Anonimo Watches

Anonimo Watches

Anonimo watches are known for their Florentine Esque designs. The founder, Federico Massacesi wanted to create timepieces that honored the great city of Florence, Italy. Carrying on this rich tradition of watchmaking, Anonimo timepieces united Massacesi’s vision with innovative designs available in a diverse collection. Many Anonimo wristwatches feature anti-reflective sapphire crystal, mechanical automatic movement, and durable bracelet straps. Anonimo watches have a sophisticated look, highlighting the versatile dial and its exceptional readability. It can be difficult to find Anonimo watches for sale. If you are looking for the best place to buy Anonimo watches, Exquisite Timepieces is an Anonimo authorized dealer.


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How Anonimo made it to the top of the Watchmaking industry!

Anonimo is a brand known worldwide to watch enthusiasts. If you talk about innovation, change, and diversity in the watches, Anonimo should be a brand that comes to mind. Today, we are going to review the progress of Anonimo as a brand and what fans can expect from them in the coming years.

Beginning of Anonimo

The brand came to the limelight in 1997, this was the era of the digital king but even then Federico Massacesi, founder of the Anonimo brand, thought of launching a business and continues the watchmaking tradition of Italy.
He wanted to make mechanical watches that pay tribute to the city of Florence for its rich tradition of watchmaking in Italy.
One of the reasons for the start in Italy was due to the relocation of Panerai to Switzerland which left behind many watchmakers. Anonimo was born with the help of Massacesi’s vision and the hard work of the ex-Panerai team.

Anonimo Millimetri (1997)

The first piece of the brand was launched one year after its entry into Italian watchmaking. The Millemetri was premiered at the Jewelry exhibition in Vicenzaoro. The watch had a complete automatic movement. The simple design of the watch complying with the military standards made a huge hit. It was waterproof to 1000 meters. This was the watch that set the standards for the coming timepieces of the Anonimo.

Military Timepieces

The watches were mostly used by watch aficionados and professional divers, but the company shifted its focus on the militaristic timepieces.
The martial collection of the company was named Militare and was showcased in 2001, giving Anonimo a place among the elite watchmaking companies of the world.
This watch had a crown-locking system that allowed it to function in all environments. The 6 o’clock crown of the watch was secured tightly using the mechanical pressure of the strap which can be adjusted when the user tightens it on the wrist. This protects the watch from opening inadvertently and gives the freedom of movement to the wearer.
The company then collaborated with Colonel Dr. Dino Zei who was an ex-navy officer and CEO of the Panerai. The success of Militare, Polluce, and Nautilo collections attracted many military and diving fraternity towards the company.
The watches of Anonimo were robust and beautiful. Some of the watches produced by the company can even withstand pressure up to 2,100 meters.

Diving watch in bronze

The company has the credit of making the first-ever diving watch made of bronze in 2006. The tarnish of the watch remained even when exposed to saltwater; this made it an ideal watch for use at sea.

Anonimo Polluce Bronze

Most of the other manufacturers hesitated when it comes to the demand of the bronze but Anonimo took it a step further by doing extensive research and experiments which led to the innovative timepiece. Every future model from there had the Anonimo's style and substance. The company used their handcrafted leather straps, strong fixing of the crowns, cases milled with solid billets of alloy metal to ensure the brand’s quality over its quantity.

Changes in Anonimo

You can measure the success of any company by seeing how their competitors perceive them; the company was taken over by a group of European investors and the company headquarters was moved to Switzerland. At the time, most people thought this would be the end of the Anonimo (as would any other brand that gets taken over by ignorant investors) but it did what it did best, it researched the demands of the people and evolved as one of the most innovative brands in the watch industry.
Anonimo SA is still independent and creates awesome collections of watches. They are still using bronze in some of their watches.

The present

The company is the perfect example of a success story in the industry. The timepieces of the company do not convey your wealth or status; they are just a statement of the wearer's personality. The watches are robust, elegant and created for the adornment of the wearer. They are hand-finished, durable and finely detailed. The company is present globally and retailing in more than 15 countries and looking to grow in the coming years.

Anonimo Vintage Chrono

The company has celebrated its platinum anniversary and is looking to enter a new collection of watches. Anonimo is looking towards the future but not forgetting their past, the best-sellers like Militare and Nautilo are the show of their elegance, Italian Craftsmanship, the movements of the Swiss watchmakers and their innovative spirits.
The bronze collection of the company is beautiful but they are now introducing the Anonimo Nautilo NATO collection which has a vibrant strip of the colors in the straps. The stainless steel and the accents of the color highlight the main features of the diving watches of the company.

Anonimo Nautilo NATO

This is Anonimo’s Vintage Automatic model which is presented in two versions showing the elegance of Italy and a big collection.

Anonimo Chrono Vintage “Newman”

This design is known for dial treatment, the new Militare Vintage Chronographs are available in two versions which are referred to as “Newman” and “Panda”. These models are mounted in the leather and give a refined look to the wearer.

Anonimo: Brand Review Wrap Up

Anonimo looks forward to the coming years of the watchmaking and sees the future of adaptability and innovation. They will continue to honor the tested, tried and trusted techniques of the Italian and the Swiss watchmakers who were the inspiration for the brand. In short, we can say that Anonimo is enjoying its prime time in the watchmaking world.

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