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The Anonimo Epurato watch collection blends Anonimo brands Italian elegance with contemporary craftsmanship. These luxury timepieces manage to combine traditional charm with graceful durability. Designed with robust dimensions, the Anonimo Epurato wristwatch perfectly blends stunning tones with distinguished elegance. Retaining Anonimo’s design fundamentals, the Anonimo Epurato watch features an integrated crown guard and the characteristic cushion-shaped case. This exquisite timepiece highlights the handsome contrasts of the dial, hands, casing, and bracelet strap. Searching for Anonimo Epurato watches for sale can be tough. If you are looking for the best place to buy Anonimo Epurato watches, Exquisite Timepieces is an Anonimo Epurato authorized dealer.


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Anonimo Epurato Review

The Italian heritage of Anonimo dating back to 1997 gives the brand a unique position in the market when it comes to design and manufacturing. Moving to Switzerland, Anonimo has made its name for professional timepieces and is the pioneer in using bronze for watch manufacturing. 


Special Features of the Anonimo Epurato Collection 

Anonimo, after over 20 years in watch manufacturing with large masculine and robust models, typically the military-style coming from its CEO Naval officer Dino Zei, has tried something new with its Epurato Collection. With the divers’ models in Militare and Nautilo Collection, Anonimo dipped toes this time in shallow waters with Anonimo Epurato, consisting of timepieces with the elegance of a gentleman. The initial launch of Anonimo Epurato consists of three editions of timepieces, each one distinctive and colorful. 

The Epurato Collection by Anonimo has a case diameter of 42 mm which is only 11 mm thick with the characteristic Anonimo cushion-shaped case. The collection also features a fluted bezel and a crown guard which is integrated to give a more sophisticated look to the timepiece. Another distinct feature of Anonimo Epurato is the traditional placement of the crown at 3 o’clock which is different from the unconventional placement at 12 o’clock in Militare and 4 o’clock in Nautilo Collection. The significant characteristic feature of Anonimo is the triangle on the dial representing A of the brand name, which is also present in the Epurato Collection with indices and hour markers at 12-4-8 on the dial. Epurato Collection features the date window at 6 o’clock. In summary, the fundamentals of the Anonimo brand are retained in the Epurato Collection but the design is “toned down” as compared to the other two collections of the brand.  


Anonimo Epurato Bronze Watch

The debut timepiece of Anonimo Epurato Collection with an exclusive Anonimo cushion-shaped design features a classic bronze case that steers away from the typical divers’ watches into the more subtle aesthetic. The Anonimo Epurato timepiece is small, florentine but very refined to meet the chic Italian lifestyle vibe. 

Reference number AM-4000.04.441.W88 of Anonimo Epurato Bronze features a timepiece with a 44 mm case diameter and a height of 11.6 mm. The Nautical bronze case comes with a fluted bezel with an overall cushion-shape typical to Anonimo. The crown of the timepiece is given a traditional place at 3 o’clock but it still comes with the protection of a lengthy crown guard on the band of the case. Some surfaces in the bronze timepiece of the Epurato collection are specially polished instead of only brushing including the lugs, the case band, and fluted bezel. The inner case of Anonimo Epurato Bronze is made of crystal sapphire treated with an anti-reflective material. In combination with the outer case, the bronze outer case comes with the sophisticated and refined “sunray” anthracite dial. The markers and indexes are treated with super LumiNova and matched with the dial color in its Anonimo signature presentation of a triangular orientation at 12-4-8, making an A of the brand name. The open back of the case is visible through the sapphire crystal in the timepiece. 

The Anonimo Epurato watch is powered by Sellita SW-200 automatic swiss-made featuring a skeletonized rotor ornamented with Côtes de Genève, self-wound, and oscillating Anonimo customized weight. The date window is present at 6 o’clock. The timepiece is 5 ATM water-resistant i.e. up to 50 meters. Anonimo Epurato Bronze offers 38 hours of power reserve. Studded with 26 jewels, the movement beats at a frequency of 28,800 alterations per hour. 

All the Anonimo straps are hand-made in Italy including the Anonimo Epurato Bronze. Continuing the warm rich tones in Epurato Bronze, the watch is fastened to the wrist with a brown-mahogany gradient calf leather strap or Felt strap. The strap comes with a bronze buckle pin and a quick mechanism of strap change. The Anonimo Epurato Bronze price is 3,066 USD and is available on Exclusive Timepieces. 


