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The new Breguet Marine collection pays homage to Abraham Louis Breguet’s dedication as a chronometer watchmaker for the French Navy. The Breguet La Marine collection offers a wide range of variety in terms of complications. The most popular models are the Breguet Marine Chronograph. Additionally, the new Breguet Marine Collection offers complications such as the Breguet Marine Big Date, which features a large date window at the 6 o’clock position, the Breguet Marine Dual Time GMT, which allows users to keep time on 2 time zones at once, and finally the Breguet Marine Tourbillon. Individually, the most popular models are the Breguet Marine 5817, known for its swirly guilloche dial and its big date. The Breguet La Marine 5817 price ranges from $15,500 to $37,100 USD. Another popular Breguet Marine watch is the Breguet Marine 5527, which features the coveted Breguet La Marine Chronograph. The Breguet La Marine 5527 price starts at $21,500 and goes up to $33,800 USD. The Breguet Marine 5517 is also very popular; it is known for its simplistic dial showing of the beautifully engraved ocean waves. The Breguet La Marine 5517 price ranges from $17,300 to $28,600 USD.


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Breguet Marine Review

It was no more important to know the exact time than on the high seas. Although onshore punctuality is an act of compassion, the mistaken time inevitably led to disorientation on a ship The Precise time since the departure of a port has been important in determining the vessel's location. Failure to maneuver around incorrect schedules can lead the fleet to great trouble or even trigger a catastrophe. The design and development of Breguet la marine chronometers were, therefore, the height of watchmaking. The maritime collection honors the honorary title ' Chronometer-maker to the Breguet Royal Navy,' given by King of France to Abraham Louis Breguet, and the typical Breguet la marine chronometer heritage which was established at that time.


Breguet Marine Watch Collection: History and Development

Breguet Marine Watch Collection: Rooted in Marine Research

Breguet introduced its Breguet la Marine series in 1990 for the first time and has since continued to expand. The company has a long history of high seas watches. Breguet's history includes oceanic discovery. In 1775, at the young age of 28, Abraham Louis Breguet created his company. The company started focusing on its chronometers in the first two decades in operation. The timepiece became an indispensable tool for vessels, especially in naval floats, after John Harrison's invention of the Breguet la marine chronometer in 1761. The wealth and protection of a country had a great deal to do with the influence of the ocean during the 18th century.


Breguet Marine Watch Collection: French Royal Navy Official watchmaker

Breguet has paid off its job by improving the chronometers. By the end of the 1800s in Paris, Abraham Louis Breguet was named by the prestigious Longitudes Bureau. Breguet can calculate longitudes in the sea as a horological authority. Instead, in 1815, the King issued A.L. Louis XVIII Breguet the official French Royal Navy watchmaker's prestigious title. Abrah. with the weight of these impressive names. Breguet could not only look at the quality of his brand's chronometers. He also stressed the right understanding and knowledge of how they operated. In 1817, a 23-page manual for the use of navy timepieces was issued. Information on how to use his navigational device and to ensure that the chronometer is operating correctly was included in the guide. Accurate naval chronometers were required.
The sea chronometers were quite advanced compared to other timekeeping instruments at that time. They had to be amazingly precise at first. An error of only one second can indicate 15 minutes or roughly 400 meters of longitudinal error. The persistent change on a vessel had also to be sustained by the vessels. The way Breguet constructed their chronometers required particular attention. These were fixed to wooden boxes and they were designed to retain chronometers independent of the movements on the vessel, using a gimbal-suspension system. But between early chronometers and those we know today, there are still significant deviations.
By 1820, the "double second show," often called the "observation chronometer," had been invented by Breguet, a forerunner of the current chronograph. That innovation has been expanded upon by the acquisition of no. 3136, bought in 1822 by the French Navy. The suspension unit, as well as two barrels and a calming escapement, were included. Today, the early inventions of Breguet and its innovations in the maritime chronometers appear to be accomplished through the Breguet la Marine series. There is certainly a different function on the wrist with the line of watches. The model, though, remains highly purposeful. The versions of the Breguet Marine series include, apart from the Breguet marine chronographs, each strengthened case or crown protectors. The bulk of versions are also fitted with increased water resistance.
The company has developed its foundation on Abraham Louis Breguet over the years. Breguet designed the Breguet la marine chronometers of the company A few years later, Breguet launched Breguet marine chronographs and World Time choices to promote the Breguet la Marine Collection in 1990. But several years later, the new iteration of the maritime line came with the 2005 Breguet marine 5817. In that year the range featured a more sporty, bolder, and trendy style. The Breguet marine 5817 was in stainless steel and was fitted with the first rubber bands for the board. Breguet marine 5817 originally introduced another product as a major date display in contrast to the stylistic improvements.
Models are still growing in the Breguet la Marine collection today. Such complexities include a GMT tourbillon or time equation. These are built from new materials as well. In Baselworld 2018, one of the newest additions of the series was unveiled. The titanium Breguet marine 5517 was launched there by Breguet. All in all, the set of Breguet Marine reflects the combination between tradition and the current for the company. The line pays homage to modern technologies and patterns to a pivotal part of Breguet's past.


