Strom Agonium Watches

Strom Agonium Watches

Strom Agonium watches have revolutionized the idea of artisanship when it comes to watchmaking. The Strom Agonium watch collection pays tribute to the cycle of life and the natural passage of time. From glorious shapes and attention-grabbing dials to elegant hues and intricate engravings, every Strom Agonium wristwatch aims to exemplify Haute Horlogerie. Every piece features visual symbolism, depth in the dials, and creative textures that tie the aesthetics together. Do not be surprised if you struggle to find genuine Strom Agonium watches for sale. If you are trying to find the best place to buy Strom Agonium watches, let Exquisite Timepieces assist you. Exquisite Timepieces specializes in connecting people with the top luxury watch brands in the world. Exquisite Timepieces is a Strom Agonium watch authorized dealer.





In the cosmos of fine watches, there is a novel watchmaking dynasty.

STROM- An extraordinary line of Swiss watchmakers, established in 2001 by Armin Strom, father of Daniel Strom, who led the brand’s next generation.
Daniel Strom – A watch designer who revolutionized the customary idea of watchmaking. He executed his numerous years of involvement with his brand with the highest artisanship and devotion to aesthetics.
Strom Prestige Swiss Timepieces SA, Daniel Strom's watchmaking company, revisits time, reimagines the watch, innovates new symbioses, and offers structure that corresponds with his beliefs.
STROM- A symbol of a type of watchmaking rooted in an epicurean approach to life, which includes seeking to live without limit. The STROM timepieces did not intend to express social standing, yet they became a status symbol.


Daniel Strom has been designing watches as long as he can remember. He designs watches that don't only tell the time but rather communicate his musings on life, death, origins, the significance of life, and relaxing; every one of these watches has a story to tell.


Remember, the adventure of life is mortal, so hold onto the day.

MEMENTO MORI, CARPE DIEM, is the primary model in the Agonium collection. The skulls that adorn Memento Mori are a long way from being a simple facade. They are a great symbol of living life to the fullest. Specifications:

  • Motion: Automatic, ETA 2824 caliber
  • Uses: Hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Case: Solid, authentic Silver, Palladium, or Platinum crafted by hand. Inward case in treated steel. Water-safe up to 50 mm/5 ATM.
  • Dial: Ossein white and dark, gold-conditioned, white or dark cleaned steel hands.
  • Price:
    MEMENTO MORI Noctem Urushi $22,890.00
    MEMENTO MORI Iron Skull $18,820.00
    MEMENTO MORI Black Knight Luminous $17,800.00
    MEMENTO MORI Gold, Price on request


Draco- The Dragon (Pride of Place) exhibits the legendary creature of every culture's imagination!

The dragon is a fantastic, mythical beast; a symbol of incredible force. The creature speaks to the progression of life and ensures harmony and prosperity.


  • Motion: Automatic 7, ETA
  • Uses: Hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Material: Silver-case, Gold, Silver-case, Diamonds
  • Dial: Arabic numerals, Gold-conditioned, white or dark cleaned steel hands
  • Price:
    Draco Silver Bone $16,278
    Draco Silver Red Gold Bone $17,800
    Draco Red Gold Black $44,762
    Draco Silver Diamond Bezel $31,537


The Mystical Symbol of Angels gripped with Human Origins!

The angels have covertly been with us since the beginning of time. They represent the bridge between the material and other worlds, among God and ourselves, earth and sky.
The "ARCHANGELI" manifests that we are directly linked with our birthplace, with the everlasting energy and insight of the earliest light.

  • Motion: Automatic 5, ETA
  • Uses: Hours, minutes, seconds
  • Material: Gold, Silver-case
  • Dial: Water resistance 50m, Mother of pearl, white or red gold-plated, Angel in silver 925, palladium or platinum, white or black cleaned steel-hands.
  • Price:
    Archangeli Silver White $16,278
    Archangeli Red Gold Dark $35,810
    Archangeli Silver Red-Gold White $16,278


Michaeli, the symbol of Equity & Love, leading towards the heavenly light!

Michael is a lead celestial host in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions. In the Book of Revelation, Michael drives God's armies against Satan's vigor, where during the battle in paradise he overcomes Satan. Since then, he remained the image of love and respect, directing us towards the light.

  • Movement: Automatic 4, ETA
  • Uses: Hours, minutes, seconds
  • Material: Gold, Silver-case
  • Dial: Silver-Black, Silver 18K Red Gold, Silver Bone White
  • Price:
    Michaeli Silver Black $16,278
    Michaeli 18K Red Gold White $17,800
    Michaeli 18K Red Gold, Black $17,800


Nethuns II- The Diving Watch emphasizes water as a life!