Anonimo Epurato Imperial Green Watch

The Anonimo Epurato Imperial Green has the right kind of elegance and texture that demands a closer look at its deep green hue that is sure to make a statement on the wrist. This spring at Baselworld the Anonimo Epurato Imperial Green revealed its traditional features in the watch but with a softer and minimalist tone. Equally appealing to women, Imperial Green reference number AM-4000.04.441.W88 is a more urban Italian design by Anonimo. 

Combined with the classic bronze case of Anonimo with a diameter of 42 mm, is the dark green dial of the watch. The sun-brushed dial of the timepieces features a gradient green-yellow nature hue. The time is displayed on the dial with the indexes and numbers positioned to make A of the Anonimo at 12-4-8. The hands are treated with super-LumiNova to match the dial. The fluted bezel in the timepiece along with the typical long length crown guard at the case band and lugs are polished to give an extremely refined look. The inner case is a sapphire crystal with a coating of an anti-reflective agent. 

The Anonimo Epurato Imperial Green features an automatic SW 200-1 Calibre Sellita Movement with customized oscillating Anonimo weights visible through the sapphire case back. The movement consists of 26 jewels with a skeletonized rotor and ornamented with Côte de Genève. The date window is positioned at 6 o’clock on the watch. The timepiece offers water-resistance up to 50 meters guaranteeing a power reserve minimum of 38 hours. The movement vibrates at a frequency of 4 Hertz with 28,800 alterations per hour. Anonimo has taken a distinctive approach for securing Imperial Green on the wrist. The felt strap made with lightweight and natural texture is super smooth and durable to wear. The hand-made calf leather and felt strap in deep green adds to the elegance of the timepiece on the wrist. The strap comes with a bronze buckle pin. Anonimo Epurato price for Imperial Green is 3,066 USD. If you have never worn green on your wrist, it is time to try out the stylish Imperial Green of Anonimo available right here at Exquisite Timepieces.


Anonimo Epurato Automatic Watch

The Anonimo Epurato Automatic with the reference number AM-4000.04.466.F66 has the 42 mm diameter of the Epurato Collection, a little less than the other Anonimo Collections with 11 mm thickness. The outer case has a typical cushion shape but in a more refined vibe. The bronze case is polished instead of mere brushing along with the crown guard positioned at the case band, the lugs, and the fluted bezel featured in the watch. The dial is a matching sun-brushed available in gradient deep green and the indexes and numbers treated with Super-LumiNova. The numbers are positioned in a triangular manner characteristic in the Anonimo watches. The date window is installed at 6 o’clock and the crown is placed at 3 o’clock representing a very traditional approach of Anonimo. The inner case has a crystal sapphire treated with an anti-reflective coating that views the movement from the back of the case. 

The Anonimo Epurato watch is powered by the automatic swiss-made movement SW 200-1 with self-winding and customized Anonimo Oscillating weights providing the functions of hours, minutes, seconds, and date. The timepiece guarantees 38 hours of power reserve and 5 ATM water resistance i.e. up to 50 meters. Anonimo has introduced a green felt strap to match with the timepiece which is a quality texture with supportive and durable qualities in an extremely lightweight approach. The Anonimo Epurato Automatic price is 3,066 USD which you can purchase at Exquisite Timepieces that sell high-end luxury watches with superior quality and amazing prices.  


Anonimo Epurato Verde Natura Watch

Anonimo Epurato Verde Natura is taken from nature with green “pine'' after the tough bronze, blues, and safari editions of Anonimo. The Anonimo Epurato Verde Natura is the more toned-down version of the classic Anonimo watches with a light, slim and proportioned design suitable for everyday use.  

As compared to its other collections, the Anonimo has reduced the size of its outer case to 42 mm with 11 mm height that is equally getting popular among the women. Some features of Anonimo are retained in the Epurato collection including the 12-4-8 positioning of numbers to make a triangle, the guarded long crown guard, and lugs, etc but the bezel is now presented in a fluted thin shape that gives extra depth to the design. The movement in the timepiece is SW 200-1 Sellita Swiss-made with customized oscillating weight, with the function of time and date, date window being at 6 0’clock. To match the dial, the strap has the same color featuring the graduated pattern and buckle pin. The Anonimo Epurato Verde Natura offers 38 hours of minimum power reserve and 5 ATM of water resistance. Anonimo Epurato for sale is available for $2,348 USD that you can grab right now from Exquisite Timepieces. 


Wrap Up: Anonimo Epurato Review 

It is now said in the watch manufacturing industry, “Green is the new Black”. Every other brand is introducing a green timepiece but among those, Anonimo Epurato stands out with the perfect bronze and deep green in a simply elegant and minimalist design ready to make a statement for watch lovers everywhere.   

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