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Omega watches have become a household name among horological aficionados for as long as anyone can remember. Omega is no newbie in the watch industry, and its accomplishments and feats are not only known to enthusiastic watch collectors but also plebs in the industry. But the story about the road to success of a luxury watch brand never gets boring, and Omega isn’t just any luxury watch brand. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Omega Speedmaster 57 collection. You can find Omega Speedmaster 57 watches for sale here.

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Omega Speedmaster 57 Review

The first collection of Speedmaster released in 1957 has finally been updated with a cutting-edge member in this family that pleases even the most delicate aesthetic timepieces admirers. The Co-Axial Chronograph from Omega Speedmaster 57 shows appreciation of its ancestor but at the same time, its design is refreshing and created to conquer its own adventures. 

The collection that was started in 1957 received a new timepiece that makes the collection far more subtle and with fine finishes with the latest model that incorporates a newly designed dial in bold black, and hands with broad arrow shape and characteristics that will surely remind all those who are familiar with the Omega brand of the first authentic Speedmaster Professional. Some of the resembling features are the dial in black color and beige dial indicators, which are incorporated together with a bezel featuring a scale from the tachymeter that is a feature well-known and typical for the Speedmaster collection. 


Typical Features of the Omega Speedmaster 57 

One of the typical features of the authentic Omega Speedmaster 57 was the bracelets that reappear again with this chronograph and the lugs that extend from the case of the watch. What is different from the standard Speedmaster collection is that this timepiece features two sub-dials unlike the other wristwatches from Omega Speedmaster that typically feature three. One of the sub-dials integrates the counters for the hours and the minutes at the position of 3 o’clock and the other sub-dial tracks the seconds at the position of 9 o’clock. The chronograph offers clear and intuitive time reading. The design of the dials is pure and clear. What is common for this collection and the other ones in Omega Speedmaster is the tachymeter scale. 


The Models in Omega Speedmaster 57 Collection

The models in the Omega Speedmaster 57 are equipped with 9300/9301 Co-Axial calibers that feature balance spring made of silicon. This is the first exclusive in-house caliber from Omega that is Co-Axial and integrates the chronograph function. This caliber movement can be observed through the case back of the sapphire crystal.

This Omega Speedmaster 57 collection has a total of 17 models, which have 41.5 mm case with a range of options in reference to colors such as yellow gold or 18K red or other eye-catching color blends. The cases are made of stainless steel and you can choose between a leather strap or metal bracelet depending on your style and tastes. Regardless of what you choose you cannot make a mistake with any decision. George Clooney, for example, chose the Omega Co-axial Chronograph 41.5mm for his favorite companion. In addition, the collection also offers an opportunity for collectors to own a unique timepiece, Rory McIlroy. The same in size 41.5 mm, this watch, although reminding of the authentic 57 collection has a dial that is inspired by golf. 

Yet the Co-Axial 57 Chronograph is the latest model in the Omega Speedmaster 57 collection. It is also the best well-known and most interesting. It features caliber 9300 with a self-winding, automatic watch with vintage but at the same time a modern look. The case looks more massive than it actually is with the size of 41.5 mm, which actually makes it smaller than the other watches in the Omega Speedmaster collections like the Moonwatch. In terms of thickness, it is 16.4 mm and the distance from lug to lug is 20 mm. 


Omega Speedmaster 57: The Bracelets 

The bracelet and case are both made of steel. The bracelet is also vintage-inspired and has a folding buckle. The bevel is with sheer sides and the bracelet is a mix of satin and polish that contribute to the nice contrast of the two metals. On the inner side, there are big gaps in the bracelet which assists in avoiding pinching of the skin and better ventilation on a hot summer day. If you want to remove the sizeable links on the bracelet you can do this if you remove the screws. There is a double deployment clasp on the bracelet with a trigger release, which ensures the security of the watch staying on your hand. 

