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Arnold & Son luxury timepieces boast contemporary mechanisms with traditional designs. Their collection honors the legacy of John Arnold, one of the 18th centuries most renowned watchmakers. The constant pursuit of marine precision and aesthetic perfection has led to some truly exceptional timepieces. The Arnold & Son Metiers D’Art TB Dragon, for example, is a limited edition watch featuring a hand-painted dragon. This luxury watch demonstrates attention-to-detail and classical decorative arts at its’ finest. If you are intrigued by moon phase watches, consider Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon options. The Arnold & Son TB88 are exquisite watches with a distinct English design and carry on with the tradition of innovative mechanical engineering. These timepieces provide an alluring aesthetic while delivering outstanding mechanical precision. Finding Arnold & Son watches for sale can be complicated. If you are looking for the best place to buy Arnold & Son watches, Exquisite Timepieces is an Arnold & Son authorized dealer.


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Arnold and Son Watch Review

Arnold & Son watch brand started in the early 1700s as a young man’s passion for making watches. It has, over time, grown to become a luxury brand and an intrinsic part of watchmaking history in Britain. John Arnold's passion for making watches began in 1962, and that has gained popularity among the British communities. It comes with a ring that has a half-quarter repeater to present King George III. The Arnold No. 36 was John Arnold’s first minor storm in precision timekeeping. It got reviews at Greenwich, and Britons appreciated it for its precision. This was the first timepiece to be given the name, chronometer, which is a term used for an unusual and accurate watch.

John Arnold was joined by his son, Roger Arnold, in 1796, and together they became the premier suppliers of watches to the Royal Navy. Their watches are known for their exemplary features. Arnold & Son, over the next two centuries, has strengthened its positions as the leading manufacturer of watches in the world. The firm specializes in designing precise and elegant timepieces that are made in Switzerland for the elite members of British society. Arnold & Sons is a historic timepiece brand that is now available in almost every country around the world. Arnold & Son is now a top supplier of timepieces to the Royal Navy and many other places around the world.


Arnold & Son Watch Collections

Arnold and Son East India Company Watch Collection

It is a new set that includes three types of watches that combine precision with aesthetics. These watches depict the East India company’s vessels, which are popularly known as the East Indiamen. Arnold & Son used these vessels to establish its reputation for excellence in watch trading. East India watches feature hand-written mother of pearl accent and dials with miniature painting.


Arnold and Son UTTE Skeleton Watch

It is the newest addition to the Arnold & Son collection. It has an A&S8220 feature, and it is the thinnest skeleton watch currently available on the market. UTTE Skeleton comes with an 8.34 mm thickness, and it was designed at the La Chauxhouse. It comes with a bar of elegant red gold, which blends with its exhibition back. However, the UTTE Skeleton is only limited to 50 timepieces.


Arnold and Son HMS Victory Watch Collection

The timepieces that King George III, together with his royal court, created inspired this timepiece. It displays the excellence of the Arnold & Son brand. HSM Victory Set is engraved in a classical, decorative style. Users can depict three views from this timepiece. Each of the models in the HMS Victory Set comes with a finished Haute Horlogerie and has a caliber power. However, this timepiece will be available only in 28 sets as an exclusive limited edition.


Arnold and Son TE8 Metiers D’art I Watch Collection

TE8 D’art I is one of the eight exclusive timepieces manufactured by Arnold & Son. The pocket watches that King George III would create are the inspirations behind this timepiece. These watches feature John Arnold’s trailblazing signature technology and are fitted with hand-wound, and Arnold & Son mechanical tourbillion. However, these watches were created in the English style to illustrate the highest level of decorate art. It features the most superior technologies for making watches.


Arnold and Son TB88 Gunmetal Watch

It is an old brand that reflects the manufacturer's ongoing quest for developing quality timepieces within the English design context. TB88 Gunmetal pays attribute to the designer's passion for precision. Arnold would partner with his brother, who worked as a gunsmith to realize this dream. The timepiece references the two traditions. TB88 is a new model of the Royal Collection house, and it combines classic styling with innovative technology.


