. As a microbrand, Unimatic strives to produce watches with the best designs without putting a heavy price tag on them. The pricing of each Unimatic timepiece depends on the type and edition.

Unimatic has Classic Edition timepieces ranging from $400 to $500. Alternatively, you could consider Special Edition watches which are costlier. The cheapest Unimatic watch from the special edition catalog costs more than $700. With Unimatic, you can easily change the strapping on your timepiece or enjoy other accessories from its Accessories catalog.

Overall, wristwatches from Unimatic do not cost much, considering each timepiece's design and exquisite finishing. Whether you pick classic or limited edition wristwatches, you will get quality for every dollar you spend on these timepieces.

Unimatic Classic Edition Timepieces

From the classic edition, the U2 Classic - UC2 timepiece is arguably the cheapest Unimatic wristwatch you will find. This highly specialized diving watch made in Italy features a black matte dial with a SuperLuminova feature. The SuperLuminova C3 pale green feature allows you to read the time even under poor lighting conditions.

The U2 Classic - UC2 has a functional design that speaks volumes about Unimatic references. Additionally, the watch represents an archetype of the perfect performance wristwatch. The distinct CLASSIC inscription on the dial and screwback case back only inform you that the watch comes from the Classic Edition catalog. This U2 Classic - UC2 wristwatch costs about $400.

Unimatic's U1 Classic - UC1 is this brand's first design (Modello Uno). This Italian-made timepiece is one of the brand's most outstanding timepieces. The wristwatch has a 40mm case with a black NATO strap. Although the brand uses minimalistic designs on this timepiece, you will find every essential timekeeping element on the timepiece. Additionally, the watch has a water resistance of 300m and a 40mm diameter. This timepiece costs about $700.

You will also find timepieces like the U1 Classic - UC1, all the way down to U4 Classic - UC4. The brand names its wristwatches serially to make it easier for clients to pick their preferred timepieces.

Unimatic Limited Edition Wristwatches

Unimatic also has some outstanding timepieces you can enjoy. The brand recently launched two Bait X Unimatic limited edition timepieces. The first, U4-BTS X Unimatic Quattro (also known as Inquisitive Explorer), is a vintage-themed wristwatch. If you love vintage wristwatches, you can patronize the U4-BTS timepiece.

These timepieces have several price ranges, and you can get some for more than $700. Some of Unimatic's limited Edition wristwatches cost over $1000 but are still cheap compared to other timepieces of similar design and features. Unlike the classic edition timepieces, you may only find a few limited editions in stock.

Most Popular Unimatic Models With Prices

Unimatic produces several timepieces of high taste and standards. However, some of these models stand out and catch customers' eyes. We will look at the most outstanding Unimatic models, their prices, and features to help you make more informed choices.

Model Price ($) Features
U1 Classic - UC1 $525 SuperLuminova C3 Pale Green dial
U2 Classic - UC2 $400 White dial markers, Analog feature
U3 Classic - UC3 $525 40mm, 300m water resistance
U4 Classic - UC4 $425 Matte black dial. Off-white dial trims and second rail
U1S - FAI $1,050 Swiss movement, 200 pieces limited edition, 120 clicks security bezel (mono-directional)
U1S - MP $865 Sellita SW200-1 Swiss Movement, Slim case, Date window
U1S - MB $1,010 Brown two-piece leather strap (Calf suede), slim case, 40mm case diameter
U2S - MB $965 Engraved bezel insert, date window, black DLC finish, 40mm case diameter, 300m water resistant, 400 pieces limited edition

The Unimatic History

Unimatic is a brand established in 2015 by two watch connoisseurs, Simone Nunziato and Giovanni Moro. The two Milanese natives decided to curate the best micro brand watches to compete with timepieces from popular brands.

Unlike other microbrands, Unimatic produced timepieces that met the expectations of several watch lovers. Since its inception, Unimatic has proven itself as the best independent Italian microbrand. The founders, Moro and Nunziato, knew themselves from their time studying Industrial Design at the largest technical university in Italy (Politecnico di Milano).

The Birth of Unimatic's Modello Uno

Moro and Nunziato started by buying some vintage timepieces together. After Moro tried to create some watch designs without much success, he reached out to Nunziato. The duo decided to create timepieces together. Consequently, the duo created the first and most popular model from Unimatic - the Modello Uno.

