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Schaumburg Watches

Schaumburg watches have a well-earned reputation for being prime examples of exceptional chronometers. The Schaumburg watch collection’s distinguished, elegant designs are perfect for any situation. The luxury watch series includes reliable, discreet options for the high-demands of urban living as well as refined, artful pieces for memorable, free-spirited occasions. The Schaumburg watch line includes breathtaking skeletonized styles, stunning textured backdrops, and truly unique dial functions. Trying to look for Schaumburg watches for sale can get frustrating when you do not know where to start. Looking for the best place to buy Schaumburg watches does not have to be stressful. Let Exquisite Timepieces help. Exquisite Timepieces focuses on connecting people to top luxury watch brands. Exquisite Timepieces is a Schaumburg watch authorized dealer.


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Brand Review: Schaumburg Watches

In the list of watches, Weser Renaissance mechanical watches are produced under a brand name called Schaumburg Watch. In the year 1998 the free-spirited and extraordinary chronographs and chronometers came out with the best design and it is presented by the present-day firm owner. After the long way, now, the reputation for the brand and trademark for the brand Schaumburg watches are high, which cannot be easily measured by output figures or the abundances of the models that are offered by the brand. It is very lightly manufactured with evade quality based classifications and it will help in meeting the demands of the high quality that is needed for the people to all ages. People wearing it further enjoy the value of reputation and uniqueness in them. Another specialty is that the mechanical high-tech moon-phase-watch of the superlative. When it comes to display, it is luminescent and depicts the moon cycle of both the hemispheres.
Further, it is also handmade with the artful and handcrafted works and elegance. This also includes engraving and skeletonizing. All these make the people look more for the Schaumburg watches online and also interest for them to buy them.

About Schaumburg Watches

These are the part of the urbane collection and it offers a delightful opportunity for its fans with the moon phase complications. It is a dual luminescent moon for both hemispheres. With its native in Germany, it is well-known for its Avant grade, classically inspired design which is appreciated by most of the people. The double moon is one of the great examples when it comes to such Schaumburg watches. The pointer date will produce the best results for having an easy way when you need to implement the date window. It is also the homage to make it extremely traditional with the date sign. When you look at the centerpiece of the watch, it will appear to the glossy black dial with the huge dual moon phase display. Not all the things are just related to the moon but it also spots on the pointer date. When you look for the intentionally rough finish, it will be quite interesting with the hands and special markers.
The dial is one of the most important things that need a special mention. It is one of the important reasons for the watch to be interesting and attractive. Also, most of the people love to buy Schaumburg watches for these reasons. The dial tends to be something that is out of the dressier Avant grade and approach. This further creates lots of contracts with the black dial to offer a great look for the watch.

Why Schaumburg watches?

Today, the primary function of the watches is decreasing day by day. When it is just to know the time and choose the material that is surrounded by some electronics items, you can easily find them through your mobile phone, the dashboard in a car, computer or even tablets. Why should you look for the watches?
Watches hold the best one for different purposes like fashion accessories or some even consider this as a factor of prestige as well. When it comes to the Schaumburg wrist watch, it satisfies all the basic needs of the best watch that would decorate your hands. These are been in the market for several years and they would be the best worth for money as well.

Technical Information

  • Finishing: It appears in a steel case, matt finish and polished
  • Water resistance: 50 m/ 165 feet
  • Dial: Genuine gold stone
  • Function: Perpetual moon, hour minute, and date
  • Rotor: cotes de Geneve
  • Folding clasp: polished, steel
  • Case diameter: 43 mm
  • Scratch-resistant: sapphire crystal
  • Movement: Automatic SW-11, Swiss Made
  • Finish: Perlarge, rhodium plated
  • Band: leather

Schaumburg Watch Collections

When you are looking for the best Schaumburg watch series, you will have the options between the different types of watches. Some of them can be given as,
MooN Blue Nebula or MooN Andromeda Nebula It is praised as the colorful clouds in deep space that will be comprised of gas or dust. The dial is one of the noteworthy features in the watch and it is considered to the special feature in the watch. Its high tech mechanically and it is also a high-tech lunar-phase-watch.
With the best display as luminescent, depicts and patented, the lunar cycle is shown in it. When it needs to maintain with the precise, it is not so easy and highly complicated where a lot of things are needed. Analogous to the daily divergence of the moon rises with the high and low tides that occurs every day will be noted every 50 minutes. Generally, the spring tide in some times like full moon and no moon will show its high impact on the water bodies. This phase of the moon will also have some impact on the lives of people as well.
The main aim of the watch is to integrate the most realistic lunar-phase-chronometer with is designed well to have the best functionality at your wrist. The formalistic depiction of the Moon along with its 13, 4 mm is considered to be the world’s biggest chronometer and that can be easily found in the automatic watches. It is self-development is based on the innovative minute wheel system that will allow delivering the appropriate model with the lunar phase that till be dissipated with the left or the right site based on the latitude. Another noteworthy highlight in the watch is that offers absolute precision of the lunar-phase-chronometer.
When looking for some specification of these types of watches apart from the Schaumburg watch price, it appears with the case diameter of 43 mm and fulfills all the necessary specification that is necessary for the new standard of the Schaumburg watches.

Schaumburg Watches - Unique

It is one of the great models of watches in the list of Schaumburg watch for sale. This is also the watch that comes out of hours of work that includes engraving and skeletonizing. This creates some demand for the watch in the minds of the people. The best outcome is not only because of the classical charm of the watches but it is also for its high quality. The case is patinated, stalk and 5atm.
The watch will be presented with a 42 mm case diameter with a handmade dial or 3D relief hand engraving. The movement is SW-07, skeletonized by hand and strap is made up of leather and patinated carefully. It might be the Schaumburg men's watch or Schaumburg ladies watch, you can make out the best one based on your needs when you start researching with the best models of the Schaumburg watches.

Schaumburg Watch AQM 4 3D

The watch is one of the fast-selling models in the market for a decade. One of the successes was overwhelming and it was one of the best models in the series of Schaumburg watches. It was offered with the most efficient materials that are required for the watch to make a luxurious selection. The matt steel case is designed in such a way to manage even up to 800 meters of pressure and it gains the maximum security of 80 bars. Further, it is also supplied with the automatic watch winder.

Schaumburg Watch AQM 4

With these types of watches, the dial is completely coated with Super-LimiNova and this will convert the low light conditions. The appearance of the watch is also outstanding and it will convert the daylight and positively glowing pale green at the depths and different conditions of the lights. Here, the light will no longer penetrate to make it the best suitable place to view the time. In addition, the grey hands and markers will ensure excellent legibility both in darkness and in the presence of the daylight.
Besides, the model is finally presented with the stainless steel case with a black PVD coat with a screw-in crown embossed screw-down and reflective sapphire crystal. With the help of brushed steel rotating bezel along with the reference, dot contrasts play its role against the black case and bracelet.

Have you understood the most important aspects of the watches and how they would help you in making out the best watch? Why should you keep waiting so long to decorate your hands with the great watches?

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