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Brand Review: William Henry Knives

If style and beauty matter to the pocket knife enthusiast and collector as much as toughness and quality, William Henry Knives is one of the best options. In addition to the manufacturer's exquisite collection of high-end pens, cash clips, and accessories, William Henry manufactures knives that do not take a backseat in the class, fashion and top quality standards. The brand has been making American-made knives and accessories for more than twenty years, both of which are personalized and realistic. As a consequence, the growing pocket knife of William Henry is a "real jewelry" that at any time catches people's eyes.
William Henry knives rarely lose function while they can be pursued for their elegance. Such durable knives were designed from the new materials and styles as well as incredibly old materials including fossils. EDC knives such as the William Henry E10 come with stainless steel M390 with military standards for handle blades and aluminum-grade aircraft. Their artistic high-end knives and Damascus type are the real "knives of gentlemen." The knives line of the William Henry B10 Lancet is plated with silver sterling, citrine gemstones and other precious metals that attract attention even before you open the engraved pocket knife.

William Henry Knives: History and development

Since 1997 William Henry has been in operation. The name of the company comes from Matthew William Conable and Michael Henry Honack, who are their initial partners. The company began with about 200 pieces, all created by Matt, who started making knives at the age of 19, apprentices for David Boyle. Now, the designer and founder run William Henry's business in its permanent residence since 2004: a 6,400-sq. ft. shop in McMinnville, Oregon. The products of the company are manufactured from internationally respected and dignified materials in the USA. All the artists working with William Henry have a devotion to perfection.
Pocket knives are one of the cornerstones of the business. The Gentac, Kestrel, Lancet, Monarch, Pikatti, Spearpoint and Vetana sets comprise eight separate collections. The efforts of more than 300 artisans in 800 persons operations were combined within engraved each pocket knife for more than seven months. In the finest collections worldwide, the cutting instruments of unmatched quality are included.

Lines of audacious and polished masculine jewels, sturdy dramatic cash clips, key chains, instruments, and divot are also available. The dream of the developers is to create all William Henry product devices in the world and combine ancient natural materials and state-of-the-art alloys seamlessly. Products from William Henry were meant to offer an outstanding heritage of form and function!

Many aspects differentiate William Henry from each other. There are no two similar pieces. Pieces come with care tips in stylish gift boxes. The developer stands behind everything he creates. You get a lifetime warranty. You enjoy style and substance, design and utility when you purchase an engraved pocket knife, necklace or a men's accessory from William Henry.

William Henry Knife Collections

William Henry B02 Morpheus

The Morpheus is the world's first classic pendant's best pocket knife to be carried on the chest or inserted into the pocket. The' Fire' is a powerful sterling silver pendant, inlaid with a fossil of mammoth aged 10,000 years, with the secret layers crafted from' Boomerang' Damascus, hand made from hundreds of layers in a range of metal alloys and folded into beautifully wavelike and water-flowing tapestries. William Henry's button lock is shielded from a glamorous diamond that ensures the blade's smooth opening and closing, for protected carrying and use. The Fire pendant can be easily removed and used as a keychain by using the latest "bullet lock" lock. The blade is 1.75 "(66.8 mm), has a handle of 2.25" (90.9 mm), and has a full length of 3.90 "(152.4 mm).

William Henry B04 Pikatti

Often alluded to as the William Henry B04 folding pocket knife in Eskimo, it is nicknamed the Pikatti. It's indeed a great everyday friend. This is William Henry's smallest best pocket knife. This folding pocket knife measures only 4.63 inches when it is opened and has an ounce weight of just 1.1. This knife is a limited edition of only 888 single-counted blades— the knife is certified and comes in a box— owned by William Henry for an exclusive, robust and sturdy pocket sleeve.
The spear formed blade is stainless steel of high-quality ZDP-189 which is2-inch in length This kind of metal will hold an edge for a long time. This can be referred to as the best pocket knife since it has a smooth design with a satin hand coating. The spear point form makes it easy to slice and penetrate all kinds of materials.

