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NOMOS Glashütte Lambda Watches

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The NOMOS Glashütte Lambda watch collection took the watchmaking community by storm with its impressive power reserves and generously proportioned dial. The NOMOS Glashütte Lambda watch series has won awards for its technical precision and robust, yet elegant style. With unobtrusive index markers and ultra-thin hands, the pocket-watch design delivers a more delicate, spacious display. The seamless integration of innovative technology is what gives this piece a long-lasting power reserve of up to eighty-four hours. It is the epitome of classic timepiece beauty and trustworthy functionality. Do not be surprised if you struggle to find NOMOS Glashütte Lambda watches for sale. Especially if you do not know where to start. Let Exquisite Timepieces assist you. Exquisite Timepieces specializes in luxury wristwatches and can get what you need. Exquisite Timepieces is a NOMOS Glashütte Lambda watch authorized dealer.


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Nomos Lambda Review

Nomos Lambda watches are among the best from Nomos Glashutte. As a true masterpiece in gold, the models are perfectly simple and generously proportioned. With the 84-hour power reserve, the watch has the power to tick for three and a half days once wound. As one of the most elegant watches from the German brand, the collection has won several prizes. The models come in two distinct sizes, one with a 39mm diameter while the other has a 42mm diameter. These timepieces are quite robust since the smallest size is the one with a 39mm diameter. The models with a large diameter come in white or rose gold while the smaller one is available only in rose gold. These watches continue to exhibit the highest level of craftsmanship from the Nomos Atelier.


Nomos Lambda 39 952

Nomos Lambda 39 (Ref 952), is one of the elegant timepieces from the Lambda collection. It has a rose gold 18k casing and a tripartite sapphire crystal glass. The dial is galvanized, white silver plated with a generously proportioned power reserve indicator showing how much time is remaining, to the very last hour. It is among the small-sized variety as it has a diameter of 39mm. The hands are gold while its water resistance levels are at 30m, making it splash-proof. Underneath the see-through case back, one can see the hand-wound caliber DUW 1001 running effortlessly.

The fact that the Lambda watches have a power reserve of up to 84 hours makes them unique and outstanding from all the other Nomos timepieces. Once wound, the piece continues ticking for a continued three and a half days or half a week before needing to be wound again. Exclusive to the Nomos Atelier collection is the winged clasp in 18kt gold that graces the Lambda models. These clasps are designed and polished by hand in Berlin. The gold watches come with an elegant version of the horween genuine shell cordovan leather straps. They do guarantee extra comfort on the wrist because aside from being remborde, they’re also cushioned.


Guanqin Nomos Lambda

Guanqin Nomos is a watch that especially pays homage to the Lambda timepieces. Everything about the Guanqin NomosLambda is unique and outstanding. With the stainless steel casing and sapphire crystal glass, scratches are the least of your worries. On the matt white dial is a 35-hour power reserve indicator inspired by the Bauhaus style. It also has a circular date window within the seconds sub-dial at noon. The Nomos Glashutte Lambda has an automatic movement which can be seen through the sapphire crystal glass back. An adjustable bracelet for the Guanqin Lambda is quite comfortable for the wearer.


Nomos Lambda 39 953

Another version of the Lambda 39 is Ref 953. It has a 39mm diameter and embodies the most exceptional watchmaking skill of the Nomos Atelier. The casing is rose gold 18kt with a tripartite sapphire crystal glass back. It has a sapphire crystal glass and a water-resistance level of up to 30m. This watch is hand-wound and bears a power-reserve of up to 84 hours. With the twin mainspring barrels, the Nomos caliber DUW 1001 has double the power, thus ensuring the impressive power-reserve of up to half a week. Underneath the see-through case back is the breathtaking view of the hand-wound caliber in motion.

On the galvanized, white silver-plated dial, one will find an 84-hour power indicator as well as a sub-dial showing the seconds function. The hands of this timepiece are tempered blue. Nomos Glashutte can achieve elegance with the horween genuine shell cordovan leather straps. The straps are robust, thick, and long-lasting. They tend to be comfortable for the wearer as they are cushioned. Elaborately produced and polished by hand are the winged clasps that are exclusive to the Nomos Atelier collection.