The Modello Uno is a great dive watch featuring a minimalist and almost Bahaus-like design. The watch's design resembles some archetypal timepieces you could find in the 50s. Precisely, the wristwatch resembles dive watches from Rolex, Blancpain, and Omega. Additionally, the watch has a unique and industrialized outlook.

The Modello Uno has a 40mm case diameter (13.6mm thick) and uses a 316L steel construction. Furthermore, the watch features a screw-down crown and case back. With this design, the Modello Uno soon became the design Unimatic built on to develop some of its outstanding timepieces.

The Birth of Unimatic's Modello Due and Modello Tre

After the success of the first model (Modello Uno), Unimatic decided to create a new design - the Modello Due. The Modello Due represents the best field wristwatch you can find. Unimatic's Modello Due is indeed an upgrade from the Modello Uno.

After Modello Due's success, Unimatic produced its first chronograph design, the Modello Tre. Unlike other watch designs, the chronograph from Unimatic provides precision. Additionally, you can enjoy the classic design and other features which make the Modello Tre a success.

From there, Unimatic started producing some in-house designs and collaborating with other brands to produce outstanding timepieces. Unimatic has become one of the most popular microbrands with the best timepiece designs.

Unimatic's Watch Collections

Although Unimatic is a relatively new company, the brand has several collections in its catalog. After the success of the Modello Uno, the brand moved to produce other watch collections. We will consider each collection and some popular timepieces from each collection.

Modello Uno

The Modello Uno was the first collection released by Unimatic. The brand featured several designs under Modello Uno, including collaborations with other brands. Unimatic's Modello Uno is an outstanding dive watch produced in Italy. The brand collaborated with top-tier suppliers to produce a high-performance and durable watch.

All Modello Uno watches have a similar design with a few modifications depending on the series you pick. The watch features a 40mm stainless steel case with brushed and alternated polished surfaces. Additionally, the watch features a raised and thin unidirectional timing bezel with a larger diameter of 41mm. The bezel is finely speckled with a straight-line pattern. Unimatic's Modello Uno also features a matte dark grey dial with SuperLuminova C3 Lume. Furthermore, the dial has a graphic design made from minimal semantic elements. Thus, you will enjoy easy readability while using Numero Uno timepieces.

Unimatic also uses double-domed anti-reflective sapphire crystals on the face of the watch to protect the dial.

Furthermore, the brand uses military-grade ladder hands with oversized downward curved guards that protect the 8mm screw-down crown. The watch also features a 2mm screwed-in thick case back and high-quality gaskets for enhanced water resistance. Thus, Modello Uno watches have a water resistance of 300m (1000ft). Modello Uno watches have a Seiko NH35A movement based on accuracy and timing. The movement has a hand-winding feature and a bi-directional rotor that aligns with the 21,600 BPH movement. Modello Uno designs have a 41h power reserve and feature a hacking seconds hand that enhances time synchronization.

Unimatic U1-A

A Unimatic entry-level watch you will find in the Modello Uno collection is Unimatic's U1-A. The timepiece has a 300m water resistance and a 40mm case diameter with a 41mm bezel. Additionally, the timepiece has a monodirectional security bezel with 120 clicks. The 2.5mm thick domed sapphire helps to protect the ultra matte maxi dial. This timepiece is the cheapest Unimatic watch you can find from this brand.

Unimatic's U1-A also has an anti-reflective coating on the inner side. The anti-reflective coating matches with the 316 stainless steel case brushed finish. Also, the watch has an off-white open track second rail and an Automatic caliber Seiko NH35A


This timepiece uses a deployed clasp with diver extension and safety lock for easy handling. The timepiece has an antimagnetic feature and a 41-hour power reserve.

Other Unimatic Timepieces from the Modello Uno Collection

Unimatic also collaborated with other brands to produce some watch designs. The brand collaborated with BioTop to produce the U1-BTP. Another prominent collaboration is between Unimatic and Collete. The brands collaborated to produce the U1-C design. Unimatic also collaborated with Woaw to produce the U1-DHK design. You will also find other timepieces, including the U1-DL, U1-DN, U1-DW, U1-DWN, and many others. Overall, you will find several Unimatic watches for sale in the Modello Uno collection.

