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HYT H0 Gold Blue Fluid to start, as per usual, with the watch’s case, is a big chunk of gold on the wrist, and the weight is substantial. The round 2N yellow gold case, measuring a titanic 48.8mm in diameter, offers an array of sleek finishes, from micro-blasted to polished to satin-brushed. It is topped by a box-type crystal with a nonreflective coating that increases the already cuff-stretching thickness to 18.7mm. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the HYT H0 collection. You can find HYT H0 watches for sale here.

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HYT H0 Review

HYT is a brand located in Neuchâtel, in the very heart of the traditional Swiss watchmaking region. Time is something that flows and actually gains significance through content. HYT recognized this core philosophy and set out to create timepieces that visibly connect the past, present, and future. With an unmatched enthusiasm and a rebellious determination, HYT was all set to make waves in the luxury industry. HYT crafts watches that overcame the force of gravity to indicate the flow of time with liquids. Swiss technology is at its finest in an HYT watch, it took its cue from philosophy to mirror time’s intrinsic fluidity.

HYT makes use of an innovative fluidic module to give the continuous flow of time a sense of appeal. Two bellows take shifts to expand and compress. As it is done, it receives or releases one of the two liquids that fill the watch capillary. One is clear and the other dyed, these fluids are separated by the repulsive force of their atomic molecules and represent elapsed and approaching time elegantly. 

The new H0 collection by HYT made it possible for the brand to be immediately recognizable for its use of liquid-filled capillary tubes to indicate the time. The H0 series features three different models, the HYT H0 Black, H0 Orange, andH0 Silver. The characteristic minimalist appearance takes visual cues from a water droplet and a watch case design that HYT calls a “pebble” style. HYT foregoes a watch bezel and case edge altogether, using a clear crystal that actually wraps around the side of the watch. Watches in the H0 series propose a symbolic and artistic interpretation of the persistent nature of time with silicon marquetry and its trademark fluid hours.


HYT H0 Blue Night 048-dl-93-bf-ru ($43,000)

The majestic H0 Blue Night by HYT takes us into the brand’s unique and strange world of watchmaking. A place where fluids coexist in harmony with intricate mechanical horology and time is visualized by a captivating combination of analog sub-dials and pressurized hydraulics. The H0 Collection takes all of HYT’s technical know-how, and its defining signature features and reimagines them in a style that makes them stand out in the watch industry.

The HYT H0 Blue Night is a quite stunning piece, constructed in black DLC stainless steel and a mass of sapphire crystal with an integrated rubber strap. Beneath the magnificent domed sapphire crystal which encloses three-quarters of the watch, spilling down over the brim of the dial and the brushed surface of the internal bezel with 24-hour markings, vivid electric blue indications contrast spectacularly against the backdrop of a black dial.

Instantly the eye is drawn to the blue fluid inside the superfine glass capillary which encircles the dial, emerging and disappearing at the 6. With HYT’s proprietary hydro-mechanical technology, the two bellows visible through the pill-shaped windows in the lower half of the dial expand and contract to force two immiscible fluids, one dyed, one completely clear, around the little tube in a twelve-hour retrograde cycle to display the hours.

In classic regulator layout, the minutes are displayed on the elevated central dial, and it is flanked by the small seconds and power reserve indicator on either side, their blue pointers adding to the drama. At the back, a clear sapphire case-back glamorously reveals the HYT Calibre 101 hand winding movement. It’s a sight to behold for any watch enthusiast. 65 hours of power reserve is available when the watch is fully wound. At 48.8mm the HYT H0 Blue Night is a bold and fabulous watch that packs enormous presence on the wrist, yet with the rubber strap slotting inside the case, and the folding clasp making for a close, wrist-hugging fit, it does wear very comfortable for its size.


HYT H0 Black 048-DL-90-GF-RU ($43,000)

The H0 Black by HYT is another symbol of extravagance. It magnificently innovates the genesis of the HYT brand - a slick-looking modern watch that is visually interesting and refined to perfection. The HYT H0 Black makes a bold statement and reflects a lot on the personality of its wearer. Wearing size is large, but comfortable. The H0 case is 48.8mm wide and 17.9mm thick. The majority of the black watch case is enveloped by a clear sapphire crystal. The case-back is brushed titanium and satin-finished. What actually makes the design of this watch more interesting is the dial of the watch. The watch dial is bowl-shaped.