Nomos Lambda 39 954

Lambda 39 velvet black (Ref 954), is another small version of the Nomos Lambda rose gold. With a diameter of 39mm only, the watch also bears a rose gold 18kt casing and a sapphire crystal glass. The manually wound caliber DUW 1001 can be seen in motion through the tripartite sapphire crystal glass back. With a water resistance of 30atm, this timepiece qualifies to be splash-proof. The galvanized, ruthenium-plated dial has quite some unique features starting from the dial color. There’s the 84-hour power reserve indicator as well as a sub-dial that shows the seconds function. Precision and accuracy are among the things this watch doesn’t lack thanks to the twin mainspring barrels.

The Nomos Lambda price varies with every model an individual might decide to purchase. For instance, the price range for all the small version models with a 39mm diameter starts at $17,000. From the sapphire crystal glass, power reserve indicator, and the seconds sub-dial, among others, this watch has a lot to offer for your money. For the other models, the pricing can begin from $18,500 or $20,000, depending on the variant. Here at Exquisite Timepieces, we have quite a variety of timepieces from the German brand that our clients can choose from.


Nomos Lambda 935

Nomos Lambda 935, is another alluring model from the Lambda collection with a deep blue dial. It has an 84-hour power indicator as well as a seconds sub-dial. The solid white gold 18kt casing gives this watch the perfect frame. Its domed sapphire crystal glass has an anti-reflective coating on the inside. The tripartite sapphire crystal glass back, allows the bearer to look at the effortless movements of the hand-wound caliber DUW 1001. It’s also quite amazing how the watch can tick consecutively for half a week before needing to be rewound. There are also twin mainsprings barrels within that contribute to the precision and impeccable accuracy of the timepiece. Other than being remborde, the straps are also cushioned hence offering the most comfort to the wearer. This watch couldn’t ideally exude elegance.


Nomos Glashutte Lambda 933

We cannot forget to mention the Nomos Glashutte Lambda 933. The finely drawn 18kt white gold dial bears a generously proportioned, power reserve indicator as well as a sub-dial showcasing the seconds function. The handcrafted caliber DUW 1001 with twin mainspring barrels ensure the impeccable winding and precision of the timepiece. With the domed sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating, the bearer need not to worry about scratches. The watch happens to be among the robust Lambda models, as it has a diameter of 42mm. Its water resistance is up to 3atm. The strap is made of horween genuine shell cordovan black leather. This material is thick, long-lasting, and comfortable for the wearer.


Nomos Lambda 42 931

Another version of the Nomos Lambda 42 is Ref 931. It is an alluring timepiece and a true reflection of the Glashuttewatchmaking heritage. With its 42mm diameter, this watch makes for the perfect fit when it comes to robust wrists. The casing is 18 karats white gold, whereas the glass is a domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inside. A perfect view of the manually wound caliber DUW 1001 is granted through the see-through sapphire case back. It has a galvanized, white silver-plated dial with rhodium-plated hands. On the dial are a perfectly drawn 84-hour power reserve indicator and a sub-dial that features the seconds function.

This model is splash-proof as it is water-resistant to depths of 30m. Among other things, the watch has twin mainspring barrels guaranteeing utmost precision and accuracy. With a power reserve of up to 48 hours, the wearer needs to wind it only once every three and a half days. The straps are made of excellent material such as the horween genuine shell cordovan black leather. Apart from being long-lasting, this material is also thick and robust. Just like most of the Nomos timepieces, this model also has several awards under its name. By combining their craftsmanship and the latest technology, this German brand has been able to produce a product that is rare and outstanding, like the Lambda models that bear an 84-hour power reserve.


Wrap-up: Nomos Lambda Review

With the design and functionality of these timepieces, the prizes won by the models from this collection are well-deserved. The Nomos Lambda price for each model guarantees you value for your money because the watches have a lot to offer. Over the years, Nomos Glashutte has continued to produce impeccable timepieces suitable for their various clients. With the Lambda collection, the art of fine watchmaking and the latest technology are seamlessly combined to create some of the most elegant watches.

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