On the orientation of Agonium Nethuns, speaking to Al Caudullo-American VR/AR Specialist on 360-today, Daniel Strom shared his views about his atypical watchmaking; "These [are] handcrafted sculptured timepieces and a fusion between silversmithing and watchmaking."
Our message with this timepiece is to recall that without water, there is no life conceivable!


  • Motion: Automatic 14, mechanical self-winding
  • Uses: Hours, minutes, pivoting inward bezel operated by the screw-bolted crown
  • Material: Bronze, Silver-case, Steel, Gold
  • Dial: Argentum Orange, dark with white luminescent, Tourbillon Aurum
  • Price:
    Nethuns II Bronze $16,278
    Nethuns II AES Colorum Red $16,278
    Nethuns Tourbillon Aurum $100,600

In Memoriam HR Giger

The Final project in 2017 of “In Memoriam HR Giger” was a joint effort of late Oscar champ and aesthetic virtuoso, HR Giger, and Daniel Strom. The timepiece is an accolade in the shape of mutual creation, inspired by Giger's unique biomechanoid creature, his acclaimed 1973 "ELP II Painting." Specifications:

  • Motion: Automatic 1, ETA 2824
  • Uses: Hours, minutes, seconds
  • Material: handcrafted 925 silver case.
  • Dial: Water-obstruction 5 ATM/5 bar/50 meters/160 feet
  • Price:
    HR Giger Silver $17,500
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The Cruizer Collection- Established in 2004 as a first collection by Daniel Strom. It is an innovative blend between a sporty and customs-oriented watch. Edge-like, sleek lines that appeal to both genders of society. Diverse sizes, developments and capacities, and various tones and materials.
The contemporary and advanced Cruizer draws motivation from the motorsport’s universe, cleared of any restrictions, and opening up new vistas of opportunity.

The Agonium Collection- While Daniel Strom aces all the watchmaking complexities, he most importantly seeks watches as a vast articulation field. He came again with a bang in 2010 presenting "Agonium collection."
Strom sees watches not as a method for communicating social well-being, but instead a specific vision of life – and optionally of telling the time. The timepiece turns into a sculpture, a legitimate masterpiece on the wrist that summons our most profound inquiries for life, passing, the little idea of our reality, as though to remind us to live our opportunity without limit, instead of trying to manage it.
Agonium Ornamentum- Belt clasps, neckbands, rings, cufflinks pictured on the Agonium creation, inspiring fantasies and fables. Fabricated from the silversmith's hand, these items blend artistry and artisanship can be customized voluntarily, while their metaphorical force may even be peppered with invaluable stones.
Agonium Viso- Glasses decorated with minute sculptures directly from Agonium symbolism for a philosophical perspective on the world and an alternate view on things. A gesture to our limit as a suggestion to embrace each second and live it without reluctance.


Swiss extravagance watches brand ArtyA and renowned watchmaker Daniel Strom build up a limited edition of watches joining their extraordinary creative dreams.
The new ArtyA watch will highlight a Gothic topic propelled from different watch assortment "Memento Mori, Carpe Diem" by Daniel Strom. These "Agonium Deconstructed" watches speak to the aesthetic combination and between the two brands. The foundation timepiece is the Daniel Strom Agonium "Memento Mori, Carpe Diem" watch assortment. Signifying: "remember you will die, so seize the day."
Strom and ArtyA likewise offered a distinct slogan to the compilation: "Quod tu es, personality fui, quod inner self aggregate, tu eris."
This stalwart explanation is acquired from the headstone of a renowned Roman legionary and converts into "I was what you are, and what I am you shall be." The savvy quote displayed a stark message about how before death, we are all similar.


DEAN STONEMAN -Armin Strom has declared its association with English hustling star Dean Stoneman for the 2015 season.
The Strom watchmaker proprietor Serge Michel said "we were unable to be more respected to have him as a brand diplomat." Michel gave Stoneman a Racing Gravity watch at the event of Basel world 2015, Switzerland.
For Ref:
NEEL JANI- Strom has marked a supporting agreement with Neel Jani, the Swiss Formula 1 rookie. This dedication features the watch producer's affection for auto-racing. Daniel Strom and Neel Jani are an ideal group. They have a shared objective: to go max speed.
"Neel Jani is the ideal ambassador to our dreams. He is an extraordinary talent; he has a mystique and relates to our watches. We are thrilled that he is elevating our name into the world," clarifies Daniel Strom.

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