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This German watchmaking company situated in Schramberg in the Black Forest was founded by Erhard Junghans in 1861. Junghans has widely known for its minimalist styling and continued production of some of the most exquisite timepieces over time, with undiminished enthusiasm. Through its precision and innovative ideas, the company has brought technological changes to traditional watchmaking. Since its founding date, Junghans has made huge strides in the clock and watchmaking fields. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Junghans Form A & C collection. You can find Junghans Form A & C watches for sale here.

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Junghans Form Watch Collection Review

Junghans Form is one of the beautiful collections from the German brand. Junghans has been able to achieve the alluring designs for its watches through constructive collaboration with some of the best product designers and engineers. Each model of the collection has its own unique and outstanding features. There are at least several different models of the collection, with each having different versions.

Junghans Form A Review

The Junghans Form A is another magnificent watch from the collection. This piece comes with a self-winding movement and a 38-hour power reserve. The watch has a date function, and it also has a stainless steel casing and a screwed case back with a mineral crystal. It has a 39.3mm diameter and a sapphire crystal glass. The straps of the watches vary from their material to their color. The leather straps have different colors, from black to brown, whereas the other strap material can either be a milanaise bracelet or a solid stainless steel bracelet. The dial colors and design vary with each piece.

The Junghans Form A also highlights the key traits of the model. Just like the Form C, the dial colors range from matt anthracite to matt taupe. With the see-through mineral glass case back, the wearer gets to enjoy the breathtaking view of the automatic movements. The concave dials have a unique square minute track embossed on the timepieces in place of indices. The dials design can vary when it comes to typography. They can either have Arabic numerals or stencil thin printed batons. The thin bezel of the watch gives more space for the dial, in turn providing a striking effect that is easy to notice.

The Junghans Form A automatic offers a slightly contemporary look and some new details. The watch has the J8oo.2 caliber, which can be viewed through the see-through case back. The collection pays homage to the Bauhaus design through the Form A 100 JahreBauhaus model. This timepiece is also powered by the automatic movement, which can be seen through the mineral crystal case back. The design of the twelve sublime hour markings incorporates the color circle of Johannes Itten, who was a Bauhaus teacher. The watch beautifully illustrates the cycle of time. The interplay of form and color in this piece is an accurate interpretation of how colorful the Bauhaus was.

With Form A Junghans, the German brand has been able to incorporate classic watchmaking artistry with unique modern designs. Apart from a practical ergonomic approach, the watch also has a three-dimensional dial. With this model, the right style, precision, beauty, and technology blend in a seamless manner. According to Junghans, �The form is not a watch for special occasions � it is a special watch for every occasion.� That said, it is inevitable to have this masterpiece of reservation on your wrist.

Junghans Form C Review

The Junghans Form C is one exquisite timepiece from this collection. The watch has a quartz movement, and it is water-resistant up to 50m. It has several functions like the stop, 30-minute and 12-hour counter, small seconds, and the date function. With a stainless steel casing and screwed case back, the watch has a 40mm diameter. The timepieces have a sapphire crystal with dial colors that vary with each version of the model. The watches can either have a Milanese bracelet or original leather straps with a stainless steel buckle.

The Junghans Form C review is an excellent way for one to know the critical features of the model. Apart from the elements stated earlier, the model has other impressive details. The dial colors can either be matt anthracite, matt silver-plated, or matt taupe. Each color is meant to suit different styles and tastes. Some of the pieces can come with colored leather straps. These pieces have colored backing and contrast edge, which coordinates with the colored accents on the dial. The watches are different from the other versions of the model because they do not have a see-through case back.

Junghans Form C automatic is yet to be released, although there is the Junghans Form C chronograph, which is the ideal piece, especially for individuals who fancy chronograph movements. The watch has quartz movements. If you are one to fancy the comfort that comes with quartz movement over that of mechanical movements, then this is the watch you should be having. With its 40mm diameter, the piece is robust as compared to the Form A model.

Form C by Junghans is a classic piece that also features two sub dials. The sub dials play a crucial role in showcasing the small second function, the 30-minute, and the 12-hour function. The other dial has a date function at the 3 o�clock. The typography for the pieces varies because one can have indexes or Arabic numerals. The concave dial guarantees the perfect fit and comfort. The watch also has flat pump chronograph pushers and an antireflection coat.

Junghans watch form C is an outstanding piece that showcases horology at its best. If ergonomic wearing comfort is what you�re looking forward to, this should be it. Junghans C has a clean and minimalistic trait for which the brand is known. With the skill, design, and precision of their craftsmen, Junghans produces quality timepieces for each of its customers. The German brand retains its reputation when it comes to producing alluring and stylish watches.

The Junghans Form C price is equally competitive, and the best thing about it is that it guarantees you excellent value for your money. The Junghans Form A price also guarantees you the value of the money spent. The timepieces are made with elegant designs to suit people�s different tastes and styles. Considering all the unique features, design, and functionality of the watch. If you are a watch enthusiast, owning a Junghans Form IS A MUST!

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