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The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch series is a top-of-the-line professional pilot’s watch. The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch line has impressed watchmakers around the world, earning a “flight-qualified” achievement from NASA. These high-end chronographs are well-known for their historical significance, specifically the accolades it received for being one of the first timepieces used in space. Constructed to maintain performance even in the harshest environmental conditions, it is no surprise the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch continues to exceed all expectations. Searching for an original Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch for sale without the right help can be extremely difficult. If you are looking for the best place to buy Omega Speedmaster Moonwatches, we can help. Exquisite Timepieces is an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch authorized dealer.


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Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Review

This article is going to discuss the Omega Speedmaster Collection and well yes, its special contribution to history. Keep reading to find out.


History of the Omega Speedmaster Collection

The initial launch of the Speedmaster watches was in 1957 and was actually intended to be used by the race car drivers or athletes who could wear the watch corresponding to their high-end profession but little did Omega know, Speedmaster was going to make history.
Omega Speedmaster was worn by the astronauts while going to space and more precisely, on the moon! In 1968, the watch manufacturers in Switzerland were all trying to hit on a chance of making a timepiece that could go into space and survive the hard conditions. What makes this watch even more special is that it was worn by Buzz Aldrin and became the first watch on the moon.


Testing of the Omega Speedmaster

If you’re opting for the Omega Speedmaster, wear it proudly because it is the only watch with the stamp of “NASA approved”. In 1965, NASA asked a few top brands to submit their watches for testing the conditions of the space and guess who stood out. Yes, the Omega Speedmaster! It survived the

  • Extremely high temperatures up to 93 degree celsius
  • Extremely low temperatures up to -18 degree celsius
  • Up to 15 temperature cycles of extreme heating and cooling
  • Humidity test of  95% relative humid atmosphere
  • Oxygen atmosphere of 100% up to 48 hours
  • Six shocks of 40 g from multi directions
  • Extremely low and high atmospheric pressure from 10 atm to 1.6 atm
  • The range of 1 to 7.25 g linear acceleration in 333 seconds
  • Vibrations ranging from 5 Hz to 2000 Hz for the whole 30 minutes in cycles of three
  • Half an hour of acoustic noise at the 130 dB

If you are already thinking of having this Speedmaster on your wrist, don’t wait and head here to get yourself one. 


What makes the Omega Speedmaster Tick?

As the Speedmaster watch history has acquired legendary status in watch manufacturing, the movement used in the iconic Speedwatch is also somewhat the same. Having said that, there are three iterations of the Speedmaster movement.

The first one was the Calibre 321 which was basically Lemania based. The Calibre 321 was a column-wheel chronograph that is still highly lauded and appreciated. The Omega, however, upgraded it to the cam-actuated chronograph which was probably due to the easy maintenance and low costs of production. Finally, another minor tweaking resulted in the iteration of Calibre 861 in 1997, upping it to the Calibre 1861.

321 Movement is no doubt, still loved and collected by the watch admirers. Mostly, because it contains more technical complexities of the column-wheel chronograph such as the vertical clutch in contrast to the chronograph that is horizontally coupled with the levers and arms. But again, also because it came into usage only for 11 years which renders it an extremely collectible timepiece. A vertical has several unique and treasured features, which we discuss in additional articles on
Time 4 A Pint show host Chris Mann, very famous for his podcast, said, “Collectors get very excited about the 321 but for me, the 861 was an improvement,”. So, in the end, it all comes down to what you personally admire and appreciate. As always, Exquisite Timepieces is here to help by providing all complete collection of Speedmasters by Omega.


Sub Collections of Omega Speedmaster

The Omega speedy collection has retained some of its original design elements to date while also has seen some variations. There are numerous models of the Speedmaster collection out there now. For instance, the tachymeter engraved bezel and triple-register dial date back to the original speedy series but the tonneau-shaped Mark II case along with its self-winding movement is the total upgrade in the design of Speedmaster. 

