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The Breguet Classique collection demonstrates the values of Breguet’s artistic and traditionally designed exquisite timepieces. Blending precision, clarity, and elegance, the Breguet Classique line of luxury watches are constructed with precious materials like 18-carat rose gold or 950 platinum. They also feature multiple functions with a variety of dial choices. The Breguet Classique wristwatch series epitomizes Breguet’s commitment to ideal conventional watchmaking. For luxury watch enthusiasts interested in time-honored designs, the Breguet Classique watch line is an outstanding choice. It can be a confusing process when looking for Breguet Classique watches for sale. Luckily, Exquisite Timepieces is one of the best places to buy Breguet Classique watches. Exquisite Timepieces is a Breguet Classique authorized dealer.


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Breguet Classique Watch Collection Review

What is known about Breguet? This issue will undoubtedly come to mind for most of the readers of this article: it is known for its eponymous founder one of the best horologists ever and perhaps the most famous horological practitioner. Breguet is also renowned for its traditional models, some of which have been modified to work as wristwatch designs from historically interesting pocket watches. The tourbillon that A.L Breguet himself created is well recognized for its complexities. And its dials, most of them handguilloché, are considered to be made in the Vallé de Joux by craftsman in-house on antiquated rose engines. Today we shall focus on the Breguet Breguet Classique Collection.


Breguet Classique Watches: Brief history

Since 1775, the Breguet watches represent the quintessence of classicism as well as artistry and adventurous serenity. The omnipresent sense of respect for decorative code is another esthetic attribute that characterizes Breguet watches in general and the Breguet Classique collection in particular. The collection Breguet Classique, which represents the archetype of this horological symbiosis, is often re-enacted to celebrate some of the most important milestones of Breguet's history. The Breguet Classique Collection in Baselworld 2016 invited women's and men's models to be a vivid reminder of Breguet's leading position on the watchmaking level.
The first of these is the iconic, open hand of Breguet, developed by the maestro in the 1780s to address the problems of legibility that had an extremely short, broad, and ornate effect on the hands of that age. The extraordinary slenderness and elegance of these gold or blue steel models not only emerged but also were soon widely imitated, to such an extent that the term "Breguet Hands" was used for the watchmaking jargon.


Breguet Classique Collection Models


Breguet Classique 7147 Watch

The artistic quality of the latest Breguet 7147 and its aesthetical highlights highlight the outstanding legacy back in the year 2014 Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève "Aiguille d'Or." The Breguet 7147 thus shows the skill retained by several noble horology companies, like Breguet, on its largely hand-guilloché silvered gold dial, which has a primarily "Clou de Paris" decoration, and a cross-weave design at 5 o'clock around the subdial Offset.
The Sapphire crystal offers the opportunity to enjoy the micro-rotor of its high-quality winding mechanism, which is also part of standard watchmaking culture, with another Breguet innovation. This is, of course, the "Breguet balancing spring" which, in this instance, is made of silicon with an ultra-thin (2.4 mm) caliber. It is probably less well-known than 10 years ago in this material, which is insensitive to Magnetism and provides enhanced resistance and lightness in Breguet, its first balancing spring has been presented.
Ultimately, the new Breguet Classiques models often remember the decisive role performed on the first self-winding watches by designer Abraham-Louis Breguet, who had created a dependable' à secousses' (a stable oscillating weight) that matched a watch purchased by the Duke of Orleans in 1780. The growing popularity of Breguet was significantly increased by "the watch which winds itself." Breguet's watches, as timeless and highly-performing items, continue to show that they are continuously contemporary, now, and beyond.


Breguet Classique 7727 Watch (Breguet 7727)

