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The Ball Watch Co. Roadmaster collection has a sleek sporty design with classic overtones. The chronometer delivers impressive accuracy while the patented crown system provides additional protection. Ball Watch Co. Roadmaster watches also feature Night Reading using glow in the dark technology. This means regardless of which dial color you choose you can expect outstanding readability in any situation, day or night. Searching for Ball Watch Co. Roadmaster watches for sale without a little help can be difficult. Fortunately, if you are looking for the best place to buy Ball Watch Co. Roadmaster watches, Exquisite TImepieces is a Ball Watch Co. Roadmaster authorized dealer.


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Ball Roadmaster Review

This Collection is made up of similar yet strikingly different types of watches for different people.
Most of the watches in this collection feature colorful micro gas lights which are peculiar to this brand of watches. These watches have impressive readability. The timepieces in this collection also have a chronometer-certified movement for accuracy. There are a couple of watches in this collection, but we will be focusing on a few like the Challenger, Marine, Skipper, and others. This collection has clearly blown the mind of watch enthusiasts, and as we go into this review, I’m quite sure that it will also blow your mind.


Ball Roadmaster M Challenger 18 Watch

The first of the Ball Roadmaster Challenge is the M Challenger 18. This timepiece is powered by the Caliber 7309, an in-house movement that is owned and manufactured by Ball. The Caliber 7309 can beat at the rate of 28,000 BPH and it also offers an 80-hour power reserve.
The Roadmaster M Challenger 18 comes in two different sizes which are 43mm and 40mm. they also have diverse colorways. You can buy the black dial with an identical bezel, black dial with a blue bezel, blue dial with an identical bezel, and blue dial with a black bezel. The watch also provides the choice of having the timepiece on a rubber two-piece strap or on a stainless steel bracelet.
The design of the watches is sports-like and neat. The watches use markers instead of numerals, but on the bezel, the numbers 15, 30, and 45 show the minutes. In the space where the marker for three is meant to be, there is a slot showing the day. The watches also use the IWC Aquatimer which is consistent in some of Ball’s older watches.


Ball Roadmaster Challenger 18 Watch

The Ball Roadmaster Challenger 18 is very similar to the Roadmaster M Challenger in the case of the case sizes, colors, and if the timepiece is set on rubber or stainless. And so, this model also provides diverse choices for one to pick from.
Even though they are similar in this and also in design, the clear difference between the two watches lays in the movement. A COSC-certified ETA 2836-2 impressively powers the Roadmaster Challenger 18. Because of this, instead of having just a day in the space of three, the dial has a day-date compilation.


Ball Roadmaster Challenge 18 TMT Watch

This watch is quite different from the other Ball Roadmaster Challenger watches. The watch has a mechanical thermometer inbuilt in the watch where six is meant to be. Ball developed and built the thermometer into the base movement of the watch and it is a proprietary module of Ball. For almost perfect accuracy, the watch uses a bimetallic coil. Apart from this impressive difference, this Ball watch Roadmaster is offered in two sizes and also offers the different color combinations that the other Ball Roadmaster Challenger watches offer. The watch can also be purchased on a rubber strap or stainless steel bracelet. An additional choice is that you can also buy the model in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.
The design of the Challenge 18 TMT is similar to the other Roadmaster Challenger watches.


Ball Roadmaster Marine GMT

The Ball Roadmaster Marine features an improved Sellita caliber that makes the one-of-a-kind caller GMT along with an independently-set GMT instead of a traveler GMT. When using the Ball Roadmaster Marine GMT, you don’t use the crown to set the GMT. Instead, you use a module that is provided by Ball in this model. By pushing buttons, you can adjust the hands to change the time and also the date.
The watch also has an impressive glow in the dark feature that is consistent with most of the Ball watches through 27 tritium tubes in this model. The tritium tubes don’t need to be charged, neither do they have any non-radioactive effects. The Roadmaster Marine watch has sapphire crystals, a screw-down crown and it is water-resistant up to 200 meters. The movement is an automatic RR1203-C caliber which is made in-house in Ball.
The design of the Roadmaster Marine GMT is classically a sleek sports watch design, though the numerals in the dial are a bit large, they are 12, 6 and 9. As usual, 3 is replaced by the day and month. On the bezel, the minutes are alternated between multiples of 2 and dots.
The size of the entire watch is 40mm in a titanium case, and the dials can be black or blue. The Roadmaster Marine watch also has a limited edition of 1,000 models but you can easily purchase one from Exquisite Timepieces.


