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The Grand Seiko Sport watch line provides a more robust presentation with just as much refinement as its predecessors. The Grand Seiko Sport watch series has notable features, such as hybrid movement and extremely effective readability. This selection features timepieces with multiple dials, classic numerals, and tough bezels that are water-resistant. For a sports-inspired timepiece, the Grand Seiko Sport watch series will not disappoint. The search for Grand Seiko Sport watches for sale can be stressful when you do not know where to begin. If you are looking for the best place to buy Grand Seiko Sports watches, let Exquisite Timepieces help. Exquisite Timepieces is a Grand Seiko Sport watch authorized dealer.


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What is special about the Grand Seiko Sport Collection? It’s probably one of the most common questions that people ask watch salespeople when they try to market a timepiece from the Sport Collection to them. In a world of several luxury sport watch brands, this question is apt. To answer this question, we’ll look at the Sport Collection in terms of design, movement, and acceptability.



If there is one thing that Grand Seiko has mastered, it’s perfection in craftsmanship. Very few brands have stayed true to their choice of material, assembly, adjustment, and watch polishing as Grand Seiko has done. For example, all watches in the Sport Collection are hand polished by expert craftsmen using the Japanese Zaratsu technique. The Zaratsu technique is the method by which Japanese swords are polished until they are sharp. This task is so crucial that the sword makers delegated it to craftsmen called togishi. Why is this information important? This rigorous process is the same method employed by Grand Seiko in polishing every single watch in the Sport Collection.

Aside from the fine finishing and aesthetics of the Sport Collection, the method of assembling each watch cannot be overemphasized. Master watchmakers assemble every watch, and they are tested extensively to ensure its quality and accuracy. The contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) requires that watches be adjusted in five positions. Grand Seiko goes the extra length by adjusting their sport collection member watches in not five positions but six. This compensates for gravity, thereby ensuing more accuracy. It takes seventeen days to adjust and test one Grand Seiko Sport watch.

Grand Seiko makes sure that each Sport Collection watch is built to perfection. This commitment is monitored from the choice of material for the casing, bracelet, and dial, to the amount of human influence and cultural value that goes into making sure each watch is without flaws.


The Movements:

One of the remarkable things about each watch in the Sport Collection is its movement and accuracy. When it comes to accuracy, you can’t go wrong with Grand Seiko Sport Collection watches. The least accurate watch in the Sport Collection is more accurate than most other watches. This is why Grand Seiko’s sport collection has become a collector's delight over the years.

The spring drive movement system is the most popular Grand Seiko movement system, and it has become almost synonymous with the watches in the Sport Collection. This revolutionary movement system is like a bridge between the old world of watchmaking and the new. This movement system is made in-house by Grand Seiko. It is a mechanical system that combines an electric coil to increase the watches’ precision.



Although many will argue that Grand Seiko watches are new to the world market, they are accepted worldwide. Since their introduction into the international market in 2010, Grand Seiko watches, including those in the Sport Collection, have gained massive attention and widespread use among the elite.



Aesthetics and movement of the watches in the Grand Seiko Sport Collection have been discussed, but another exciting part is the features of most of the watches in this collection. Below are some of those features:

Durability: The materials used in making watches in the Sport Collection are specially picked and tested before they are utilized. Whether the material is stainless steel, titanium, or leather, Grand Seiko ensures that all materials used in making the case, dial, glass covering, strap, and movement are of a high standard to ensure the durability of the watches.

Water Resistance: Virtually all the watches in the Sport Collection are designed to be water-resistant. This ensures that the watch doesn’t get damaged even if exposed to water splashes or other liquid spills. The range of water resistance varies from one watch to another.

Magnetic Resistance: Depending on the watch purchased, magnetic resistance is another plus that comes with most members of the Sport Collection. The range of resistance differs, but watches with magnetic resistance retain their accuracy when used near or in a magnetic field.

Other features of watches in the Sport Collection include chronographs, high power reserve, GMT, hands, and markers infused with lumberite that glow in the dark for easy visibility.



In the early ‘50s, pocket watches and wristwatches were becoming important items all over the world. Swiss watches were the only timepiece considered as a luxury at this time. Due to this, Swiss watchmakers dominated the industry until 1960. Seiko Watch Corporation was at this time known for quartz watches and regular divers. In 1960, however, two subsidiaries of Seiko, namely, Daini Seikosha and Suwa Seikosha, introduced the first Grand Seiko watch, the luxury brand of Seiko. This new brand was so good in quality that it gave the Swiss brands a run for their money in the luxury watch industry. The first Grand Seiko watch was considered impressive for a watch made in Japan. The second generation of the watch was released in 1963, and it was so high in quality that its superiority wasn’t arguable.

Between 1970 and 1990, Grand Seiko took a twenty-year break due to Seiko’s decision to focus on its quartz watches. Since its relaunch in 1990, Grand Seiko has released numerous watches categorized in various collections. This article focuses on the Sport collection of Grand Seiko and what makes them special and a must-have for all watch enthusiasts.



More than thirty watches make up the Sport Collection, and Grand Seiko may still add more in the future. Top craftsmen in the watchmaking industry design all these watches and Grand Seiko ensures that value is delivered for each member watch purchased. They are all classy, very accurate, and designed to help you stand out from the crowd while letting you enjoy a spectacular timekeeping experience.

All watches in Grand Seiko’s Sport Collection are available at our Exquisite Timepiece store in Naples, and they can also be purchased via our website.

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