We have detailed for you the important features of the most emblematic models of the Omega Speedmaster collection:


Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

As the name indicates, this model of the Speedmaster Omega is the one that made history in 1969 by being the first watch on the moon. Since then, Omega has continued to work with NASA and supply timepieces for the astronauts. However, the historical Moonwatch model here is pretty much unchanged from its original design.

The timepieces today retain the important features of the original watch such as the tachymeter scale and three register dial. The timepiece has the classic features of Hesalite crystal, indices and hands being Super LumiNova and also the case made of pure stainless steel. The hand-wound 1861 Calibre Movement with a 42 mm case is the true characteristic of the Omega Speedmaster Pro Moonwatch.

The timepiece also offers water resistance up to 5 bars.

The four iterations of the Omega Moonwatch Professional are available with also the choice of leather strap or bracelet of pure stainless steel and the sapphire or the solid back case. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch price is 5,350 USD.


Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch CK2915

The most vintage model of the Moonwatch collection of the Speedmaster is the CK2915 along with the CK2913 and the CK2914, Seamaster and Railmaster respectively. The model has definitely a sporty vibe to it inspired by the Italian racing car dashboard clocks. The wide arrow hands with the classy black dial soldered with the curved lugs make up for its sporty nature. With the Column-wheel Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional chronograph, it still houses the Omega 321 Lemania based Calibre which is not into production since 1968.

If you need to get your hands on this rare vintage model, beware of the crooks. Trusted stores such as Exquisite Timepieces can be your best destination to buy this.


Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch 105.012 and 145.012

These two models are actually the one that was worn by the astronauts in the Apollo 11 on the moon. You can see the additional crown guards added to the model on the recommendation of NASA in case there is a risk of pushers being knocked off with the extended use. These 321 Calibre professional watches are actually the least expensive as far as the vintage 321 movement goes.


Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch 145.022

This model saw an upgrade in the previous Moonwatch with the Lemania 861 Omega Calibre and Cam lever instead of the column wheel we saw previously. The Dial does not feature the Omega logo on this timepiece. Reference 145.022 also comes in the different back cases including the “First Watch Worn on the Moon” inscription and also the famous version of the horizontal inscription of “Apollo XI 1969”. The special timepiece of this version is the gold model with a burgundy ceramic bezel. Made with the Moonshine 18k gold, a somewhat paler hue as opposed to the traditional yellow is combined with a similar colored dial in this limited-edition timepiece.


Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8

If you like something distinct and bold, consider Dark Side of the Moon. This is the very first Speedmaster Moonwatch that comes in a full ceramic case. The movement is Omega 1861 Calibre being hand-wound and also opened and ornamented with the texture of the moon at both front and back sides. The yellow and white accents in the timepiece render it a contemporary and sporty look with the overall theme of “Dark Side of the Moon”.

You can grab these timeless watch beauties exclusively at Exquisite Timepieces.


Omega Speedmaster Mark Series

There are four Mark series in the Omega Speedmaster collection officially. The first one being Mark II was launched in 1969 which was then followed by three series of Mark III, Mark IV, and Mark V. These watches though, not meant for space travel, have exceptional features. The first and the last series of Mark i.e. II and V feature the hand-wound movement similar to the Speedmaster Professional 145.022. The other two series of this collection have the automatic Lemania based 1040 Calibre
Chronograph movement.


Omega Speedmaster Mark II

Mark II has featured in the same year Omega made history on the moon, therefore, it incorporates some of the distinguished original Speedy features along with certain variations. The triple-register dial is similar while the specially made tonneau case makes it look more streamlined. The tachymeter bezel is present but on the sapphire crystal as a transparent scale. A ring of aluminum, containing the Super LumiNova is used to illuminate the crystal from beneath. Further, a date window is installed in a sub-dial at 6 o’clock. With the Co-Axial 3330 Calibre and the 42.4 mm case diameter, the modern Mark II is available in different dials and tones including the stainless steel models. The Price of Mark II is 6,250 USD.  