When designing the bracelets Omega has done the research for the collection of Speedmaster 57, by exploring the authentic ones from 50-ies and 60-ies in the collection of Speedmaster. The features that were typical for the bracelets and borrowed for this 57 collection are small springs and flat links. What the major difference is, compared to older versions, is the thickness of the bracelets - the newer models are a little thicker. Of course, there is an option for choosing one of the many straps. 

The watches are water-resistant up to 100 meters, meaning that they can be aquatic watches. The Omega Speedmaster Vintage model, for example, can be adjusted into 5 positions. All the timepieces are very accurate and robust.  


Omega Speedmaster 57: The Case 

The case has a minimalist look and gives an elegant appearance. On the outside of the case, there is a tachymeter scale, the numbers are engraved on the metal scale in black lacquer and are easily readable. The dial is really impressive with the indices covered with Super-LumiNova. The broad arrows have also been back as in the first and original Speedmaster as these were not present in the 2013 release but returned in the latest 2015 edition. The primary difference between the two collections is in the hands and the dial. 


Omega Speedmaster 57: The Movement 

In addition, the attractiveness of the watch comes from the movement that is in-house developed which is caliber 9300. Typically the other models where there is 9300 movement are in size of 44.25 mm, but with this collection, the size is smaller. This movement is special as it took years of improvement and development to create the perfect movement that also features a mechanism of a column wheel for the movements of the chronograph with levers. In this context, the movement of 9300 guarantees a deviation of maximum between -6 to +4 sec. daily. 

There is a free-sprung balance equipped with a balance bridge that helps in the shock-resistance. The back of the case is extremely domed and you can observe the movement from the sapphire crystal. In addition, there is a vertical clutch that does not create wear and tear of the movement. 


Omega Speedmaster 57: The Dial 

There are two registers- one for the chronograph and seconds on the vintage dial model of the 2015 edition. There is a mono-counter that features 2 hands in an alpha style that shows the minutes and the hours on the same register at the position of the 3 o’clock and the other one with running seconds at the position where 9 o’clock is. The date window at six o’clock is with a monotone disc. 

What is specific and characteristic for the 9300 caliber is the time zone function. With the time zone function, you can jump the date in any direction. The time zone function is extremely useful, especially for frequent travelers. You can set the time zone without disturbing the timing function of the watch.  You can go through the time zones without stopping any other of the dial indications. However, this can be changed if you pull the crown entirely you can hack the seconds and stop the timing functions if you want to synchronize them in accordance with the time in that time zone. 


Omega Speedmaster 57 Price

When talking about the worth of the Omega Speedmaster Collection 57 we can definitely say that it is a collection of awesome watches that got their inspiration and influence on the appearance from the original Speedmaster designed in 1957 and one that has certainly marked the time as it is considered to be an iconic chronograph. By purchasing these new timepieces you not only get a watch with impeccable 9300 caliber but also components that are contributing to the impressive performance such as the balance spring Si14, and the Co-Axial escapement. 

As an example of some of the models is Omega Speedmaster 57 Blue with a great price of 9,000 dollars. This particular watch features Omega Speedmaster 57 blue dial and just like the other models it features central chronograph hand for the seconds and a window for the date function. In addition, another model that we truly recommend is Omega 33110425101002 which if purchased in red gold 18k case can cost around 36,000 dollars compared to Speedmaster 57 titanium models 9,000 - 10,000 dollars. If interested in checking these models as well as other timepieces from the Omega collection of Speedmaster 57, our site is the best place to purchase the model you chose. 


Wrap Up: Omega Speedmaster 57 Review

The Omega Speedmaster 57 Collection contains some timepieces that can be worn every day. The watches are self-winding and they have a function of setting the date. The entire look resembles the original Omega Speedmaster with a sapphire crystal case. The timepieces feature in-house movement with caliber 9300, very precise chronograph action and Co-Axial escapement. The two great features that make this watch impressive sight are the hands that are in the form of broad arrows and the dial that is especially popular because of the Vintage SuperLumiova look. 

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