The watch is an innovative watch when you take the time to read about it, and it attracts people with a strong interest in mechanics. Now here is what you need to know, not so many significant developments in the watchmaking industry have happened, but Breguet 7727 offers more than a few. It contains six patents. Let's go straight into two watch aspects that make it so unique. The spring balance pallet lever and escape wheel are built of silicon, allowing the Breguet 7727 to beat at 10 hertz. The first thing you notice about the Breguet 7727 is that crazy little hand spinning at 1 o'clock. This hand is on an escape wheel of the movement and it takes 2 seconds for a full rotation. What this means is a 10-hertz beat frequency. Ten hertz is exactly twice that of, for instance, the famous high-beat El Primero. The high-frequency nature of the watch enables much more accurate operation in theory. The 10 hertz idea was used in the chronograph model XXII for the first time several years ago and the findings have shown that the rate of performance for this chronograph is dramatically improved. How can that be? Silicon is used to construct the pallet handle, the escape wheel, and even two balancing wheels. This lightens them and enables them to operate without oil, and the very minimal inertia and the need for oil are a big cause for the watch to beat as fast as it does. Without it, the average rates of -1/+3 do not reach which is the mega chronometer status. You can't see the balancing wheel on the back of the watch without silicon, either, and that cool revolving hand on the front.
Magnetic pivots enable balance staff to float in artificially made gravity.
While the beat frequency of 10 hertz has been previously seen in another Breguet, what we are going to talk about here is completely groundbreaking. It may also be one of the coolest things about the watch which makes Breguet 7727 more than just a watch, but almost a conceptual model. Magnetic pivots are featured on Breguet 7727. Rather than keeping the balance wheel in position, it is suspended, almost in the center, by high power magnets rather than by the balance staff.
What you notice are 2 end stones with strong micro-magnets (approx. 1.3 teslas), centered around the balance staff, which allows it to self-adjust when the watch is in a shock. Besides, since these micro-magnetic pivots are used, the watch is completely anti-magnetic and the magnets do not affect the horizontal operations since all parts of it are made from silicon. Smart, isn't it?
One magnet is stronger than the other, so that one end of the staff affects the ending stone, while the other floats over the other end stone. So the magnets re-center the balance staff when a shock occurs. The friction on the pivots of the balance staff is also quite the same regardless of the position of the watch. This magnetic field essentially is an artificial gravity that guarantees a flawless operation of the regulating organ of Breguet 7727. Looks familiar? Like a tourbillon, perhaps a little? It is not a technically similar approach, but indeed the same question needs to be resolved, and I believe that the magnetic pivot is a solution far more creative, insightful, and indeed marketable than the tourbillon.


Breguet Classique 5157 Watch (Breguet 5157)

Breguet reveals its most fortified version of its emblematic Breguet Classique collection as if to reassure its traditional high horological aficionados. The latest Breguet Classique Extra-Flat 5157 is based on over two centuries of know-how in a golden case rose of 38 mm. A minimalistic watch of 2 blue, stainless steel hands Breguet gliding over a silver solid gold dial and its hollow "apple" shape.
The 5,45 mm high extra-flat case incorporates all the hallmarks of the House: finely fluted bezel, polished bezel, fragile Roman numerals, hand-crafted Clou de Paris guilloché, and the graved signature Breguet on both sides of the XII dial. With its 3Hz silicon spiral beats, the 502.43 automatic calibers is also graved and hand-signed, delivering a power reserve of 45 hours. Just gorgeous and timeless!


Breguet Classique 7787 Watch (Breguet 7787)

The Breguet Classique 7787 is the rear of a watch that many other brands can never get away with. It has a Silicone escapement and a stable mechanism. Many traditional manufacturers would throw out this design and its designer when the first illustrations were provided. In a Breguet, however, everything works, anyway.
The initial Breguet pocket watch, dubbed No. 5 of 1794 (tell me that this name is not a luxurious product name that followed its age by centuries), was the inspiration for Breguet Classique 7787's design and comes in four varieties. The purist-seducing 39 mm large case of the Breguet 7787 is made exclusively of whitish or rose gold. Either case is accessible with an enamel dial or with a large guilloché dial off white. The version of the gold with the enamel dial is precisely a reference for the Breguet Breguet Classique 7787BB/29/9V6, which we are currently looking at today.
Just like so many other watches in Breguet, Breguet 7787 can balance their smaller diameters with certain stunningly straight lugs, which are just the right length, so that the designer can not make the lugs a compensating element. The Breguet 7787 is, therefore, a relatively small watch by the standards of the 21st century, but it still has sufficient presence to look elegant and it is not disreputable. Many brands struggle to make these designs look wonderful and extended to over 40 wide which is simply the nature of the dimensions or instead to have timid small watches. It isn't stretched or timid. This Breguet Classique is just perfect.

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