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An Overview Of Louis Erard Watches

It is surprising to see how many Swiss watchmaking companies there are and even more surprising to discover that they have been in business for ages. Louis Erard ranks as one of those who have been in the business for a long time.

Louis Erard has been making watches since 1931, but it only went public and gained worldwide recognition a few years back. The last decade has been remarkable for the company, recording new creations and launching its female line of watches.

In the few years, it has come under the public eye; the company has swayed the affection and support of the watchmaking public. The company was forced to change hands between owners a few times due to the "quartz crisis" of the 70s'. Louis Erard, much like other companies, suffered greatly during the time, and it had a ripple effect on its production. However, fortunes turned when a new group of owners took over in the early 90s.

Since the return of the Louis Erard line of watches, the company has produced and sold well over 150 thousand units worldwide. Their watches have gone up the ranks and compete favorably with other high-end Swiss watch brands. What makes this company so illustrious is the quality it provides for so little price tag. You don't have to jeopardize your finances or take out an uncomfortable loan before you own one of these beauties.

How Much Do Louis Erard Watches Cost?

As long as it is a Swiss-made luxury piece, the prices will be on a more practical side, but not exactly inexpensive. You can find a price tag of up to five or six figures for the more illustrious and limited editions that come with gold cases, better mechanical movement, and more elaborate complications. However, some models cost as low as $400 for quartz models, but you will still get that top-class Swiss finish with a hint of luxury. The cheapest Louis Erard watches, however, are from the Excellence collection. But if you are looking for luxury with a heavy price tag, you should consider either the Romance or the 1931 collection. The 1931 collection is fairly rare, hence the heavy price tag.

Most Popular Louis Erard Models with Prices

It is difficult to pick out the best watches from this brand; every single timepiece is dominant in its area. These watches are the best money can buy and come with affordable price tags. Choosing the best from these watches is difficult. However, below are some models and an overview of each watch. Fans voted these three watches the absolute best from Louis Erard:

Louis Erard Quartz Men's Watch Heritage Date White Dial 40mm

What better collection to come on top than the Heritage line? This watch is a perfect Louis Erard entry-level watch. The watch collection lays much emphasis on class and beauty without sacrificing innovation.

The white dial is a 40mm steel case watch with a width of 8mm. The watch comes with a silver dial with Black Hands and Roman Numeral Hour Markers. This watch's sapphire crystal is an anti-reflective crystal and fits perfectly with the brown crocodile leather strap. This watch can resist up to 50 meters of water pressure.

Louis Erard Quartz Men's Watch Heritage Date Steel Blue 40mm

In second place is another watch from the Heritage collection. Unlike its counterpart, this watch comes with a navy dial with beautiful IP Rose Gold plated steel indexes.

Besides that, the watch matches the first in water resistance and size. The watch can resist up to 50 meters of water and comes with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The Steel Blue comes with a 20 by 18mm navy crocodile flat strap.

Louis Erard Romance Diamonds White

The Louis Erard Romance Diamonds White is a 29mm steel stainless watch with a white mother pearl dial with luminous markers and hands. The Romance Diamonds White resists up to 50 meters of water and has an anti-reflective, anti-scratch sapphire crystal. The strap is a white Croco-style leather strap.

Aside from these three, other watches are winning fans worldwide. Louis Erard's price list differs from dealer to dealer; it depends on the collection you are going for and the watch's rarity. Below is a table showing the watch model and the range of prices. Note that these prices always fluctuate, but you should get them around these ranges.

Model Price ($)
Louis Erard Quartz Men’s Watch Heritage Date White Dial 40mm $425
Louis Erard Quartz Men’s Watch Heritage Date Steel Blue 40mm $410
Louis Erard Romance Diamonds White $1,491
Louis Erard Ladies Watch Excellence Diamonds $1,657
Louis Erard Ladies Watch Excellence Two Tone $975
Louis Erard Watch La Sportive Chronograph Silver $1,415
Louis Erard Watch La Sportive Black $483
Louis Erard Ladies Watch Emotion Diamond Gray $1,166
Louis Erard Ladies Watch Emotion Diamond Steel $1,160

Louis Erard History

Nothing beats a good swiss luxury watch. Louis Erard entered the Swiss competition in 1931 when the market was both competitive and scary, but with the experience of Mr. Louis Erard, it quickly grew through the ranks and is now one of the most respected watch brands in the world.

Mr. Louis and Andre Perret's families founded the parent company in 1929 at La Chaux-de-Fonds, two years before he opened the watch arm of the company. Louis Erard watches operated under the parent company Louis Erard & Andre Perret Sa until 1942.

Since the creation of Louis Erard wristwatches, the brand has had its fair share of glory and soul-bending moments. Louis Erard had to fold and close its doors in the early 90s' due to difficulty running the company. The brand, however, was re-launched by a group of investors led by Alan Speindei in 2003.