Latest Watches in The Breguet Marine Collection

By making complex classic watches, Breguet has always been well recognized. The brand's conservative esthetic orientation has sometimes hindered younger buyers It seems that this pattern is shifting. The most recent example is the new models that have been launched recently at Baselworld in the Marine Series.


Breguet Marine Watch Collection: Breguet Marine Alarm Musicale 5547

The latest Marine versions are influenced by the Marine Equation Marchante 5887. The over-complicated watch, including a perpetual calendar, a time formula, and a tourbillon, was unveiled at Baselworld 2017 and was the revision of the series. New fonts, the expressive use of color, and a new case function together to bring this model into the twenty-first century. All of them are known and loved by Breguet, though retaining traditional techniques including engine-turned dialing.
On that esthetic but more modern model, the Marine Alarme Musicale 5547 is constructed. The round satin-brushed 40 mm x 13,05 mm case is combined with squared lugs and has a painted bezel, crown, and protectors. The case is satellite-braced, fluidized. Three separate materials, white gold, rose gold, and titanium is available. The gold dials of the two precious metal packages are blue and silver and are associated with the Marine series. In the meantime, the titanium edition has a gold dial in grey slate that seems likely the most conventional yet streamlined style.
The three dials, like the Breguet Marine 5517, have distinctive Roman numerals for the hour markers influenced somehow by nautical flag design. The design is very sleek and yet multi-faceted. I think people are going to love it. This certainly gives the project certain modernity and creates a feeling of cohesion in the set. The hour marker including the 5-minute nautical pennants, the minute marks, and the hands in the Breguet-style, are lined with vivid stuff, which means that the markers can be read under all conditions. Again, Breguet takes a bold, maybe even surprising style choice, but one which represents the brand's younger esthetics. Selling prices start for titanium from EUR 27,900 and gold models up to EUR 39,800.


Breguet Marine Watch Collection: Breguet 5517

The Breguet 5517 is incredibly simple, but it does play with Breguet's "DNA." With titanium and a stunning grey sunburst dial Breguet marine, 5517 is also available in precious metals. It's an unexpectedly modern clock though remaining a Breguet with its added Roman numerals and revamped lugs.
The 5517 also includes fun elements such as the trapezoidal date window which Breguet combines with the numeral slightly larger to the left of the double-digit numbers. It's a little detail but it's a great difference. The use of different case fabrics for different customer groups is also a smart move for Breguet. Blue dial with a basic and impressive wave pattern is in the white gold edition which recognizes the high seas. The version of pink gold has a similar design but in silver that renders it the favorite of the three different versions.
On these latest Marine versions, the straps make a dramatic change. The rubber strap offers them a sportier look, whereas buyers with more traditional inclinations would probably prefer the alligator strap. The strength of this approach is that Breguet could set up a fairly wide network to reach different customer audiences with only three models and six unique straps Breguet created a stealthy commando unit, rather than raising an army.


Breguet Marine Watch Collection: Breguet La Marine 5527

Breguet applies the same approach with the Breguet MarineChronograph Reference 5527 in regards to content and finished dials as well as playing components, such as the two Breguet marine chronograph counters. Honestly, I believe that this enhances the design. Sometimes a little division is not harmful, especially when it comes to detail and not the whole thing.


Is Breguet Marine Collection Winning The Marine War?

I should be the first person to turn my attention as gentlemen to the latest Marine collection models. I feel that Breguet has a perfect balance among a more modern model yet maintaining the authenticity of the DNA label. In a rather compact range, when using the McLaren for a spin or Harris Tweed for a ride through the Rolls-Royce, you can consider a watch for both a polo shirt and a sneaker. Something like that is not only to be praised; these latest Marine Models will also be put on the radar for people who might not have seen Breguet as their next wristwatch.

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