Arnold and Son HMS1 Dragon Watch

Arnold & Son marketed the Year of Dragon ion 2012 with the launch of a unique gold timepiece that comes fitted with a three-dimensional gold dragon. The Dragon features in the Chinese calendar every 12 years. That means the Dragon signifies good fortune, and it is sturdy and divine in Chinese mythology. HSM1 Dragon features the Nine-Dragon Wall, an attractive site located in Beihai Park, in its dial. The garden is located in the northwest of the Forbidden City, Beijing. The Wall was constructed in 1764 the same year when Arnold & Son opened its first London watchmaking studio. HSM1 was, at first, engraved by hand before the advent of the latest craftsmanship technology. The sculpture of the Dragon is pure gold, and it is mounted on a dial that has a skinny case. HSM1 Dragon is either available in rose gold, but it has a bezel set that features diamonds. The dramatic appearance of this watch is complemented with a black alligator strap. The rose gold HSM1 can cost you up to $23,900, but the price depends on whether it has a diamond bezel set or not.


Arnold and Son True Moon Meteorite Watch

True Moon Meteorite design was inspired by the shape of the moon, which deviates only once over 125 years. The timepiece looks like the moon appears for someone watching it the north. True Moon Meteorite offers its users an accurate and fascinating view. The fact that the dial face of this timepiece is made from precious meteorite, features that are found in Arizona, makes it even more alive. The surface of True Moon Meteorite may seem scarring, but it is fitted with hard steel. This watch brings an element of unexpected science to the timepiece space.


Arnold and Son DSTB Watch

It is a limited timepiece edition that has been around for over two centuries. However, Arnold & Son has decided that only DSTB models will be created as a tribute to Swiss craftsmanship and British history. DSTB is one of the timepieces that John Arnold, together with his son, ever created. Arnold & Son was able to design reasonably priced marine chronometers that came with superior-tech features. People would use these watches to determine longitude while on the large water bodies. What makes DSTB unique is that its features are located on the dial side. It comes with true beats levers with the shape of an anchor to serve as a tribute to Arnold’s maritime accomplishments. It comes with a self-winding A&S6003 caliber, but a red gold case houses the mechanism of this watch. The casing is 43.5 mm and 18 carats and is made from an anti-reflective coating, sapphire crystal. That means maritime workers can view the interior movement of their watches. DSTB can resist water up to 30 meters, which means it is an ideal timepiece for someone working in the sea. The strap of this watch has either black or brown alligator leather that can be stitched by hand. DSTB costs approximately $48,550, but the price can vary depending on factors such as the material and features.


Arnold and Son Hornet James Cook Watch Collection

Arnold & Son created and issued the Hornet Cook Set in 2011 in honor of the long and prestigious history of Arnold & Son as the Royal Navy’s chronometer supplier. The three Pacific Ocean voyages that Captain James Cook made are commemorated in miniature paintings on the dials of the Hornet Cook Set. Hornet James Cook Set includes 25 limited editions of Botany Bay, Antarctica, and Hawaii. The outer ring of the Hornet features a world time rotating adjustment and a zone adjustment crown. Four hands are located at the center of this chronometer. Though rare on the market, the Hornet James Cook watch can cost you up to $54,000.


Arnold and Son Nebula Watch Collection

The Nebula’s vertical, horizontal, back, and front features are likened to facial symmetry. However, it comes with an openwork movement so that users can view its interior and attractive face. The Nebula comes with an in-house caliber, and its proportions and ratios blend harmoniously with the casing. The dial does not cover the movement of the watch, but instead, serves as a bridge for protecting intricate features. The watch has ten movement bridges, which makes it a complex caliber, considering that other standard chronometers come with only four bridges. Arnold & Son chose the Latin name of Nebula because its sculptural mechanism would explode from the center. It would blow the same way stars are born in the universe.


Review Wrap-up: Arnold and Son Watches

The focus in the modern era has been on manufacturing watches that reflect the past. As such, Arnold & Son would liken their timepieces to the most exceptional artistry and craftsmanship and still keep up with the ever-improving tech market. Arnold & Son is distinctive, in that, all its calibers are made for a specific watch or chronometer. The culture began with John Arnold, who would strive to improve the precision with every chronometer or watch he designed. Arnold & Son has developed several top models that have shaped its production and history. The legacy of Arnold & Son is filled with maritime exploration, astronomy, horology, and chronology. It began as John Arnold’s passion for making watches and evolved into a household name in watch manufacturing. Today, Arnold & Son is the premier supplier of timepieces to the Royal Navy. Arnold & Son is a master watchmaker, and some of its watches can still be found in the British Museum.

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