Their main aim was to produce mechanical watches that were of high quality. Louis Erard watches can stand on the big stage and compete with watches with richer and more successful histories. Within six years, the company produced over 80,000 timepieces and shipped them all across the globe.

To celebrate how far the company has gone, what it's been through, and still standing, it released the original collection from Louis Erard's 1931 collection to celebrate its 75th anniversary. GMT Big Date and Moon Phase finally got the grandstand recognition they deserved.

Louis Erard officially picked up the line from the 1931 collection and created the Evolution line in 2007. To make it even more memorable, the company released its first line of female watches, Emotion. Louis Erard took a step closer to etching its name among the greats in 2008 when it released an exclusive line of watches. The Haute Horlogerie at affordable prices, if you will. The company is keen to show all watch enthusiasts that flawless quality and luxury at a lower price can go hand in hand. These timepieces are distinguished further with pinpoint finishing that enhances their rare excellence.

The Most Popular Collections From Louis Erard

Louis Erard watches are poorly represented in the US but make a trip to Europe, and you will quickly notice that this timepiece is among the better-value Swiss brands. Louis Erard watches bring the much-needed originality and design refinement the industry lacks. And the company does this with an array of collections and models at prices that makes luxury affordable for your everyday life.


Are you in the market for a simple but interesting Louis Erard watch? A product's quality is vital to customers like you who want to own a piece of luxury. Buying watches isn't something we do every day, so why not add a touch of Excellence to your collection? The Louis Erard watch collection Excellence is a vast collection of watches, each tailored to hit certain specifics. To give a better overview of this collection, I will be highlighting some of the collection's best watches.

Most of the watches in the collection are similar to each other, but they have slight differences. The Louis Erard 54 230 AA 02 is a dress-style watch that comes in a steel case, complimented with a black lacquer dial. Similar mechanisms of the matte black coated 54 230 NN 32 and the more sophisticated looking 54 230 AA 01 join the dial of this watch. All these watches are members of the Louis Erard Excellence watch collection.


The intoxicating spirit of fine watchmaking runs deep in this collection. Each model from this collection, led by an iconic regulator, is an extension of this watchmaking spirit. What is a better guardian of your time than one of the Heritages' pieces? The Heritage collection is an elegant piece that asserts elegance to anyone possessing one of its watches. It is a collection of watches that go all out for elegance without forsaking innovation.

The Heritage is a gem of a collection. This collection of Louis Erard watches for men and women. The collection brings a little touch of modern art but retains a classic nature. Top of the line is the ETA 7750, perhaps the best and cleanest looking watch case and dial combination on the market. The collection comes with a finely finished bracelet, making it a must-have for kings and queens.

Any watch from this collection is perfect for golf, boating, or just an evening out with friends. No matter the event you are gracing, wear a watch from this collection, and you will draw a lot of attention to your wrist. The Heritage combines a passion for horology with the finest Swiss finishes you will find on the market. Each Louis Erard watch is designed to keep mouths open; Heritage embodies that. The Louis Erard Heritage is built with a chronograph function, a day and date window at three different positions. Roman numerals add beauty to the outer face, while a crocodile leather strap completes the look.

La Sportive

The Louis Erard La Sportive timepiece is a watch crafted in light of the sports spirit. You don't often get precision, reliability, technical advancement, elegance, and exclusiveness in sports watches. However, with a timepiece from the Louis Erard Sportive collection, you will stand out and get the attention you deserve.

It might be a sporting event, but why not look classy even in your leisure time? The touch class will bring to your wear can never be emphasized enough, and the right timepiece can do that for you. Each model watch from this collection is released in a limited series, keeping up with the initial standard Louis Erard set for the company. Each model has not more than 250 units made, making it a high-quality timepiece competing with the top guns at ultra-competitive prices.

The collection encases its state-of-the-art mechanisms in grade 5 titanium or bronze. These materials make the four editions of this watch very distinctive, making it one of the most exceptional watches on the planet. Grade 5 titanium is a mineral that is highly sought after. It has various applications in aeronautics, medicine, and sports. Hence, the usage of the material in creating this world-class timepiece.


Of all the low-budget luxury watches, Louis Erard has the style, class, and elegance you should strive to attain. Just one of these wristwatches can elevate what you put on and the look of your collection. The brand has different collections, and all its watches fall under these brands. So far, the Excellence collection is this watch's most widely accepted collection. Hence, the popularity of the collection beats the rest. However, don't count the rest out just yet. The Heritage collection is right up there with Excellence, battling for dominance.

With the increase in sporting activities, Louis Erard felt they should create something that celebrates the beauty and ingenuity of sports, hence the La Sportive collection. La Sportiva is fairly costlier than some models from Excellence and Heritage combined. But the price tag justifies the quality. Louis Erard watches do more than tell time; they are time itself.

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