Vintage Omega Speedmaster Models You Must Collect

Although not official, the timepiece I am going to mention is considered as the Mark 4.5 as it is almost the same as Mark IV but with the Lemania based 5100 movements i.e. the Omega 1045 Calibre.

Another model not officially in the mark series is the Speedmaster Teutonic, installed with the same 1045 Omega Calibre and closely resembling the Mark V. The watch was launched only to hit the German market in the 1980s but is a sure vintage collectible piece.
Speedmaster 125 is the vintage model marking the 125th anniversary of the brand Omega with only 2000 timepieces made. The timepiece featured the movement 1041 Calibre which is actually the first automatic movement Chronograph that got the certification of chronometer. The watch had a clunky case which is not hard to find today in good condition.

A worth mentioning model here is also the Professional Omega Moonphase. This model was launched in 1985 and only 1300 timepieces were made and well, it is highly sought-after. The brand relaunched this model in the 2000s and thus, it still runs in the collectibles of watch admirers.

No matter what Mark timepiece you choose to wear on your wrist, always make sure to purchase from and authorized retails and of course consider Exquisite Timepieces for every Omega model.


Omega Speedmaster ’57

The Speedmaster ’57 pays tribute to the original Omega Speedmaster, yes, of course, the 1957 debut model by Omega. This Speedmaster is the replica of the original one launched by the brand with the broad arrow hands and the straight lugs that extend from the case of the watch. The notable change in the design, however, is the inclusion of two subdials instead of three in the original model. The third subdial in Speedmaster ’57 is replaced by a date window installed at 6 o’clock in the watch. Another commendable addition to the timepiece is exclusive in house Omega movement Co-Axial Calibre 9300 viewed clearly from the back sapphire case. 41.5 mm case diameter, 10 bar water resistance, and eighteen whooping variations including the 1957 Trilogy model make this Speedmaster must-have in the collection. This piece is priced at  9000 USD. Head here to shop this Speedmaster.


Omega Speedmaster Racing

Though Omega is now more often associated with the outer space application, the original Speedmaster was meant to be for racing. The Omega Racing Chronograph has distinctive elements meant for paying homage to Speedy’s heritage of racing including the three sub-dials expanded and alternating minute-track. Arrowheads of the indices are beveled and treated with the Super LumiNova to match the race. The Racing Speedmaster features the sleek Omega Co-Axial Master 9900 Chronometer also having METAS certification. The diameter of the case is 44.25 mm and also features a 5 bar water resistance.

In order to up the game of sportiness, the strap is made with black leather revealing the orange accents of rubber through micro-perforations in the strap. But still, if you want it to be more classy and less sporty, you can opt from any of the twenty-four variations available in the Racing Speedmaster for around 8,450 USD. want to buy it now? Shop here.


Omega Speedmaster 38

Yet another peep into the Speedy’s past, this Speedmaster 38 is the elegant modification in the original 38mm model of Omega. With the name of the Speedmaster backing it, the model actually draws some inspiration from the collection of De Ville inculcating softness and oval shapes along with the classic three-register dial and the date window at 6. The shape of the sub-dials and the date window is uniquely designed to make it stand out from the other models. Further, the back of the case in Speedmaster 38 also nods to its heritage by showcasing the popular seahorse medallion. It also features the movement of Omega Co-Axial 3330 Calibre with the same case diameter of 38mm. The timepiece also offers the water-resistance of 10 bars. Speedmaster 38 by Omega has a little for everyone since it comes in sixteen different iterations offering various options in straps, colors, and accents including the diamond accent.
You can fix yourself a Speedmaster 38 in around 6,150 USD and if you want to do it right now, shop here.