Modello Due

After the success of the Modello Uno edition, Unimatic proceeded to create the Modello Due collection. The Modello Due collection does not have as many products as its Modello Uno counterpart. An outstanding feature of the Modello Due collection is the field watch features.

Unimatic built on its successes with the Modello Uno collection to improve its water resistance in the Modello Due collection. Additionally, this design features a charcoal dial with high readability SuperLuminovaLume. The design also contains ghost hands that match the white graphic trims and dial.

All timepieces under the Modello Due use an NH35A automatic movement with a 41-hour power reserve. The brand also uses Italian-made leather straps for timepieces in this design. On top of that, Modello Due wristwatches have an easy-to-remove, brushed SS custom-made buckle.


Modello Due produces timepieces for people with small wrists, unlike Modello Uno. The U2-AB is a limited edition of 150 and has a case diameter of 38mm. Additionally, the case features a 2.7mm thick double-domed sapphire crystal that protects the dial and its markers.

The watch has a stainless steel case with a brushed finish. Unimatic's U2-AB has an ultra-matte high-readability olive drab dial. Interestingly, the timepiece has an off-white dial trim and an open seconds rail. Everything about this timepiece speaks of class and prestige.

Other timepieces under the Modello Due collection include U2-AG, U2-B, U2 BN, U2-C, and U2-CN. Others include U2-F, U2-FN, and U2-H, a collaboration between Unimatic and Hodinkee. Unimatic also collaborated with Nigl Cabourn to produce the U2-NC.

Modello Tre

Unimatic took their game to a new level when they introduced the Modello Tre collection. Unlike the other collections, the Modello Tre is the brand's first chronograph design. The Modello Tre design features a vintage black dial and cream marker. Like the other designs, Modello Tre also comes with a Super Luminova design that matches the pearl on the bezel insert.

Another interesting feature with the Modello Tre is the introduction of phantom ladder hands that feature a gilt tip with a black reverse lollipop second hand. Like the other designs, Modello Tre also uses anti-reflective sapphire crystals to protect the watch dial and offer high readability in all light conditions.

Modello Tre designs use an advanced mech-quartz movement with a 32,768 Hz tuning for accuracy. Furthermore, you stand to enjoy a 3-year battery life with this design.

Unimatic U3-A

One of the prominent wristwatches on the Unimatic price list is the U3-A. This timepiece has a case diameter of 40mm and an anti-reflective coating on the inner side of the lens.

p>Furthermore, the timepiece features some fat screw-down chrono-pushers and black vintage subdials.

This watch also features a heavy-duty, V-shaped nylon nato strap that matches the dial. Also, the brand features its trademark Super-LumiNova old radium Lume for easy readability under poor lighting conditions.

Other timepieces you will find under the Modello Tre design include U3-AN, U3-AS, U3-F, U3-FN, and U3-FFF, a collaboration between Unimatic and FiveFortyFive. Unimatic also collaborated with Uncrate to produce the famous U3-U timepiece.

Modello Quattro

Unimatic's Modello Quattro collection pays tribute to the military. The Italian-made design builds on the Modello Uno concept to create robust timepieces. The watch has a vintage black dial and markers that feature Super Luminova C3 pale green lume.

Modello Quattro also features the famous phantom ladder hands with vintage reverse lollipop seconds hand. This design uses an NH35A automatic movement with a 41-hour power reserve.

Additionally, the watch has an olive drab heavy-duty nylon nato strap with stainless steel brushed hardware.

Unimatic's Modello Quattro features "Ground-to-Air Signals" on the case back. If you need a watch that speaks of class, precision, and simplicity, you need to consider Modello Quattro's designs

Unimatic U4-A

One prominent wristwatch you will find in the Modello Quattro collection is U4-A. This watch is an inspired build for military personnel. The timepiece has a 40mm case diameter with a fixed monoblock bezel. Additionally, the timepiece features 22mm drilled lugs and a classic vintage black dial.

Unimatic's U4-A has a Seiko NH35A (21,600bph) movement for precise time telling. Also, the timepiece features a bi-directional winding with a hacking seconds hand.


Unimatic is one of the best microbrands you will find on the market. The brand produces high-quality, robust timepieces that meet the expectations of all its customers.

If you need variety, then you are in the right place. Unimatic has four prolific collections from Modello Uno to Modello Quattro. These collections have many watch designs for you to consider. You can go through the brand's catalog to determine the timepiece that suits your taste.

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