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Garmin Tactix Collection

Garmin has a vision of providing perfect products for customers in the aviation, automotive, marine, fitness tracking, and many more. They work meticulously on the inside of the products so that you can have the best performance output. They have masterfully managed to include the practice of GPS navigation and technology you can wear into their products.

Garmin Tactix, a collection of GPS watches, is ideally curated for the military. It is a collection full of watches perfect for fitness tracking and many other things you can expect from a sports smartwatch. Originally released a few years ago, Garmin has released new models with advanced technology at the beginning of this year in January 2020. These include the Garmin Tactix Delta, Garmin Tactix Delta Solar Ballistics, and Garmin Tactix Delta Solar Edition.

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Garmin Tactix Delta

The Features

This is the premium tactical watch with a GPS navigation system and a silicone band. The silicone band helps adhere the watch to the wrist for better running and other athletic activities. It has advanced mapping features and even specialized training features to get you started on your successful fitness journey. It has a classic design, aimed perfectly for military standards and audiences. It has specifically tactical features, such as night vision compatibility, ideal for a fitness tracking watch. It has built-in outdoor sensing technology and multi-GNSS (multiple global navigation satellite systems) support for you to navigate the world easily wherever you go. Multi-GNSS helps navigate challenging areas where GPS might not be enough.
With this watch, you can keep a documented performance record of your cycling and running sessions. You can pair this fantastic watch with your iPhone or Android phone for enjoying smart features, including making payments, getting notifications, and listening to music. The battery life is excellent in this series, with up to 21 days of battery in the smartwatch. Topographical map features are also great for navigation of courses and keeping track of your location on the map.
It has all the necessary clock functions, health monitoring sensors, and daily smart features, and its tactical features include stealth mode, dual grid coordinates, and kill switch. It also has safety features, such as live tracking and assistance.

The Body

The Tactix Delta has a lens made of domed sapphire crystal, and its bezel is made of DLC coated steel. The case is made from a fiber-reinforced polymer. It also has knurled buttons and has a metal rear cover, and the display size is 1.4" in diameter. Its water rating is 10 ATM.
A quick fit watch band of 26 mm is included. The watch has a 280 x 280 resolution display. It has a color display, which is visible in sunlight and trans reflective MIP. The watch weighs in at 97 g. The memory storage is 32 GB on this watch. The watch's raven black body makes the silver hands and numerals pop day and night, making it easy for you to see the watch display any time.

Garmin Tactix Delta – Solar Edition with Ballistics

The Features

This is a premium model, powered with solar technology, a GPS navigator, and GNSS. It is a tactical watch with applied ballistics and a nylon band. It features a lens powered through solar charging, thereby not limiting you to just an electronic battery life source. It has the AB Elite software that will allow you to calculate the long-ranged shootings in the fields and other areas. You can go through field ops undetected via the aid of tactical specifications like the night vision feature. It is also a great smartwatch and can be paired with your iPhone and Android phones as well.
It offers a battery life of up to 24 days, which is a bit longer than the Delta model's battery life. It also has the features standard for the Garmin Tactix Delta watch, and it includes a ballistics calculator.

The Body

The lens is made from Power Sapphire, with its bezel made of DLC coated steel. Its case is also made of fiber polymer with a metal ear cover and knurled buttons. The QuickFit compatible band of 26 mm is also included with this model. The strap is nylon and silicone, and the display size is 1.4” in diameter with 280 x 280 resolution. It has a sunlight-visible display, a water rating of 10 ATM, and 32 GB memory storage. This watch also weighs 97 g. It has a black body with contrasting silver hands and numerals.

Garmin Tactix Delta – Solar Edition

The Features

Just like the watch above, this one is also charged through solar energy. It has a tactical GPS and a nylon band. However, it is without the ballistics features of calculation. It has advanced fitness tracking, mapping, safety, music, and smartwatch features. It also has night vision compatibility and multi-GNSS navigation. It offers a 24 days battery life without charging additionally.
Like other Tactix watches, it is equipped with features such as the kill switch, jumpmaster mode, and stealth mode. You can also manage the power settings by looking into how the features impact the battery, giving you the knowledge to make changes to extend the battery life further.

The Body

It has a Power Sapphire lens with a DLC coated steel bezel. The case is polymer, with fiber reinforcement, a metal cover on the back, and knurled buttons. The display size of the watch is 1.4” in diameter. The strap material is nylon and silicone. The 26 mm QuickFit band is included with the watch. The display resolution is 280 x 280 pixels, and it weighs 97 g and has a memory of 32 GB. The water rating of this model is also 10 ATM.

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