The handle consists of titanium of aerospace quality and a satin finish, which guarantees its lightweight and strength, and is built in anodized electric blue, particularly machined grooves. The Pocket knife fits comfortably to your palm when it's 2.63 inches long closed, without being too low to get out of reach. The knife begins off with a bright red topaz inlaid thumb stud, to create a stylish titanium pocket knife of creative character. A lanyard gap and a black leather lanyard are also added to the handle. This pocket knife has a black clip case made of leather which offers the user several options to carry while safeguarding the finishing of the handle.

William Henry B05 Monarch

Titanium has been a component of the manufacture of superior metallurgy and alloys since it received its name from "The Metal of the Gods" shortly after its discovery in 1791. Titanium is both lighter and stronger than metal, used in every field, from professional golf clubs to top-secret Spy aircraft, it's extremely corrosion-resistant. The world-famous knife-maker William Henry gives you the B05 Titan Folding Pocket Knife with its practical and ornamental blades.
The B05 Monarch titanium pocket Knife is designed with a sleek, functional layout and is a testimony to strength and efficiency, with its aesthetic appeal in a gallery of art. The 2.63 "drop point blade has two unique stainless steel alloys, the ZDP-169 cutting core with a 67-hardness Rockwell core and the 59-60 soft 420J2 stainless steel tool (HRC) that produce layers of crystalline structure in steel with strength and flexibility to make a solid, but the relatively flexible blade.
Usually, sapphire is used to suit the blue anodized lines of the titanium handle in an engraving to click a key and to carry thumb studs. Incorporated into the 3.58 "handle is the tip-up anodized titanium pocket clip. This blade is compact and slim enough for daily use but it is strong enough and sharp enough when medium-duty work is necessary.

William Henry B06 Ventana

This model is easy in the hand and pocket in every sense, it is slimmed down. The WH button locking function is given in the model, but fully locks and opens up. The "nail nick" on most modern pocket knives helps the knife to unlock when the button is pressed. The inlays are maintained and secure for a lifetime with stainless steel sheets. The blends of colors, textures, and shapes are exciting in their unique mix of rare metals and natural materials.

William Henry B09 Kestrel

This engraved pocket knife is remarkably handy in the hand while it is small and easy to hold on as an instrument to be used daily with its design that gives a profound finger rub at the intersection between the handle and blade. This is known worldwide as a hallmark of William Henry's design style with its sweeping curve. The Kestrel also features a handle for an exotic material that is fully captured. Within a solid metal picture window, the interframe completely covers the natural and exotic scale Each handle design provides outstanding functionality and timeless elegance, whether interframe, bolster, or total steel.

William Henry B10 Lancet

In the hand and the eye, it is smooth, elegant, polished and convenient. The Lancet offers maximum flexibility and utility like many other William henry models–an outstanding combination between a personality assertion and an exemplary tool capable of nearly every mission or circumstance. Lancet is also accessible in an interframe handle with an alternate clip/lanyard holding device, fully revamped.

William Henry B11 Persian

The Persian is a return to an earlier, ground-up re-designed William Henry model which retains the dramatic upwind blade curve. The impressive array of natural materials is displayed in the Persian, spanning from aerospace titanium and Damascus to mokume gane, size scope from exotic woods to the mother of pearl.

William Henry B12 Spearpoint

This model is also valued for its use and its robust elegance which reflects the core philosophy of William Henry-this superlative feature is deserving of superlative art. If the frame is not constructed from titanium-grade aerospace, it is crafted of state of the art metal alloys and used as a canvas for Koftgari’s Stunning work, silver gravers and one of the world's most beloved hand gravers. The frame is embellished with carbon fiber or with the uncommon, precious items of William Henry's art, including fossil coral, dinosaur bone, fossil ivory, Woolly mammoth, pearl mother and exotic woods.

William Henry B30 Gentac

The GenTac takes its name from the tactical of a gentleman's-the creation of a model that integrates a hard-use tool's versatility while retaining a gentleman's spirit. This piece is the winner of several awards from the sector, represents an almost flawless fusion between old and new. The structure of Gentac is constructed from titanium-grade aerospace and crafted of cutting edge metal alloys and used as a canvas for Koftgari's stunning work, for sterling silver carvers and among the most respected hand-gravers in the world.

William Henry A Series

The A series by William Henry was designed for people who appreciate elegance and are searching for a fine, crafted engraved pocket knife to bring around their daily lives.

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