Ball Roadmaster Skipper Watch

For anyone looking to spend a lot of time at sea or underwater, there are two watches that the Ball Roadmaster collection has for you. The two watches also feature micro gas tubes that make it glow in the dark even underwater. Apart from reading the time instantly in the dark, the bezel also includes micro gas tubes too. Firstly, the Ball Roadmaster Skipper features the RR1102-C caliber which is quite mechanical and if provides the precision of CSOC certification on your wrist. You can also enjoy the Ball Roadmaster Skipper day-date feature instead of just providing the date. The day-date feature is very accurate.
Secondly, there is the Ball Roadmaster M Skipper model. This has a different caliber which is manufactured in Ball. It is the RRM7309-C caliber for precise movement. It also has the CSOC certified movement. As for power, the CSOC provides an 80-hour power reserve, and the beats are at 28,000 BPH like the Roadmaster M Challenger 18 in the Roadmaster M subseries.
When it comes to design, they are quite similar. The two watches allow you to pick the design you want when purchasing it. First, you can have the watch with a bronze and stainless steel bezel, a 40mm case, and a black dial. The other design you can pick is the one with either blue or green dials, and you can pick between the 40 and 43mm case. The case backs in these two models are see-through - a very unique feature. The watches also have an anti-shock feature and it is water-resistant up to 200 meters which makes it great for diving.


Ball Roadmaster Vanguard Watch

The last Ball watch Roadmaster that we will be focusing on is the Roadmaster Vanguard. The model uses an automatic RR1303-C caliber and a COSC certified chronometer. The case is 40mm with a 14.2mm height.
The watch is shock resistant to 5000Gs, and it is also water-resistant up to 200m. The watch also features 4800A/m anti-magnetism. The watch also features an impressive 48 micro gas tubes on the second, minute, hour, dial, and dual time hands that allow you to read the watch in the dark.
The watch also features a dual time zone indication and day and night indicators. The case is made of titanium and the case back is sapphire crystal transparent. The crown is screwed in, and the crystal is anti-reflective sapphire.
Ball Roadmaster Vanguard is placed on a titanium and stainless steel bracelet, and the dial color is black. The watch is effective and is great for those going rock climbing or diving.


What’s Special about the Ball Roadmaster Watch Collection?

Apart from these watches mentioned above, there is also the unique Roadmaster Icebreaker, Roadmaster Worldtime, and few others. The Ball Roadmaster Collection has unique microtubes which give it glow in the dark features. This is why the watches in this collection can be easily read at night or in a dark place. The watches in this collection are ideal for adventures and whatever hobbies that you’re into. Although the micro gas tubes are unique to Ball in general, they are also unique to this collection because of the high number of tubes that the watches have.
Apart from this unique feature, the Ball Roadmaster Collection is also powered by impressive in-house Ball calibers which improve the movement of the watches and make them comfortable on the wrists. The fact that the calibers are made by Ball is enough to reassure you of their topnotch quality.
The final special feature amongst the models in this collection is the fact that they all offer you choices on the design of the model. You don’t have to necessarily buy a particular color of dial or bezel, or you don’t always have to use a stainless steel bracelet or rubber straps.
You are free to customize your watch to your standards and preferences.

The watches in the Ball Roadmaster Collection are highly recommended to anyone and watch enthusiasts alike. If you’re looking for a reliable place to buy these watches and even pre-owned watches of this brand and many other brands, then you should check out Exquisite Timepieces at

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