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The Ressence Type 5 watch line continues to impress watchmakers and sports-watch collectors for its distinct design. Ressence Type 5 watches are a popular luxury diver’s piece that offers exceptional readability no matter your lighting environment. It features an oil-filled module that helps deliver distortion-free visibility in underwater depths of 100 meters. Inspired by nature, the shape emulates sea turtles to further express its utility as a high-performance, aesthetically pleasing divers watch. Finding original Ressence Type 5 watches for sale can be complicated when you do not have help. If you are trying to find the best place to buy Ressence Type 5 watches, let Exquisite Timepieces assist you. Exquisite Timepieces specializes in luxury watches, including the top emerging brands. Exquisite Timepieces is a Ressence Type 5 watch authorized dealer.


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Ressence Type 5 Review

Ressence is famous for its dedication to stand out in the industry of watchmaking and go a step further from where its competitors stop! Once again, this company has proven its uniqueness with the new collection Type 5, which has been additionally updated in 2019 with the Night Blue Dial version, in addition to the other two created in 2017!

The concept that was already started with the Type 3 collection, the oil-filled module continues to be developed and enhanced in the Ressence Type 5. The application of the oil guarantees full readability, so the expression of time is legible regardless of the viewing angle. Ressence has certainly achieved quite an advancement with this as talking about the standard dive watches, which have to be looked at from the straight angle to read the time, this is not an occasion with the Ressence Type 5.

The components that are part of the ROCS 5 and count the number of 142 with the dial itself are submerged into a quantity of 37.5 ml of oil. For those of you who are not certain what does the manufacturer understands under ROCS 5, we would say that this is a patented Ressence system of orbital convex - a module with a minute axle of a base caliber.

If you are asking yourself why and what is achieved by that, here is the answer! Perfect visibility underwater or in your office, so now no longer need to find the right angle while diving in order to read the time as every angle is the right one due to the anti-reflection property of the glass and oil-filled concept.


How it all started

Ressence Type 5 was a natural and logical continuation of the concept and the idea born and implemented with Type 3. When Benoît Mintiens first developed the design with the Type 3 and realized that in the occasion when the Ressence watch is submerged into the water, the dial displays no reflection thanks to the oil-filled in the dial. So the logical development was the design and creation of a dive watch, which on the other hand, resulted in the Ressence Type 5 collection, which for the first time appeared in the year 2017. At first, the idea was to advance Type 3 into a sports version, but now when you look at the collection, it is a classic horological timepiece that in its essence, is a mechanical watch. What is different compared to the other Types, in this collection, there is no wire attachment, but there are lugs. However, in order to comply with the strict regulations required for a dive watch, the designers modified the classical and traditional look into a sportier one.   


Ressence Type 5: Design

Ressence Watch Type 5 features three different models: Ressence Type 5B Black, Ressence Type 5BB “Black Black,” and the latest version Ressence Type 5N “Night Blue.” Furthermore, what makes these watches a popular choice is that they are perfectly wearable for daily use, and they maintain the same quality when in and out of the water. Whereas in the past a common belief was that if the watch is to be used deep in the water, then it has to be made of thick glass and massive case, nowadays this is no longer the case, especially after Ressence and their innovative and sophisticated design. The Ressence Type 5 collection of watches does not weigh and is super light, with just 87 grams of weight. The case itself is made of titanium with grade 5. Their design is inspired by nature. It takes its design from the sea turtles and their shape, and it is logical if this shape works for the turtles in the sea; it must be good enough for an amphibious watch. Thus, the collection ends up with a simple but innovative design with the whole case serving as a crown. So if one is in need to set the time, turning the case in both directions would do the trick. The winding is automatically done by a rotor after the setting of the time.


Ressence Type 5: Features

In order to classify itself as a dive watch, The Ressence Type 5, among other things, meets all the requirements that are prescribed according to ISO standard 6425. What this means for the Ressence Type 5 collection is that all versions Type 5B, Type 5BB, and 5N are water-resistant at a minimum of 100 meters, which is ensured by the back of the case, specially innovated design by the Ressence.

The designers have developed a unique system for the Type 5 called RCLS, which is an abbreviation, which means a system for locking the gasket compression designed by Ressence. From a practical point of view what this means is that, although the watch Type 5 does not have a crown, the case-back being used as a winding mechanism and as a tool for setting the time, also features two other positions; the first being “lock” and the second “set.”

The second requirement for a dive watch is excellent readability. The Ressence Type 5 has another characteristic feature that makes it outstanding, and that is the display of the time during the night period and the same level of readability as during day time, which is achieved by the time indications engraved with green and blue Superluminova.


Ressence Type 5: Case and Movement

What makes the Ressence Type 5 collection more advanced compared to the other Ressence collections is the smart design of two individual chambers that are sealed. This system is designed in that way in order to keep the oil sealed in the upper chamber separate from the mechanical movement in the lower chamber. The magnet system is connecting the two chambers, and the motion is transmitted and transferred from the caliber to the upper module. As sometimes the quantity of the oil fluctuates due to the varying temperature, the designers have integrated seven bellows system that compensates and correspondingly contracts and expands. There is also an indicator of the temperature of the oil.

The case itself is 46 mm in diameter and 15.5 mm thick, made of a combination of sapphire top and titanium with a regulator display. The spacing between the two lugs is 25 mm, and this looks more conventional compared to the style of the loops that are applied with the other Ressence type 1 and 3.


Ressence Type 5: Dial

The unidirectional rotating bezel has a scale of 60 minutes, and there is a sub-dial as well. The display also features a scale of the temperature of oil, the regulator hours, and the runner (90 seconds). The runner dial is showing if the watch is operating and goes around once every 90 seconds. This is important as Type 5 is a dive watch, and it is of considerable significance to be certain that the watch is running when you are underwater. There is an hour hand on a separate hour dial.

The automatic winding has a 36- hour power reserve and convex orbital system that is comprised of 142 components and 41 jewels and 28 800 vibrations per hour. The Ressence dive watch also has a shock-absorber function that comes from the magnets, and the dial is 125 mm in radius with three biaxial satellites. We have already mentioned the ROCS 5 based module that makes the Ressence watch type 5’s dial look three dimensional when it comes to the motion and ability to be rotated as when you move the case the whole dial spins.


Ressence Type 5: Additional features

The strap that is included again is a combination of leather and nylon fabric, and it is easy to take off and adjust mainly because of the Velcro and Ardillon buckle that is part of the strapping. The lugs are short, so the watch is comfortable for wearing on the wrist. The third version, the Night Blue, comes with a Cordovan strap in dark blue color as an addition to the other two versions in black color. The straps lay comfortable on the hand, and the buckle and Velcro system functions very well for proper adjustment.


Ressence Type 5: Value

If you are looking for Ressence Type 5 for sale, you have visited the right place. The is the site where among the many reputable and exclusive brands, you can purchase the collection of watches from the Ressence Type 5.

This mechanical timepiece that has been combined with exquisite notion that makes the Ressence dive watch exclusive and best known for perfect readability even when diving and regardless of the time of the day, is available for a price of 35,800 dollars.

You can choose among the three available models Ressence type 5bb, Ressence Type 5b, and Ressence type 5n. The three versions of the Type 5 collection share the same design, functions, and style, so the only difference is in the color choice. No matter which one you would choose for your favorite, we are sure that you will not regret purchasing this dive watch that offers perfect wearability and readability not only deep in the water but in day-to-day use too.

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