The dial has 24-hour markers on it. Right on top of it is the clear sapphire crystal capillary tube which contains the time indicating fluid. In the HYT H0 Black watch variant, the fluid is of lovely green color. The green fluid color is the most legible. There is a luminous strip under the capillary tube, as well as a luminous coat on the traditional hands, making it highly legible in dark conditions. The watch wearer will of course adore the two oval-shaped windows on the watch dial that actually offer a clear view of the characteristic metal bellows which play a pivotal role in the control of the movement of the hour marker fluid. Comparatively to other watches, changing the time is a slightly slower process, but that is to be understood and respected in the HYT caliber 101 movements.

HYT brand is not recognized for manufacturing “safe” timepieces, and the H0 Black by HYT does not let down among the brand’s already atypical watch designs. It is a really huge watch putting it on would make you feel a bit like Iron Man. But you’d also be terrified of door frames, keeping your watch safe unconsciously at all times. Nevertheless, HYT H0 watches have a “coolness” factor to their presence that makes it really hard to take your eye off. The HYT H0 was a 2017 release and is now available in quite a wide range of executions. HYT H0 Black retails for $43,000.


HYT H0 - Time Is Precious 048-ac-78-bf-ru; Limited Edition 50 Pieces

HYT has released one of its most challenging and striking models yet. The H0 Time Is Precious watch by, Swiss brand HYT, is the latest induction to the expanding watch range manufactured by the skilled horologists from Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The union of the clear sapphire case and finely laser-cut results in an entirely unique and congruous product. The high level of skilled craftsmanship that went into the manufacturing of the watch dial demanded an overblown display. The light hits the polished facets from every angle due to the sapphire housing, which is a perfect complement for the watch.

The themes HYT intended to portray through these two components were plain and simple. The sapphire case used in the watch is actually a metaphor for complete transparency: no one can escape from time. The glorious watch dial represents the abstract yet beautiful chaos of life. And in the last, the memo ‘Time Is Precious” is engraved in the watch - a clear reminder to treasure every moment of life. The lugless watch case features a DLC-coated crown and a stainless-steel back. Despite the 48.8mm diameter, the watch is surprisingly comfortable to wear. On the contrary, the HYT watch offers only 30 meters depth of water resistance.

Four windows are present on the watch dial. And through them, the second’s disc, 65-hour power reserve indicator, and the two bellows that contain the clear and red liquids that indicate the time are clearly visible. For someone alien to HYT’s basic concept, it is that time is fluid. The watch contains a liquid-filled capillary tube that replaces the traditional watch hour hand. An extremely thin meniscus separates two liquids, one colored, one clear. This is the point of changeover that marks the time. As the left below gets completely depressed, it’s empty of colored fluid. In the meanwhile, the right below is completely filled with clear fluid. At that specific point, a brand-special retrograde function ensures that the colored liquid track back through the glass capillary and making it possible for fluid to start its 12-hour journey again.

HYT H0 Time Is Precious watch is not for everyone. It is a limited timepiece production, with only 50 units manufactured. With an already high level of elegance and sophistication, this watch offers exclusivity and uniqueness to its prospective wearer.


HYT H0 Gold 048-GD-94-NF-CR ($54,000)

A perfect combination of tradition and modernity, HYT’s H0 Gold celebrates the journey of the precious metal from the jewels of antiquity to the technology of the digital world. Gold wristwatches definitely divide opinion, but one thing is for sure, they are definitely back in style. In 2018, HYT revealed yellow gold versions of its H0 lineup, taking the watch collection to a whole new horizon.

For several centuries, the round motion of watch hands has been widely used to display the time. But HYT believes that time is liquid and its observation becomes a different experience. This Swiss brand came up with high-tech bellows fueled by a mechanical movement to drive fluid and portray time in a linear manner. By the use of a remarkable clear sapphire dome, the visibility of the contrasting fluids excellent from all angles. The H0 Gold watch is the brand’s novel design philosophy: highly graphic and sleek, with modern and pure aesthetics. Also, it is a tactile experience with its smooth curves, soft lines, and transitions.

This watch by HYT comes in a luscious 2N yellow gold watch case exhibiting time with black (or blue) liquids. Its choice of bold colors makes the watch stand out among the competition. It offers a bit less of that tool-watch feel. H0 Gold by HYT has a majestic presence on the wearer’s wrist –the case is 48.8mm in diameter and 17.9mm in height. The curved dial resonates with the idea of circular waves formed by a droplet of water falling into a lake. It mixes sand-blasting and circular-brushing. The minutes are indicated in the center sub-dial. The seconds counter is located at 9H. The power reserve for the watch is present at 2H. 