Omega Speedmaster Solar Impulse HB-SIA

The Speedmaster Solar Impulse represents the cooperation of Omega in the Solar Impulse Project started in 2009 introducing a wide range of experimental aircraft solar-powered products. The timepiece is recognized by its registration number still i.e. HB-SIA and also takes inspiration from the aircraft design.

The solar speedy has the Omega Co-Axial 3603 Calibre movement with a 44.25 mm diameter of the case. The timepiece also resists to water up to 10 bar. The distinct features of this Solar powered speedy model are the carbon fiber black dial and the back of the case that is colorfully etched with a patch of solar impulse. To get the overall desired look, the timepiece comes with the bold strap made of rubber representing the reminiscent honeycomb composite structure of the carbon fiber in the solar impulse by the textured interior finish. Two out of three iterations of the solar Impulse Speedy come with the rubber straps but one version is also available with the titanium bracelet to complete the overall look. The Solar Impulse model is available for 9,100 USD.
If you are also making your mind to support the Solar Impulse project, grab your Speedmaster right here.  


Omega Speedmaster X-33 Regatta

This limited-edition timepiece by Omega was introduced for paying a tribute to the team of Emirates New Zealand in winning their bid in 35th America’s cup at Bermuda. The model was released in 2017 with certain features specially designed keeping in mind the crew members. The timepiece is designed in a way that outstands the race conditions. The regatta function is at the heart of this Speedmaster model that is activated by a red single button for the crucial countdown at the start of the race. X-33 Regatta Speedmaster shows both the digital and the analog readings featuring a range of alarms with a distinct ringing sequence of each. 45 mm diameter of the case employs the Omega 5620 Calibre Movement in this Speedmaster. X-33 Regatta also offers 3 bar resistance to water. You can grab your Regatta Speedmaster for 5,900 USD.
Do you desire this limited-edition Speedmaster in your watch collection? You can shop at Exquisite timepieces that sell high-end luxury watches. 


Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33

This model of Speedmaster has a lot going on for itself as this is the upgrade of the original X-33 series launched in 1998. The X-33 Skywalker has advanced quartz Movement and a hybrid display. The integrated and thermo-compensated circuit has the Omega quartz 5619 Calibre. The Skywalker Speedmaster has three different alarm systems and showcases the readings of three time-zones. The model also features the perpetual calendar, various functions of the countdown, and the chronograph. The timepiece comes in a case diameter of 45mm and 3 bar water resistance. As with some other Omega Speedmasters, this model s approved by ESA (European Space Agency) for its outer space missions. The Skywalker X-33 is available for 5,900 USD and ready for you to grab over here.


Omega Speedmaster Spacemaster Z-33

The Omega Flighmaster launched in 1969 is the source of inspiration for this newly updated Spacemaster Z-33. This model of Speedmaster is also equipped with the novel and multifunctional Quartz 5666 Calibre movement. The timepiece showcases the hybrid readings including both analog and digital with a 43 mm case diameter. The Spacemaster Z-33 timepiece features the titanium case of grade 5 construction with a double-walled back case. The model includes the functions of reading two time-zones, a perpetual calendar, a chronograph mechanism, an alarm system, and a countdown timer. Z-33 Spacemaster is also equipped with a water-resistance of 3 bars. The price of this Speedmaster Spacemaster Z-33 is 5,900 USD. We have covered you all the Omega Speedmaster model shopping here at Exquisite Timepieces.


Where to Buy Omega Speedmaster

You have to be careful while purchasing the elite Speedmaster Collection by Omega only to look for the original and authentic timepiece. Luckily, you can purchase all the Speedmaster Collection, literally any model you like, at the Exquisite Timepieces. The store of Exquisite Timepieces sells high-end luxury timepieces of the best quality also deals in pre-owned watches. Head to the store to browse through all the collections.


Wrap Up: Omega Speedmaster Watch Collection Review

The Omega Speedmaster Collection is surely a treat for the watch lovers and it might take a 20 pages long guide to cover it all but you can get the overall features of these beauties from this article, at least enough to buy one for yourself!

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