AT the backside, the clear exhibition case back gives a majestic view of the complexity of HYT’s intricate and sophisticated watch mechanics. The HYT H0 Gold is powered by a mechanical caliber and provides 65-hours of power reserve. 

Why gold in the H0 collection? The most prominent reason is that they have been asked to do so. There is a wide array of luxury watch buyers that don’t let anything but precious metal touch their skin. No titanium or steel will do. For them, it is only platinum and gold. For such potential clients, there is the H0 with its champagne looks and premium cost. HYT has priced the H0 Gold at $54,000 USD — a fair enough ask, for the abundance of gold as well as the proprietary timekeeping technology.


HYT H0 X Eau Rouge 048-AC-95-RF-RU ($43,000)

The fundamental philosophy behind HYT watches has always been pertaining to fluid dynamics. In an HYT watch, fluid is something that gives life to the timepiece. It animates the watch functions which is an indication of time. Seen from this perspective, the HYT H0 watches are much different from humans. That is why the company’s latest model, the HYT H0X Eau Rouge, includes red liquid alluding to the very essence of life itself, something that keeps humans alive - Blood.

The H0 X Eau Rouge by HYT is defiantly bold creation so farby this Swiss brand. The H0 watch is simply a cleaner, purer, and more wearable timepiece by HYT. It is designed with smooth surfaces, curves, and void of any superficial horology elements. Two watches are offered in the sub-collection of The HYT H0 X Eau Rouge. The watch case is made out of stainless steel in both instances. It is anthracite DLC-coated steel or satin-brushed and available in standard “silver” steel. On the dials of these two variants, the same color codes are to be seen. The uniform watch base with a matte finish makes the red accents more prominent. 

The H0 X Eau Rouge by HYT is undoubtedly a massive watch. Coming in at 48.8mm diameter and 18.7mm in height, the H0 watch is quite easy on the wearer’s wrist. The lug-to-lug dimension is 48mm. In short, even though it’s a large watch, the H0 X Eau Rouge is a comfortable watch to wear.

The HYT H0 X Eau Rouge is powered by a mechanical movement - hand-wound caliber created by Chronode – which drives the characteristic fluidic module of the watch. Even though the concept is well, yet it never fails to leave its observer in awe. Two metallic bellows propel liquid into a glass capillary tube. As time advances, the red fluid is pushed by the left metallic bellow into the glass tube to indicate the hours. The red-colored liquid represents the time that has passed. And the clear fluid shows the remaining time. The seam between these two represents the current hour. When the red-colored liquid has completed its path along the glass capillary tube, it will act as a retrograde indication and will fall back to the starting position.

HYT used colors, shapes, and finishes on the watch dial of the HYT H0 X Eau Rouge is very elegantly and nicely. As a result, we get an amalgamation of a modern look with traditional legibility, that isn’t distracting to its wearer. The watch dial by HYT very much wants to be a useful instrument for showcasing the time before it can be a piece of art and symbol of futurism. The functionality aspect of the H0 watch is very vital because at such prices even the most extravagant watch collectors want a device that is a handy tool before it is a show-off toy. These two new HYT H0 X Eau Rouge will be priced like the other steel pieces of the collection, meaning around $43,000 USD.


Wrap Up: HYT H0 Review

The Swiss brand, HYT believes that time is liquid. They ensure that their customers are made aware of the brand’s core philosophy, and in doing so the watches by HYT provide an almost poetic experience. The HYT H0 watch collection is a well-designed and refined futuristic timepiece for people who desire to stand out and potentially have a story on their wrist. It isn’t for everyone, but it will certainly attract the right customers.

With HYT aiming to increase its outreach to potential customers, affiliations with well-known brand dealers around the globe help the brand to so. HYT is now readily accessible to its valued customers. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the HYT watches. Looking for a great timepiece? Well, look no further. Folks at Exquisite Timepiece take pride in their customer service. Great companies are made by the people that run them. It is an exceptional place if you’re in the market for an HYT watch. Their sense of professionalism and work ethics correspond to the premium watch brands they deal with. A perfect place to acquire new or pre-owned brand watches.

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